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Best Guitar Capos 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide


1. Donner DC-2 2. GuitarX X3 3. D’Addario
Donner DC-2 Best Guitar Capo GuitarX X3 D’Addario Planet Waves

Playing guitar is an art that has mesmerized music lovers all over the world. Playing it at the right tone demands precision of the artist and must be aided by the most exquisite accessories.

If you want to excel in guitar playing skills, then accessories like the best guitar capo will leave no stone unturned to help you reach the ultimate potential.

A guitar capo is the perfect music partner for you. This accessory is a tiny marvel that quickly tunes up with an electric or acoustic guitar with ease.


Do you hold a fancy to buy the stuff which gives greater and better precision than a chord finger? A quick search on the internet will confuse your mind because there are quite many options available.

All you have to do is make the best pick after you have gone through the compilation of the best guitar capos. This market guide is intended to influence your choice and assist in getting the best capos for your guitar.

Overview Of Guitar Capo

A guitar capo (the Italian word for ‘head’) is a tiny device that is used as a clamp. This accessory fits on to the neck of a guitar. It helps to shorten the length of the strings based on the position where it is clamped.

The shorter the length, the higher is the pitch of the guitar music. It acts as a kind of extra finger. All types of guitar capos have a padded bar as its prime feature.

As it positions itself on the frets, the playable length of the acoustic or electric guitar gets reduced, thereby mimicking the effect of fingers pressing the strings.

You can go for a broad range of experimentation with music with the best capo for acoustic guitar. There are varied types of guitar capos characterized by the exclusive and unique sound quality. The popular types to look for while searching for the best guitar capo in the market are.

  • Clamp
  • Shubb
  • Slider
  • G-band
  • Spider

The broad categories under which modern-day guitar capo models can be classified.

  • Clutch

It easily clamps on the neck of the musical instrument close to the fret.

  • Lever

It provides the right squeeze by a firm grip on the neck of the guitar. You can clamp it on with one hand.

  • Partial

This one is intended for clamping a few of the springs of a guitar.

Important Capo Cautions

It is always important to remain cautious about the right use of a musical instrument or an accessory like a guitar capo. Doing this will ensure protection from damage.

As a musician, you should be cautious while clamping the guitar capo on the neck of the musical instrument. While using, ensure that the capo does not bend the strings.

You need to check whether the capo interferes with your fretting hand. It will play a spoilsport to your technique and hamper the quality of the music produced.

The contact points of the capo and guitar are very delicate. You should, therefore, purchase a high-quality guitar capo that protects with soft padding of rubber, silicone, or silica gel. It will prevent fretboard scratches and ensure the longevity of the musical instrument.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Guitar Capo

Guitar capos might not be considered as a primary requirement for a guitarist. Nonetheless, this little device can work out wonders in creating a superb guitar riff.

What are the best factors that make a good guitar capo? They should be lightweight in the first place. The tool should be easy to use with the help of single-hand action, and it should not hamper with the tone. The music should be soothing and be devoid of any kind of reverb across the guitar strings.

A buyer should be cautious before deciding to purchase the best guitar capo. One should opt for a model that fits smooth and does not clamp the strings too hard. Capos should be able to give you more flexibility in making music, rather than interfering in the way of your technique.

If you purchased a guitar capo without an informed decision, then you might end up buying the wrong product. Check out for the following considerations before selecting the best capo for electric guitar or acoustic guitar.

1. Material Types Of Capos

It is quite crucial to consider this aspect when you intend to buy the best guitar capo. Always choose a capo consists of lightweight materials, such as aluminum, zinc alloy, stainless steel, or bronze. Wood is also a good option. But refrain from buying guitar capos made of plastic because they are not durable.

2. The Grip Of Capos

The curvature of capos should match the radius of the fingerboard. Otherwise, the music generated will sound out of tune. Moreover, guitar necks are of varied dimensions.

There is no such best model that suits a particular guitar. It is respective to the model of the instrument you hold.

3. Size And Weight Of Capos

Guitar capos should be lightweight. Else it would be heavy on fingers, posing difficulty to play the right notes. Extra features should never be added.

There is a common trend to add pick holders and clip-on tuners to enhance the versatility of the device. But they add bulkiness to the tiny device. You end up compromising the execution ability.

4. Color

It is a misconception that guitar capos exist only in black and silver colors. In recent times, brighter shades of capos are being preferred, like orange and purple.

5. Tension Adjustment

Before buying the best guitar capo, make sure that the model features a screw or a key to assist tension adjustment. Screw or key helps a musician to fine-tune the pressure exerted on the guitar strings by the capo. The capo intends to distribute the load across the fretboard evenly.

6. Capo Padding

Look whether the capo model you intend to buy has padding on the inner sides of the guitar capo. The padding consists of either from rubber or silicone with multiple advantages.

  • It provides a firmer grip on the guitar strings.
  • It emits less disruption in music tone.
  • Protection from damage.

7. Price Of Capos

Usually, guitar capos are inexpensive accessories. The price, however, can go up depending on the make, design, and appearance. Simple ones are made of aluminum but painted and anodized to lend an enhanced look.

It is better to go for the best-priced models to complement the eye-popping look of modern-day acoustic or electric guitars.

Top 15 Best Guitar Capos 2022

1. Donner DC-2

Donner DC-2 Best Guitar CapoDonner DC -2 guitar capo is the perfect music partner for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, folk guitar, ukulele banjo, and mandolin. Crafted out of lightweight zinc alloy, this high-graded capo features the most exceptional silicon padding, which protects the musical instrument.

DC-2 guitar capo has been engineered with a marvelous design that rightly fits into any neck shape (u-style, v-style, c-style) of the guitar. It helps to change the position of keys easily with single-hand action. The result is impressive intonation in all frets.


  • Durable and easy to move.
  • Steel spring with internal memory evenly distributes the pressure on guitar strings.
  • It is available in four color options: black, silver, gold, and cinnamon.


  • It does not have a premium and sophisticated feel.

2. GuitarX X3

GuitarX X3GuitarX X3 guitar capo is the original capo for all types of guitars with outstanding design and a fantastic tone with no fret buzz. It is easy to park the capo on the headstock when not in action. The steel spring of the capo featuring internal memory provides the right kind of tension.

This product is made of zinc alloy and hence lightweight. The chrome polish of the capo adds elegance to this guitar accessory. The capo is ideal for all types of guitars and stringed instruments.


  • A highly durable option for beginners and professionals.
  • It gives high on performance as solo or in the group.
  • No scratches on the instrument.


  • Limited color options are available: chrome and glossy black.

3. D’Addario Planet Waves

D’Addario Planet WavesD’Addario Planet Waves NS guitar capo is a classic model. It is ideal for classical guitars that have flat and non-radius fretboards. Its design features brainchild of Ned Steinberger.

Made of aerospace-grade aluminum, this Planet Waves capo is extremely lightweight on the fretboard of the guitar. The operation of the capo is smooth and can be managed with one hand.

No doubt, it is one of the best capo models in terms of tonal versatility and clarity. You will get a worthwhile return on the money you will invest in this fantastic device.


  • Fit for multiple instruments and can be adjusted as per musicians’ preference.
  • It has fast micrometer screws.
  • No over-tensioning on the strings.
  • Buzz-free clarity.


  • Ideal only for classical 6-string guitars.

4. Wingo Rosewood

Wingo RosewoodWingo Rosewood guitar capo is a coveted device as one of the useful guitar accessories. The capo quickly and easily fits on the guitar neck.

It ensures clarity and makes sure no tonal buzz interrupts the guitar strings. This model is ideal for electric and acoustic guitars, as well as ukulele, mandolins, and banjo.

Wingo is a popular choice because of its attractive appearance; the most stunning wooden finish washes over it a classic appeal. You can expect high-grade performance with this capo model.


  • Made of lightweight aluminum alloy and silicone rubber padding to ensure optimum protection.
  • Beautiful wood finish capo with varied color choices.
  • Features 5.8G Wireless Guitar System.


  • The model is not fit for 12-string guitar model.

5. Rinastore

RinastoreIf you are looking for the best guitar capo in the online marketplace, which promises perfect sound quality, then invest in Rinastore guitar capo. The capo clamps on to the strings tightly, thereby reducing the buzzing sound.

Made of lightweight aircraft-grade zinc alloy, this supermodel is highly performance-oriented because it quickly releases strings and repositions itself on the guitar neck.

The super-soft silicone pad protects the musical instrument from unwanted scratches and damage.


  • Long-lasting capo for electric guitars, acoustic guitars, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, and bass.
  • Easy to tune the instrument because of its quick-release design.


  • It works best on guitar models with a broad neck.
  • It is only for 4-string or 12-string guitars.

6. D’Addario NS Tri-Action

D’Addario NS Tri-ActionLeading guitarists of the world appreciate D’Addario NS guitar capo for its Tri-action technology that helps to create a dynamic sound. The tri-action geometric design of the capo effectively reduces the amount of force required to open and close the instrument.

It also helps to evenly distribute the pressure on the guitar neck besides eliminating the need to pull strings from one side to the other and retune the instrument.

Tri-action technology is unique to this capo model; it facilitates creating a bright tone during live musical concerts and jamming sessions.


  • Highly durable and robustly constructed with aircraft-grade, lightweight aluminum.
  • Features micrometer tension adjustment.
  • Features integrated pick holder.


  • It works only for 6-string acoustic and electric guitar and not for other musical instruments.

7. Shubb S1

Shubb S1If you Invest in S1 Stainless Steel guitar capo made by Shubb, a leading capo maker for the past three decades, your worry will burn to ashes. This highly popular guitar capo is loved for its smooth roller mechanism, which ensures secure attachment and removal from the guitar neck.

The custom-made rubber padding replicates the feel of the finger, able to provide the right kind of pressure on the fretboard. The model scores high on quality, adjustability, usability, and versatility.


  • It has a unique and smart design made of durable steel.
  • Tension adjustable screw ensures that your music never goes out of tune.
  • Adjustable to various neck sizes of the guitar.
  • The smooth design ensures lesser wear and tear.


  • This guitar capo model is available only in one color.

8. 6 String Single-Hand Capo

6 String Single-Hand CapoThis stunning guitar capo has won the hearts of many musicians for its classic design and super buzz-free tonal quality. Created by Rinastore Music, this guitar accessory fits on all types of stringed musical instruments from guitars to mandolin and banjo.

This beautiful and best guitar capo is designed out of ultra-lightweight material. Hence, it is easy to operate the device for tuning the musical instrument.


  • Sturdy and durable accessory.
  • No fret buzzes.
  • The firm grip on the guitar strings.
  • A soft silicone pad protects from scratches or damage.


  • Available only in one color option: classic black.

9. Wingo Wide Capo

Wingo Wide CapoWingo Wide guitar capo is a universal device that perfectly fits on all kinds of musical instruments. If you have varied types of guitar models for personal or professional use, you should buy this Wingo guitar capo.

It is a perfect choice because this particular capo model features rubber padding of two different lengths. Rubber A is 61 mm (2.40 inches) in length and is flat, which suits classical guitars.

Rubber B measures 57 mm (2.24 inches) in length and has a curved radius which suits acoustic guitars.


  • Premium look and finish, made of lightweight zinc alloy.
  • It is built to last for a long time.
  • Micrometer adjustment screw allows precise music tuning control.
  • Most beautiful feel on hand because of its easy adjustability.


  • A buzzing sound if not used correctly.

10. Creative Tunings Spider

Creative Tunings SpiderThe Studio Grade Spider Capo Standard by Creative Tunings is one of the finest guitar capos available in the market. It appears like all other capos, but there is a difference. Its uniqueness lies in shape.

Multiple clamping points of Spider Capo helps to fine-tune every string of the musical instruments. Such a unique feature results in the incredible quality of intonation.

Creative Tunings has marvelously engineered this vital musical tool with the most exquisite precision. It is incredibly lightweight (weigh much less than an ounce).

The soft leather padding protects the neck of the instrument. This model of guitar capo is an award-winning music accessory because of its unlimited scope of creating musical harmonies.


  • It forms a perfect fit on all guitar fingerboards.
  • It has many open tunings and suitable for all kinds of music.


  • Available in single color option: black.

11. GuitarX X2

GuitarX X2GuitarX X2Original guitar capo is one of the best-selling products with a modern, chic design and superior intonation quality.

The other highlights of the black matte model are steel spring with internal memory (for ensuring the right amount of tension), and delicate silicone padding provides protection to the neck from scratches and damage.

It is easy to move the capo on the frets with single-hand action. This best guitar capo model is highly preferred by musicians all over the world because it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Solidly built with lightweight aluminum alloy.
  • It has perfect tuning with no fret buzz.
  • Fit for electric and acoustic guitars and other musical instruments.
  • It can be effortlessly stationed on the headstock when the capo is not in use.


  • This model is not suitable for 12-string guitar.

12. Wogod

WogodAs a musician, you will love investing in Wogod’s Rosewood guitar capo, which comes in a pack of two. Apart from the rosewood color, you get a black colored capo.

This guitar capo easily clamps on to varied kinds of musical instruments like an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, and ukulele.

This performance-oriented capo holds the guitar strings tightly and creates a stunning musical effect. The position of the frets can be changed in a superfast manner. Hence, there is no disruption and detuning while you turn one key from the other.


  • Quality and durability.
  • Soft silicone padding protects the neck from unwanted damages.
  • It is equipped with strength due to the presence of steel spring internal memory.


  • It is not suitable for classical guitars.

13. G7th C31010

G7th C31010G7th Newport guitar capo can be hailed as a superb model. Its look is not only eye-popping, but it is easy to use. It features a unique clamping mechanism that perfectly locks into the neck of the guitar.

The clamp provides the perfect level of tension, and it is released with the aid of a small lever which practically remains hidden to the eyes.

The highly adjustable clamp ensures that the musical instrument does not emit any buzzing sound while changing the frets.

The delicate silicone padding wraps around the guitar neck provide optimum protection from scratches. The internal bar prevents contact of the metal with the wooden body.


  • Lightweight but has a robust built.
  • Low profile design keeps it easy for human hands.
  • It is a flip lever guitar capo that allows easy attach and release.
  • Fastest one-hand installation.
  • Pressure can be adjusted even in the closed position.


  • It is ideal only for acoustic guitars characterized by heavy strings for high-action performance.

14. Bee-life

Bee-lifeBee-life Professional guitar capo is a premium model that is appreciated by professional guitarists worldwide. The rose gold color lends an aesthetic elegance to it. It is one of the coveted possessions for musicians.

It is easy on execution because of its reliable design that guarantees smooth movement across keys without the need to change the fingering.

There is no squeaking sound whenever there is a change in the keys because of the presence of protective silicone padding.


  • Best guitar capo for acoustic or electric guitars, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, and bass.
  • Resistant to fatigue because the capo features steel spring with internal memory.
  • It is made of high-grade zinc metal.


  • On a higher price bracket, but it is worth the investment.

15. Tanmus 3-in-1

Tanmus 3-in-1Tanmus 3-in-1 zinc metal model is a premium choice for music lovers. It provides a universal fit for all kinds of guitars and other stringed instruments like mandolin, banjo, and so on. This bright and lustered model comes with four beautiful picks.

You will be amazed by its incredible non-slip grip design and a comfortable handle that makes it easy for musicians to operate. This best guitar capo features a thickened layer of silica gel in order to prevent scratches.

For extended functionalities, this model comes in a combo pack of pin puller and pick clip. You also get a capo bag when you place an order for this beautiful product.

The best part is that this guitar capo consists of environment-friendly zinc alloy material that has been certified by ROHS.


  • A durable model with a lightweight design.
  • Thick and full springs provide comfort grip and exert adequate pressure.
  • A silicone thickened inner bar offers protection from scratches.
  • It has several color options: black, silver, and bronze or in a combination of black-bronze and black-silver.


  • This capo is not designed for classical guitars.

FAQs on Guita Capos

1. What Are The Best Reasons To Have A Guitar Capo?

There are quite a few good reasons to have the best guitar capo in the instrument kit.

  • Freedom to move across any key.
  • You can change the key of the song by adjusting the playable length.
  • It ensures a brighter quality of sound.
  • The placement of the capo on fret lends a different timbre to the music of the guitar.
  • Capo makes it easy to play songs.

2. What Are The Common Types Of Guitar Capos For Guitars?

Guitar capos are of different types featuring unique characteristics. The commonly used ones are Clamp Capo (uses a spring or a trigger to enhance tension in the instrument), Shubb Capos (made of adjustable screws which facilitates equal distribution of pressure) and Wrap Around Capos (Yoke Style capos which makes uses of a screw at the rear side to create tension on the strings).

3. How Much Do I Need To Invest In A Guitar Capo?

On average, the price of the best guitar capo for electric guitar or acoustic guitar ranges between $20 to $30. You can get even low-priced ones, provided you do some hunt down.

4. What Are The Best Types Of Capos For Acoustic Guitars?

There are superb models of guitar capos available in the market. The best capo model is the one which best suits your requirement and the budget. Some of the best models are Shubb Deluxe S Series Steel String Capo, Planet Waves NS Artist Capo, and Fender Phoenix Guitar Capo.

5. Is Guitar Capo Better Than A Guitar Tuner?

Yes, guitar capo is an excellent tool for a versatile musician because instead of fumbling with a tuner, guitar keys can be changed superfast.

Best Guitar Capos – Your pick?

Whether a beginner or a professional, the best acoustic guitar capo is a must-have accessory for musicians. If you want to excel in your profession, get hold of the accessory right now. Be quick on changing keys and make an impression with your fantastic performance.

It is hard to choose a good capo one from the plethora of online options. The most challenging part is to get a model that can universally work on a 6-string and 12 string guitar.

Moreover, most of the products enjoy five-star ratings and positive reviews due to their versatile nature. We hope the compilation that has been prepared helps you to headhunt the best guitar capo model.

We have left no stone unturned to provide you the product information, the pros and cons so that you can single out the best capo. Always remember hard work pays off.