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Best Beginner Electric Guitars 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide


1. Davison 2. Best Choice Products 3. Epiphone Les Paul
Davison Best Beginner Electric Guitar Best Choice Products Epiphone Les Paul

Learning guitar is a life-changing experience for the newbies, and buying one of the beginner models electric guitar is an exciting experience. The best beginner electric guitar can be identified with its sound, and this is the sound that will give a voice for the people who want to tell their emotions to the world instead of using the words.

You must buy the best model electric guitar, especially if you are new to the music world and want to master the guitar.

Before you go ahead and look for the cool and best model beginner electric guitar, you must understand the types of electric guitars that are available and what exactly an electric guitar is.


What Is An Electric Guitar?

Many of us are aware of acoustic or unplugged version of our favorite songs. We may wonder what is the difference, as both the songs are same in terms of lyrics and singer. The difference lies in the guitar used for the song.

The unplugged or acoustic version makes use of only the acoustic guitar which is not powered by any battery or connected to any amplifiers. The electric guitar which was introduced in the 1930s is designed using wood and comprises of parts such as pickups and strings that are made of steel.

When the guitar is played without amplification, it produces minimal sound. The device is amplified using an amplifier to create various sound effects.

The body of the guitar looks like it is made using plastic or metal, but actually, these instruments are made using pure wood. The sound that is produced from the electric guitar would depend on the type of wood material used to make its body.

Different Types Of Solid-Body Electric Guitars For Beginners

There are different types of Solid-body electric guitars available for beginners. You can choose the best beginner electric guitar that meets your budget and needs.

The solid-body guitar does not have a chamber and a hole like the acoustic guitar. This type of guitar is made using the solid wood material. They are used to play different musical styles. The sound produced by the guitar depends on the type of wood used, and components equipped.

  • Stratocasters

It has cutaway horns that let the guitar players have quick access to the higher frets. The rear side of the guitar offers ample comfort to perform for a long time on the stage. The guitar is equipped with three single-coil pickups to transfer the vibrations of the string to the amplifier.

You can turn on all the pickups to produce different sounds. This comes with a tremolo bar to increase and decrease the pitch. If you want to play different musical styles and genres, you would need to choose this type of electric guitar.

  • Telecasters

This is another type of best beginner electric guitar that comes with a single-cutaway and with higher frets. It has two single-coil pickups that are either used separately or together for producing different sounds.

These are known to produce a thin and biting sound that is perfect for playing country music. These days, the telecasters are widely used by indie musicians. However, these are not perfect for playing rock and metal music. If you want to focus on country music or indie music entirely, you can buy the telecaster.

  • Les Paul

These are made of heavy metal and are heavy. These guitars had two single-coil pickups. Today, the Les Paul model guitars have two humbucker pickups to produce thick sound. It also has a single-cutaway shape like Telecasters and Stratocasters. You can use this to play heavy rock music. It is affordable and perfect to be used by beginners.

  • SG

If you want to play heavy rock music or metal music, then this is the perfect type of electric guitar you must purchase.

These guitars have two horn cutaway and lengthy neck design. It is lightweight when compared to the Les Paul guitars. You cannot feel the balance due to its long neck. The two different humbucker pickups are used to set a different tone and volume controls.

Benefits Of Electric Guitars

There is a myriad of benefits a player can reap by purchasing an electric guitar. Few of them are listed below.

1. Easy To Control The Volume

If you want to become a professional guitar player, you would need to invest a lot of time and effort to practice. The sound produced by the guitars would cause a lot of disturbance to the people around you. However, when you use electric guitars, you can keep the noise low and practice without disturbing others.

2. Easy To Learn

The strings of an electric guitar are thinner compared to the strings of the acoustic guitar. The strings are also easy to pull down, and the neck of the guitar is also thin. It allows the guitarists to wrap the hands around the neck of the guitar to position the fingers in the right place and play it. The electric guitar is more comfortable to play and hone the guitar skills for beginners.

3. Quality Of Sound

Both the electric and acoustic guitar produces distinct sounds. The sound produced by the electric guitar is crisp and clear over the sound that is produced by the acoustic guitar.

By using the amps, the electric guitar can create loud and clear music. The best thing is that, even if you play the string softly on this guitar, you can create a good sound.

4. Style

Electric guitars come in a wide range of styles, designs, and colors. You must choose the one that suits your personality, the music style you want to play, and the budget.

Factors To Look When Buying The Best Beginner Electric Guitar

You must select the best beginner electric guitar based on the musical style that suits you the most and comprises all the features to produce the sound in your mind. Few of the factors you need to consider when you are buying a beginner electric guitar include.

1. Budget

The electric guitars are available in different price ranges. If you are buying the first guitar to practice playing this instrument, then you must set a budget. When you spend more from your pockets on buying the top model guitar, you will get an instrument that is made of superior quality wood with the best hardware and better setup.

The features of the guitar will keep increasing based on the increase in the price. The cost gets added with the purchase of an amplifier.

If you want to play the guitar loudly, you must spend more to get the instrument equipped with an amplifier. The rate keeps on increasing with the addition of features such as headphone output, Bluetooth, silent practice mode, and so on.

2. Aesthetics

When you are planning to buy a guitar, aesthetics play a vital role. If you are admiring any guitar player and would like to produce the sounds they are playing with the guitar, you can check the type of guitars they are using.

You can try to purchase the model of electric guitar that matches that particular guitar within your budget. This is the best way to buy an instrument that lets you play your favorite music.

3. Body Style

The best beginner electric guitar has two body types. These include – solid body and a hollow body. The solid-body guitars are made using wood and are known as standard guitars, whereas the hollow-body guitars are either hollow or semi-hollow.

  • Solid-Body

These are the versatile guitars that are perfect to be purchased by the beginners. It allows them to play different musical styles. The solid body of the guitar lets you focus on the tone and make you less prone to the feedback. When the tonewood and hardware are changed, you can switch the guitar to play your style of music.

  • Semi-Hollow

The body of this guitar will produce a tone similar to acoustic guitar and promotes functional resonance. These guitars are versatile that produce overdriven sounds. The instrument is perfect for playing different musical styles such as jazz, pop, funk, blues, soul, rock, and indie.

  • Hollow Body

These guitars are heavy and produce an acoustic tone. These are widely seen using to play jazz music. You can create a clean tone with resonance. These are perfect for playing traditional jazz and are not ideal for metal and rock music.

However, if you are going to buy the first guitar for practice, you must buy the guitar with a solid body. If your favorite guitar player is using a hollow and semi-hollow body style of the guitar, you can buy the same to emulate the sound that they are producing with the guitar.

4. Tonewoods

The expensive guitars are made of tonewood. This produces excellent sound and resonance. The neck of the guitar is made using a different kind of wood over the wood that is used to make fingerboard.

For the fingerboard, you would need to use the wood that is hard and durable. There is a wide range of tonewoods available in the market. The sound produced by the guitar depends on the type of tonewood that is used.

There is a layer of wood that is used to improve the tonal qualities of the instrument. Few of the woods that are used to make the guitar include.

  • Mahogany

The Mahogany is a type of wood that is warm, highly resonant, and the twang sound which it produces is used to play rock music. It is the material that you find on the neck and body of the guitar.

  • Maple

This produces bright sound and plays a funk style of music. You can play different styles of music, such as blues, rock, country, and indie. Yet it is the wood that is used to make various parts of the guitar, such as neck, body, and fingerboard.

  • Basswood

This is lightweight and balances the tone. You can use the guitar made using this wood material to play different styles of music such as rock and metal.

  • Rosewood

The rosewood is used to make the fingerboard on the guitar. The color of the wood is dark, and it articulates the notes besides giving a smoother feel.

5. Shape

The shape of the guitar would have an impact on the way you feel like playing the guitar. The guitar horns are the highlighted part of the body of the guitar. A guitar that is twin-horned would be known as a double cutaway. The best part of this shaped guitar is that you can easily access the top of the fingerboard.

The double-cutaway design is symmetrical, asymmetrical, and offset. In offset shape guitar, half of the body is shifted to the off-center.

V-shaped guitars have a good body shape. It is an ideal choice for the people who are looking for the guitar that stands out from the crowd. However, this is not suitable to play when you sit down.

6. Neck

The neck of the best beginner electric guitar has a significant impact on the playability. The small feature that is added to the neck will create a different kind of play feeling. Few of the specifications to keep a close watch on when you are buying a guitar for beginner

7. Neck Joint

The neck is attached to the body of the guitar using the bolt-on or set neck. Every style of a guitar can produce different sounds. Bolt-on guitar is brighter, whereas the set neck guitar produces warm tones with a lot of resonance. Every guitar gives a different feel, so you can try out most of them and buy the one that gives you a great feeling.

The bolt-on guitar is famous using Fender guitars and with the guitars that are built with a solid body to play the instrument at high speed. The set-neck guitar is prevalent to play different styles of music such as rock, blues, metal, whereas the hollow guitars are used to play soul, blues, and jazz.

The neck-through construction on the guitar has a single neck block to run the whole length of the guitar. Two body wings are built on either side of the guitar body to make a shape. Though, these guitars are rare but are smooth to play. The neck joint will not let you access the upper fret. This gives a lot of sustainability and resonance.

8. Total Frets

If you want to play a high octane play style on the guitar, you can buy the one with 24 frets. This is the highest frets that are available on a guitar. There are a few standard guitars that comprise of 22 frets. These are perfect for playing solo and rhythm, whereas 21 frets are perfect for enjoying the vintage style of music.

9. Fret Size

The bigger is the frets, the easier it would be to play the string bends. The worst part about the jumbo frets is that you would need to push it too hard to bend the string to produce a tone.

The small size of frets would offer a great balance between solo technique and smooth glide on the string while navigating through the fingerboard. Vintage guitars have small frets that are good for chords but are challenging to play solo techniques. The medium size frets are known as medium jumbo.

10. Scale Length

Scale length is the length of the strings on the guitar from its neck to the body. The longer the scale length, the good is the resonance produced. However, it makes it hard to bend the strings since you need a lot of tension. The shorter scale lengths will make the strings to bend and easy to play solo techniques.

The tension would be less, and frets are placed closer to each other. The longer scale length is used for low tuning the guitar and is perfect for playing rock and metal music. The scale length that is 24 or below 24 inches is considered as a shorter scale length, and the guitar that is 25 inches and above 25 inches is considered as a longer scale length.

11. Pickups

Pickups are placed under the strings of the guitar. These are made using the magnet wrapped with coils of wire to convert the vibrations of the strings to electrical signals to increase the amplification. Pickups have a more significant impact on the tone of the guitar and come in different styles and configurations.

Types Of Pickups

1. Single Coil

The single-coil pickup is brighter and has a nuanced tone. These pickups are ideal for playing different kinds of music such as soul, funk, rock, pop, blues, and country. With the nature of its design, it produces hum as the background sound. Many great guitar players have used this type of pickup.

2. P90

The vintage-style pickup has a half-way tone that is placed between the single coil and humbuckers. It comprises of the nuances of the single-coil with a tinge of a humbucker.
This is the most capable pickup of all and comprises two coils that are mounted back to back. These are perfect for playing different styles of music, such as blues, metal, and rock. The dual coil design will cancel the noise, and the humbucker will buck the background hum.

3. Passive Or Active

The guitars that are equipped with a 9V battery are known as an active pickup. This pickup has extra power and produces a strong sound that is perfect for playing rock and metal music.

4. Bridge

Bridge is the place where all the strings are connected to the guitar. The standard guitar has a bridge with no movement, while few other guitars have a tremolo system that lets you change the pitch of the string. The bridges and tremolo systems have various adjustment points to take action and intonation on the guitar.

Few Types Of Bridges Include

  • Fixed Bridge

This bridge has no movement, so it offers high sustainability and stability in tone.

  • Vintage-style tremolo

This bridge moves and lets you adjust the pitch of the strings attached to the guitar at one go. You can tune this guitar now and then. The usage of tremolo will have an impact on the pitch of the guitar.

  • Double locking tremolo

This has a moving tremolo. However, the strings are locked in two different places of the guitar to make sure that the strings won’t slip when you are using it for a whammy bar.

  • Sound quality

The quality of the sound depends on how the guitar sounds. The instrument will allow you to play the music based on the components with which it is made. The key components that an electric guitar comprises of include neck, body, fingerboard, pickups, style, and player.

  • Weight

You need to pick up the best beginner electric guitar that is lightweight, especially if you are new to playing this instrument. If you buy the heavy guitars, it puts a lot of strain on your back and leads to cramps. You must look for the guitar that is comfortable for your fingers to play around and easy to carry on the back.

  • Size

Many guitarists will overlook the size of the guitar when buying one. The arm length and height of the person must be considered to buy the first guitar. It causes a lot of pain for the beginners to use acoustic guitar, since it is bulky, and they cannot even stand up or sit appropriately with it.

There are different types of electric guitars available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You must buy a small size guitar if you are a newbie. Though the sound fullness must be compromised, but it offers comfort and playability for you.

  • Playability

You must consider this factor when buying your favorite guitar. The playability is what describes how easy it is for the player to play the instrument and bash around. If you are a beginner and planning to buy a guitar, you must make sure that the string action or height is low enough to access the fret and prevent string buzz.

You must check the neck profile of the guitar. If you have small hands, you need to look for the guitar with thin necks, and if the hands are more significant, you can choose the guitar with fat necks. You also need to make sure that the fingerboard of the guitar is smoother.

Top 15 Best Beginner Electric Guitars 2022

1. Davison

Davison Best Beginner Electric GuitarIf you are looking for the best beginner electric guitar that is durable and easy to use by the beginners, then without a second thought, you must buy this model guitar. This guitar is made of hardwood and comes with an amp and integrated with overdrive. The accessories that come with the guitar will help you master the instrument.

The humbucker pickup that comes with the guitar will produce a clean sound. The set chrome bridge will promote proper tuning and better playability. The overdrive button will distort the sound and create a powerful sound to play the chorus of the songs.

This starter electric guitar is perfect for beginners. Apart from the guitar and amp, you also get a strap, gig gap, and cable to get connected to the amp. The pick and pitch pipe will let you play the instrument comfortably and tune the strings with ease.

The neck and fretboard of the guitar are built using maple. When maple made neck and fretboard are paired up, it produces a clear tone. As maple is a durable material, so the guitar that is made of this material would be tough and perfect to play aggressive music and produce chunky sound.


  • Equipped with all the accessories, you would need to play the instrument
  • Easy to play and highly durable
  • Holds the tune perfectly
  • Cost-effective
  • Great sound amp
  • Constructed with maple to produce strong sound
  • Humbucker produces classic rock music


  • Heavy
  • Doesn’t have many sound options, as it has only one pickup

2. Best Choice Products

Best Choice ProductsThe full size best beginner electric guitar is not just perfect for beginners, but can also be used by professional guitarists. This comes with a pickup selector, two different tone knobs and a volume knob. The sleek design of the guitar is made using rosewood. This best complements the solid body of the wood.

Children, adults, and teens can learn to play guitar using this model electric guitar with a kit. This is a 39-inch electric guitar with ten w amplification come with strong guitar strings. The design of the guitar has 22 frets that allow you to play different styles of music. The frets are designed to play mellow music for the players.

The kit has all the accessories you need to start practicing the guitar. The 10W amp features with a connector to the guitar and microphone would let you play and sing.

The strap will support you to sit or stand. You can set up the strings and pick quickly. More than 80% of Amazon buyers have recommended this electric guitar and even stated that it is worth every penny and the best electric guitar out there.


  • Body of the guitar is solid to produce a balanced sound
  • Amp will let you adjust the sound
  • Accessories are put together to play quickly
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for the people who want to advance in mastering this instrument.
  • Poor quality

3. Epiphone Les Paul

Epiphone Les PaulIf you are looking for the best beginner electric guitar, then this is an excellent option for the players. The neck of the guitar is made of mahogany, and the fretboard is made using rosewood. These two give a great tone and wonderful feeling while playing the guitar. A couple of humbuckers will allow you to play classic rock sound.

The 10-watt amp is powerful to produce great and crisp sounds. The length of the guitar is 39 inches. This offers excellent comfort for the players to play the guitar by strapping it around you for a session.

It becomes quite easy for the players to play the guitar since the length of it is perfect for arms and fingers to handle. The outer finishing of the guitar is sleek and makes it look world-class. You will find various accessories in the kit, such as an amp, tuner, free guitar lesson session, and 10 ft guitar cable.

The neck design of the guitar boosts the quality. This comes with a two-sided design with three strings on either side of the neck. This is purchased by all the guitarists irrespective of their skill level in playing the instrument.

The amplifier in the guitar will produce different sounds. When you plug in the 10W amp, you do not need any additional accessories to amplify the music.


  • Equipped with many accessories
  • Mahogany neck design
  • String and straps are built perfectly
  • Perfect for right-hand guitarist
  • Tune-O-Matic bridge system
  • Economical
  • Amp products great sound


  • The cable will come off easily
  • The fretboard will be under pressure

4. Best Choice Products 30 Inch

Best Choice Products 30 InchThe 30-inch electric guitar is the perfect guitar you can buy for your kids to practice playing guitar at home. It is ideal for kids to hone their musical skills, finger strength, and hand-eye coordination.

This also develops a passion for music in kids from their young age. The wood layout, strings made of steel, and attractive finishing on the exterior make it look stylish and durable.

The 5W amp and the cable cord will improve the sound and start to play music. The little champs can showcase their guitar playing skills on the streets. This comes with a guitar strap, replacement strings, and pickups.

The classic style of the guitar is loved by the kids to play music. It comes with a carrying case in which the kids can place the guitar when not in use. This is perfect for the kids above six years. There are 900 positive reviews out of 1000 reviews for this electric guitar. The money you invest in it is worth it.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a carry case
  • Improve the guitar playing skills of a kid


  • It won’t hold the tune

5. LyxPro

LyxProIf you are a budding musician, then this model guitar kit is perfect to buy to become a future professional guitarist. This is the best choice for beginners and intermediate players.

The overall appearance of this model guitar is fantastic and sleek. It is made using superior quality materials such as rosewood fingerboard, knob, and neck made of Canadian maple. The 39 inches can be used by beginners to master the art of guitar playing.

The integrated controls of the guitar have bass, volume, treble, and grind. This is operated using a battery and comes with a clip-on tuner and an instruction book that allows kids to learn guitar with excellent sound quality.

The Guitar kit comprises of kit, steel strings, picks, shoulder strap, tremolo bar, and a carrying bag. It comes with an overdrive and a headphone jack that produce better sound quality.

The 20-watt amplifier will come with a cable to plug in and start playing the guitar and AUX input that can connect to the music playing on the phone. Interestingly, it is simple and a perfect kit for the players who want to play electric powered guitar.


  • Perfect for the players who have just started to play the instrument
  • Accessories come in the kit are of good quality
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to hold
  • Easy to adjust the neck
  • Clip-on tuner works great


  • Amplification of the guitar is mediocre
  • Guitar bag is of poor quality
  • Might need a lot of adjustments
  • Strings of the guitar break quickly

6. Zeny 30″ Full-Size

Zeny 30 Full-SizeThe Zeny brand guitar offers high value for the money and gives a great musical experience for the beginner playing it. The fretboard is made using rosewood, and the neck is made with hardwood. This versatile model guitar comes with three pickups and a single coil. It exceeds the expectations of the beginner with its features. It comes in a nylon case to carry it with ease wherever you go.

This is perfect for novice and beginners as it has everything that they need to start learning the instrument. It enables you to produce natural sounds and less aggressive sounds. This gives the benefit to the player to master the instrument quickly.

The solid construction offers robustness and minimal maintenance. Moreover, it serves for years to come. This is power-packed with replacement strings, gig bag, picks, and a guitar cable. With this model guitar, you can set the stage ablaze with your performance.

With over 7000 reviews on Amazon and 90% excellent reviews, this product is known to be the best buy.


  • Highly durable
  • Perfect for beginners to play guitar
  • Comes with a package comprising of the gig bag, cable replacement strings, strap, and
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to take care and offer excellent playability


  • Sounds not so great as it has single-coil pickups
  • The scale is small in size

7. Sawtooth Rise

Sawtooth RiseIf you are planning to buy or gift the best beginner electric guitar for the guitar lovers who are aspiring to learn guitar and shine in the musical world, then this is the perfect one for them. It hones their skills and is versatile.

This is perfect to learn your guitar lessons to rehearsing with the band. The guitars come with glossy finishes and have everything you need to learn guitar and be a great guitar player.

This produces a lot of sounds, and these brands offer quality guitars. The body of the guitar is made of basswood, and the neck is made using maple. The guitar has chrome hardware and easy to adjust the bridge. Both right and left-hand players can use it.

It comes with a sturdy strap and three single-coil pickups. You can have two tone controls and one volume control.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Cost-effective
  • Portable
  • Sturdy
  • Highly durable


  • Produces noise that would need to be corrected
  • Initial set up of guitar is required

8. Donner DST-1S

Donner DST-1SBe it you want to play blues, rock, and roll, or any music, this electric guitar would allow you to give the best performance on stage. The musical instruments of this brand are made using superior quality materials.

This best intermediate electric guitar kit comes with everything that you need to hit the stage. This is perfect to be purchased by the beginners and intermediate players. The body is made of basswood, the fretboard is created from ebony and the neck features Canadian maple.

The wonderfully tuning pegs that are made of steel material will allow you to tune smoothly and secure the string that is tuned in the correct position. Apart from the 3W guitar amplifier, it also comes with a guitar strap, guitar capo, gig bag, clip-on tuner, guitar strings, and picks.

It comes with accessories to rock the stage, such as one master volume control and two tone controls with 22 frets. You can charge the battery with the USB cable. This is an excellent bang for the buck you spent on it.


  • Perfect for beginner and intermediate players
  • High glossy finish
  • Smooth tone
  • Classic body design


  • Amp is thin

9. YMC

YMCThe YMC guitar is 30 inches long and is ideal for kids between three to six years of age. The design of this guitar is exclusively made for the right-handed kids. The kid will love the maple wood of the guitar, which is very comfortable for them to hold for a long time.

The body is made of double cutaway design that enables you to carry out soloing. The pack comprises of the gig bag, strap, cable, strings, wrench, amplifier, and picks.

The amplifier will make use of a 9V battery and comes with an AC adapter to supply the power. The nylon gig bag is perfect for travelers to carry the guitar safely and store it.

This electric guitar pack is ideal to be purchased for the kids who love playing guitar. It allows them to bash the guitar and learn the chords. There is no volume knob on the body; it just has a tone pot.


  • Easy to carry to anyplace
  • Small in size for the kids to carry
  • Sleek and stylish look
  • Easy to replace the parts


  • no truss rod present

10. 3/4 Size Electric Guitar Package

SZ Size Electric Guitar PackageIf you want to learn guitar, then this is the perfect model electric guitar for you to buy. This is known for its quality and cost-effectiveness. This guitar is shorter than other guitar models available in the market.

It comes with a dual cutaway body and magnetic single coil pickup configuration. The 1065 guitar amplifier will drive a four-inch speaker.

The controls are simple and have just one volume control with bass and treble knobs. This comes with various accessories such as a gig bag, DVD and cable. The ¾ scale length makes it perfect for kids to play guitar.

This is the best model guitar for the kids of 9 to 11 years old. The kids can wrap the fingers around the neck to learn playing guitar with ease. The sound produced by the guitar is excellent.

The options, such as magnetic single-coil pickup, one volume control knob, and three-tone controls with a five-way pickup selector switch, give scope for the kids to modify the sound. The bridge used in the guitar is a vintage fulcrum bridge with adjustable saddles.


  • Suitable for kids aspiring to become musicians
  • Easy playability
  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • Superior quality


  • Require proper intonation
  • Amp functionality is limited

11. Fender Squier

Fender SquierIf you want your kid to start learning the music with the best model guitar, then this model is perfect for them. The guitar boosts the confidence of the kid to play the electric guitar that is made using superior quality materials.

It gives high value for the money you invested. The laminated body with maple neck and Indian laurel fretboard boasts of a full sound.

The glossy and vintage look of the guitar will grab the attention of the kids to start playing the instrument. It comes in a wide range of colors. The neck and body of the guitar look like a Strat. The kids will find it comfortable to play as the strings are placed closer to the frets. The distance makes it perfect for the little hands to bash around quickly.

The lightweight of the guitar makes it comfortable for them to hold for a long time without hurting their hands. This consists of three single-coil pickups that will make a lot of sounds similar to Stratocaster.

It is one of the best electric guitars for beginners that will stay in tune, and no noise is produced from the pickups. The guitar can be modified and customized as per your kids’ choice. The hardware of the guitar makes it a good option for kids. Undeniably, it will not fall behind in its quality.

This is ideal for children with age 6 to 10 years


  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Stay in tune
  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • Perfect for kids


  • Frets are of poor quality
  • Need to change the strings from time to time

12. Mugig

MugigIf you are looking for a budget guitar to learn the instrument, then this model guitar is ideal for you. This is 39 inches in length and has a glossy surface paint that gives an impressive look. The fantastical metallic red style will make the guitar player feel the pride to hold and play the instrument.

The humbucker pickup attached to the guitar makes a lot of sounds and brings the distortion to playing. The two single coils cancel noise and let you set the musical stage ablaze.

The neck and fingerboard of the guitar are made with the maple material, and the body of the guitar is made using poplar material, which makes you that you produce a bright and clear tone when playing it.

This comprises of three knobs of which one is the volume control knob, and two tone control featuring a low-frequency knob, and the other is the high-frequency knob.


  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • Body of the guitar is durable and flawless


  • The guitar strap is not of superior quality
  • Frets are little rough at the edge

13. RockJam 6 ST

RockJam 6 STThis brand guitar is perfect for beginners and intermediate players to learn and gives guitar performances on stage. The iconic ST design gives a glossy finish. Though it is available at a reasonable price, it makes it look lavish and expensive.

The gear head is made using metal, and the body of the guitar is made using the basswood to generate clear and refined sound.

This will offer beginner musicians with all the accessories that are required for them to become rock stars. It comes with a whammy bar and a guitar strap. This also comes with three single-coil pickups and controls to generate the sound in your mind.

It has one volume knob, two tone controls, and a pickup selector switch. The 10-watt amplifier will raise the signal strength.


  • Color finishing of the guitar makes it look elegant and rich
  • Produce auxiliary sounds
  • Best for beginner guitarists
  • Strings are sturdy


  • Pricey

14. Spectrum AIL 94FM

Spectrum AIL 94FMIt is the stylist and flashiest guitar of all in the market. The versatile instrument is perfect for beginners to learn and master the skill of playing guitar and produce an array of sounds to amaze the audience. The neck of the guitar is made of maple, and the fingerboard is made using maple. It makes it comfortable to hold and use.

The best part of this best starter electric guitar is that you can use this to play a wide range of musical styles such as rock, blues, and so on based on the settings.

You can play music based on your state of mind. The easy to adjust truss rod is the excellent feature you see in this guitar, which comes with die cast tuning pegs.

The guitar knob allows you to tune the project and produce perfect sound. This is equipped with a whammy bar and steel strings. It has a mini amplifier to improve sound quality. It comes with a guitar strap, cables and strings with jumbo frets.


  • Produce excellent sound quality
  • Portable audio device
  • Straight neck
  • Comes with an instruction manual, picks, cable, and a strap
  • Impressive paint finish


  • Poor quality tuning knobs
  • Pricey

15. Dean Vendetta XM

Dean Vendetta XMThis lightweight and excellent performing guitar is perfect for beginners to learn and master playing guitar. The solid body of the guitar which is made using paulownia produces incredible resonance.

The electric guitar has strings and a robust body design. This is perfect for creating different musical styles, such as blues, rock, country, and folk songs..

It is portable and easy to hold by the kids. There are 24 frets on the fingerboard that is made using rosewood and has dual dot inlays. The truss rod of the guitar has dual actions that allow the player to operate with die cast tuners.

The look of the guitar is impressive, lightweight, and is budget-friendly. It comprises of 6 strings and has 25.5 inches of scale length. The humbuckers of the guitar come with volume and tone controls.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Perfect for beginners who want to learn music
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Promote quick learning of guitar


  • Heavy
  • The satin finish shows the finger marks on the guitar

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Best Type Of Electric Guitar One Can Play?

When you are planning to buy an electric guitar, it is often bemusing to choose the right one, especially if you are new to learning music. There are three different types of guitar bodies available.

These include solid body, hollow body, and semi-hollow body. Though you can learn guitar on any of these bodies, it is highly recommended to choose a solid-body guitar. The key benefit that a beginner can reap by buying a solid-body guitar is that it is easy to control and has an amplifier on the front. It is simple to hold.

2. How Much To Spend To Buy A Beginner Electric Guitar?

No limit is set to buy the first guitar. If you have enough money, you can learn to play the guitar and master it on the expensive model guitar. However, it is not essential to spend a considerable amount of money on beginner model electric guitar.

There are many model guitars available in the market to offer you the decent features at pocket-friendly prices. You can spend USD 100 for the first guitar to learn. If you have aspirations to give stage performances, you can spend a few more dollars to play the one which provides you with a good feel and superior sound quality.

3. Do You Need An Amplifier For An Electric Guitar?

You must have an amplifier to play the best electric guitar for beginners. If you do not have enough money to invest in a guitar with an amp, you can carry out the dry practice. You will be able to hear what you are playing in a low sound. If you are buying your first guitar, you must also buy an amplifier, since dry practice will not let you master the art of guitar playing.

For instance, if you do not have an amplifier, you would need to put a lot of effort into playing aggressively so that you can hear what you are playing. This is not an ideal way to practice guitar. By not having a right amp, you will miss the feedback and response that the amp can give you on your guitar playing technique. You must play guitar with an amp.

4. Is Electric Guitar Perfect For Beginners?

It is easier to learn guitar on electric guitar compared to acoustic guitar. The chords of the electric guitar are comfortable to hold for a long time due to the shorter neck. The strings of this guitar are softer compared to acoustic guitar.

It makes it easier for novice players to enjoy playing the instrument. Though, these are expensive over acoustic guitars but will let the player master it briskly. The cost of the guitar increases with the addition of components required, such as cables, amp, and so on.

5. What Is The Difference Between The Beginner Guitar And Advanced Electric Guitar?

The beginner and professional guitarists can play on any model guitar. However, for beginners, it is recommended to use the guitar that is comfortable to hold and has a lightweight body so that you do not need to wrestle with it. The heavy body makes it tough for the new players to learn the instrument.

The advanced player is used to play and hold heavy guitars that offer the right tone and sustainability. It is a good idea for beginners to buy the guitar that has a light wood body and is comfortable to hold. The advanced player would want many pickups and controls on the guitar. The tremolo bridge is used by both the beginner and the advanced guitar player.

However, the beginner can learn the chords and first notes in a better way without tremolo.

6. What Guitar Size Is Best For The Kids Learning Guitar?

Size is not a big matter when you are buying the first guitar for kids. If the kids are learning this instrument, you must purchase right-sized one so that their lessons are interesting rather than annoying for them

The body and neck size of the guitar is smaller when compared to the adult guitars. The guitars of kids are measured on a scale. For instance, a ¼ scale of the guitar will measure the distance between the nut and the bridge.

When it comes to kids’ guitar, the neck size must be short, and based on the age of the kid. It should be moderate weight so that kids can handle it with ease. The size of the guitar is also decided based on the height of the child overage.

7. Is It Easier To Learn With An Electric Guitar Or Acoustic Guitar?

Learning to play guitar with an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar depends on the choice of an individual. Many like to learn to play the instrument using acoustic guitar, but the strings of the guitar are stronger and would hurt your fingertips.

The strings would sound like a buzz. The fingers would find it tough to play the chords. On the flip side, electric guitars are comfortable to play longer by holding the chord.

Moreover, the width of the neck is also shorter compared to acoustic guitar. The strings of an electric guitar are very soft, so you can practice the instrument for a long time without hurting the fingers. It becomes a piece of cake for beginners to playing guitar with an electric guitar.

Best Beginner Electric Guitars – Your Choice?

Every person, especially the youth, gets captivated with the music produced by electric guitar. The sound will awake your soul and fill energy in the tired people. By now you must have got an idea about the best electric guitars that are available for the beginners in the market. We have listed out the top 15 beginner electric guitars with pros and cons.

You can go through each of them and choose the one that meets your preferences. You need to take time and choose the guitar wisely. The guitar should be a healthy mix of style, price, and design that makes you like the best guitar player.

The best beginner guitar will help you play jazz to hard rock musical styles and earn good fame in the musical world.