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Best Bass Guitars 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide


1. Ibanez GSRM20BS 2. Glarry 3. Hofner Ignition Sb
Ibanez GSRM20BS Best Bass Guitar Glarry Hofner Ignition Sb

Bass guitarist is an essential part of any musical group, for he sets the tempo for the music along with the drummer. While singers and lead guitarists take the front stage with their tone variation the beat which holds the whole performance together is provided by the bass guitarist.

Whether it’s a rhythmic foundation or a harmonic one, the whole song will fall if the bass guitarist skips a string.

Being a very niche and specialised field, the instruments used by bass guitarists too differ from their counterparts. The strings of the best bass guitar are thicker, while the guitars themselves come with a longer neck and scale length.


While selecting a bass guitar make sure you are comfortable holding it or you will not enjoy your bass guitar session at all. Holding the bass guitar and playing a few notes on it, is the ideal way to select the one best for you.

Different Types Of Bass Guitars

The best bass guitars come in many different variations that you need to be aware of before making your final choice. One of the key differences when looking for a bass guitar is whether you are interested in an upright bass or bass guitar.

Upright bass as the name suggests is the big traditional bass guitars that are large in size, are fretless and usually held upright. They also produce a more traditional sound.

The bass guitars, on the other hand, are easier to handle, can be fretted or fretless as the guitarist prefers, and produce almost the same quality of sound that the upright bass produces.

Bass guitars have a more modern sound and come with a huge range of customisable options from the pickups to stage sizes and include options with frets and no frets.

In bass guitars, one generally comes across two major types of bass guitars; the P-Bass which is a traditional type bass guitar and the Jazz bass, which has more modern tones. Addition of the Acoustic Electric one is new. The major differences between the three are.

  • P-Bass: It comes with a split-coil humbucker pickup and has a body style that looks like it has been cutaway. One of the oldest guitars ever designed, it is still popular the world over and preferred by many professional bass players during gigs. P-Bass guitars offer a variety of sounds that range from deep rumblings to sharp tones.
  • Jazz Bass: As the name suggests, Jazz Bass guitars are preferred by jazz players and those who prefer a punchy tone in their music. Jazz bass guitars have a slimmer neck and two coil pickups. The tones from the two coil pickups can be blended to create a nuanced sound bass tone with great control.
  • Acoustic Electric Bass: These bass guitars tend to look like acoustic guitars and have a tone that is high enough to be heard without the need of amplifiers. These guitars also have piezo pickups due to which their tone is different from the electric bass guitars.

The Strings Of A Bass Guitar

The best bass guitar strings are very different as compared to the strings of acoustic and other electric guitars. The type of sound they produce, its depth and tone all depend on the type of string you are using for your bass guitars. The strings of a bass guitar are based on the following variations.

  • Gauge: The gauge of the string refers to its thickness or diameter as it is also popularly known as. Bass guitar strings are usually classified as high gauge and low gauge strings. Low gauge strings are usually used by jazz musicians
  • Material: The metal used to make the string plays a very important role in the sound output, of the bass guitar. Bass guitar strings are usually made from nickel, which is a favourite among jazz bass players.
    Some bass guitar strings are also made of stainless steel as it is less prone to corrosion and has the brightest tone among all the metal strings. Steel strings plated with nickel are the most popular due to their high strength, durability and the quality of sound they produce.
  • Winding: One can find three types of winding among bass guitars, which affect the quality of the sound produced by the strings. The different winding techniques have been classified as the Round Wound (for a brighter and louder sound), Flat Wound (produces a warm and mellow sound) and Half Wound (for a richer tone). From these three techniques, the round wound wiring method is the most preferred one as it produces a clear sharp sound.

Every bass guitar has its own unique sound that is the result of all its different elements such as neck, wood and quality of strings etc. The fact that the wood of the guitar plays an important role in the quality of sound is well acknowledged and well known, but what is equally important is the quality of strings that your bass guitar has which will set the overall tone and rhythm of the performance.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Bass Guitar

For those looking at buying a bass guitar, selecting the right one that suits you best may be one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make. While experts differ on what makes the best bass guitar and which one is the best, what they all agree upon is that you should feel comfortable holding and playing it.

A bass guitar is usually preferred by jazz musicians and those who love playing bass for a gig. If you are a beginner, you need to make sure that the bass guitar will produce the bass sounds you are looking for and at the same time be comfortable enough for long playing and training sessions. Some of the factors that differentiate bass guitars are.

1. The Number Of Strings

While all guitars generally have five to six strings, bass guitars usually have just 4 strings. Five and Six string models are also available, but are not very popular or used since the four string models cover all the popular notes you require for a song.

While there is no hard and fast rule about not considering a 5 strings or 6 strings guitar, you must remember the range of your performance. Unless you are a professional who needs additional strings, you should start your journey with 4 strings.

2. The Scale Length

Beginners and people with short hands will welcome the short scale bass guitar whose scale is usually less than 30″. This is due to ease with which they can hold and play them. The small scale bass guitars are also lighter, which make them easy to work with during long training sessions and gigs.

Professional bass players usually prefer the long scale bass guitar which has a scale length of approximately 33” to 35”. Extra-long scale guitars which are more than 35” in length also sport the 5th and 6th string in some cases.

3. With And Without Frets

Frets help segment the neck of the guitar into different sections and help the player in playing different chords. They serve as the guide to the point players need to press to alter the sound of the guitar as required by the playing notes.

As such frets play a major role in helping beginners understand how to play different chords and serve as a point they can refer to so that the musical notes they play are in order.

Fretless best bass guitars are suggested only for seasoned professionals who can identify and hear the exact sound, without the need of referring and looking at the frets.

4. The Wood Of The Guitar

This is something professional guitarists are usually more concerned about, once they achieve a certain comfort level with their bass guitar. Even as a beginner, you may often see bass guitar models that are made of a particular type of wood, and wonder on the advantages of the same.
Some of the common word types you may encounter are.

  • Alder: Generally used in most bass guitars, it is popular due to the clarity of sound it offers. It also helps the bass guitar maintain a balance throughout the body, making the bass guitar comfortable to use over long periods.
    The versatile sound range it produces is another reason for its popularity and usage among bass guitars.
  • Ash: A popular alternative to Alder, since Alder wood may not be available in all regions. Bass guitars made of Ashwood, tend to play a slightly brighter sound.
  • Maple: Another favourite of professional bass players, most of the bass guitar necks are made of maple due to its durability and strength. It’s a dense wood that helps bass players produce a bright sound and long sustain.
  • Mahogany: Usually used for the body construction of bass guitars and sometimes even the neck. It is a dense wood similar to maple and has a warm sound with long sustain.
  • Basswood: Basswood guitars are preferred by students and those who are just starting out as a bass guitar player. This is because bass guitars made of basswood tend to be cheaper and more economical for them.
    The sound produced by basswood guitars is of a shorter sustain, which is good for fast, complex bass lines.
  • Agathis: An economical wood as compared to Maple and Mahogany, it is also used for the production of budget friendly bass guitars.

Now that you know the different types of wood, which bass guitars are made from and their specific benefit, you will be better placed to decide the type of wood, you would like your bass guitar to be made from.

5. The Neck Type

The type of neck your bass guitar has is also very crucial, especially for electric bass guitars. The neck of your guitar needs to firm and strong to support the constant tension from the strings while playing the bass guitar and even when tightening and tuning the guitar.

The three different neck types that you will find on electric bass guitars are.

  • Bolt-on Necks: Bolt-on necks, as the name suggests are necks that are fitted to the guitar with bolts. While these types of necks are easy to attach to the guitar, they may not be suitable for the long term, since they tend to be unstable and move over a period of time. They also offer the least sustain to the bass guitar. The bolt-on neck is usually found on low end and budget friendly guitars.
  • Set Necks: Professionals who have a fixed budget usually prefer bass guitars with set necks, for the better sustain they provide as compared to bolt-on necks. They are created by forming an overlap between the body and neck, of the bass guitar.
  • Thru-body Necks: Preferred by bass professionals the world over, this type of neck is usually found on custom made bass guitars. Such guitars tend to be expensive, but present better stability and sustain during your bass playing sessions.

6. The Type Of Electronics It Sports

While the neck, wood and strings play a very important role in the quality of music your bass guitar is producing, what takes it to the next level is the electronics the bass guitar has and uses.

One important area that the electronics play a major role in is in creating a signal strong enough to be picked up, for the amps.

The two types of electronics one usually see in electric guitars are.

  • Active: This essentially means that a battery operated pre-amp is used to actively boost the signal created by the magnets. Active pick-ups offer better control on the signal quality and strength to bass players, while also offering a better quality sound. Bass guitars having active electronics produce less noise while producing a more harmonious and longer sustain.
  • Passive: In bass guitars with passive electronics, a stronger magnet is used to generate the signal. Passive pickups generally require less tweaking and are simple to use as compared to the active pickups. Most of the professional bass guitar instruments feature passive pickups.

Bass players looking for a classic and punchy bass tone with a wide range of sounds should ideally opt for a passive pickup, which is fairly common among the electric bass guitars currently available in the market.

The active pickups are a fairly new addition and are good for bass players who want to have bigger, brighter and very clear tones during their performances.

The sound output of active pickups is also higher and with background noise interference being kept at the lowest levels.

As a beginner, you could try both the type of pickups and see which sound you find more appealing and interesting.

How To Buy The Best Bass Guitar?

Now that you are aware of the important components of a bass guitar and the role they play in producing great quality bass music, you will have a better understanding of the type of bass guitar you want and the one that will suit you best.

While buying the best bass guitar of all time, check the quality and make of the neck, since it is one of the most important parts of your bass guitar. While a bolted neck is easy to assemble and use, it may not be suitable in the long run, especially if you are planning to make bass guitar playing your profession.

A decent compromise would be to go in for a bass guitar with a set neck. Don’t worry about the height of the strings at this moment, since you can easily adjust them later.

Make sure that you thoroughly check all the fittings, the bridge, controls etc. and see that they are properly fitted to the body of the guitar.

Even the pick-ups should be securely fitted with you being able to raise/lower them easily with the seating screws. The type of pickup whether active or passive is another equally important factor that you should consider.

The length of the guitar should suit you perfectly, with a short scale length being preferred if you are a beginner and have short hands. Professionals and experienced bass guitar players would be more comfortable with a full-scale guitar and even one with five or six strings.

Finally, it’s all about the budget and that’s one area you need to personally decide since you could start with a low budget guitar initially while learning how to play it and then move on to one that is more professional when you are ready to play your own gig.

Many professional bass guitar players have more than one guitar which they use as per their moods and preferences.

A bass guitar selection is much tougher as compared to buying a normal acoustic or electric guitar since one need’s to carefully consider all the factors that go into making a bass guitar and the sound it produces.

While researching about the best bass guitar to buy, make sure you speak to friends and acquaintances so that they can share their bass guitar playing experiences with you and help you select one based on your playing style and music preferences.

Buying a bass guitar online is the best way to way since it gives you an opportunity to compare and study the different makes and models of bass guitars, before making your final choice.

The type of sound it produces, the neck make and the scale length are some factors you should carefully compare among all guitars when you are looking at buying the best bass guitar online.

Top 15 Best Bass Guitars 2022

1. Ibanez GSRM20BS

Ibanez GSRM20BS Best Bass GuitarThe short scale of this guitar is just perfect for those who have just started taking bass guitar lessons as well as experienced pros who want to play the bass guitar that feels perfect in their hands.

At just 28.6″ it is ideal for people with small hands, cramped recording spaces and even young adults who are embarking on a musical journey.

Ibanez is known for the high quality standards of its guitars, and this model pretty well lives up to all the expectations. Its build and quality have garnered it five star ratings from many proud owners who have purchased it on Amazon.

The GRSM20BS model offers the same workmanship, full sound pickups and the same setup as seen on other Ibanez full size models. It has a fast, slim maple neck which gives the whole bass guitar a compact light-weight feel. It features the Dynamic P Pickup, one would expect from the best Bass guitars.

The GSRM20BS is a 4 string bass guitar that delivers the great bass sound one expects from it. It features a hardtail bridge system. The fretboard is made from redwood, while the neck is made of maple. The guitar has been configured for a magnetic combination pickup.


  • Comfortable short size, suitable for all players.
  • B10 bridge provides stable tuning


  • Tends to be out of tune on a higher fret

2. Glarry

GlarryThis one is built for those who are looking for a high-performance guitar. Perfectly suited for the beginner as well as experienced musicians, this bass guitar is one of the best bass guitars available in the market, with a standard string spacing and smooth neck for great playing experience.

The thicker strings and larger string tension, along with an adjustable bridge produce a sound that is solid tone, sustain and great intonation as compared to other bass guitars.

This beautifully designed guitar, which is also one of the best bass guitars available online, uses both rosewood and basswood, for the fretboard and face/back of the guitar, which make it quite sturdy to use, play and it will last for years to come..

The Basswood neck is great to hold and lets you hold and play the guitar happily for long periods, be it a practice session or a gig. It’s one of the most reliable guitars in the market and comes with a great price when compared to other full-size guitars.

It comes with a portable bag, so that you can carry your bass guitar with you wherever you go.


  • Full Size
  • Maple Neck
  • Great for beginners


  • Only one set of pickups

3. Hofner Ignition Sb

Hofner Ignition SbA remarkable guitar that will impress you with its build quality and sound from the house of Hofner, Germany, which is well known for the high precision and quality musical instruments it produces all over the world.

This IGNITION bass guitar is modelled on the same lines as the electric violin bass preferred by Paul McCartney of the Beatles. This bass guitar is a semi-hollow body model and has the trademark control panel, wooden bridge and style tailpiece that Hofner is famous for, in the music industry.

The flame maple back and sides of this bass guitar that have been topped with spruce give off a great natural sound that will definitely impress your audience be it at home or on a gig. You can experience a warm, woody and nearly acoustic-style tone thanks to the Hofner staple humbuckers.

It is a solid-wood electric bass guitar with 4 strings,that will perfectly suit all professional and experienced bass guitar players.


  • Full Size
  • Maple Neck
  • Style tone of 500/1 which is ideal for any kind of gigs


  • Plain volume controls

4. Ibanez Electric Bass Guitar Walnut

Ibanez Electric Bass Guitar WalnutThis mid-budget electric bass guitar has a very compact and contoured body along, with a slim neck profile for great playing experience. You can now also easily speed up your performances as required.

The neck of this six string electric bass guitar is made with maple and it features a mahogany body, along with a fingerboard that has been made of rosewood.

The DXH-6N neck and DXH-6B bridge pickups lend a classic fat, punchy tone along with the Phat II EQ with active bass boost.

A solid built and lightweight construction, make this electric bass guitar extremely easy to use for professionals. It comes with a gig bag and stand so that you can easily carry it anywhere you need and set it up easily.


  • Affordable electric bass guitar for professionals,
  • Six strings with easy handling
  • Gig bag and stand included


  • Knobs could be better

5. Glarry Natural Wood

Glarry Natural WoodA well balanced full size bass guitar that’s perfect for those looking for a good electric bass guitar in a low budget. This electric bass guitar by Glarry gives serious competition to the electric bass guitars of some of the topmost brands which come at high prices.

It has a nice comfortable hold and stylish looks, that will get more than a few glances from music admirers. The stable performance and sound of this bass guitar is top-notch and will win you many new fans. The strings of this bass guitar are thicker and it comes with the perfect string tension for a great performance.

The tone of the guitar too is perfectly balanced and does not hinder the vocals at all. One of the best budget buys, in electric bass guitars as per the many positive reviews it has received online, it also makes for an ideal gift to friends and family.

The front, side and back panels of this right-handed bass guitar are made from Basswood, while the neck is made of Maple, with the fingerboard material being rosewood.


  • Solid, Lightweight Build
  • Thicker strings
  • Ideal for vocal harmonizing


  • String quality could be better
  • Neck is a bit heavy as compared to the body

6. Ibanez Walnut Flat Finish

Ibanez Walnut Flat FinishA sleek electric bass guitar,that is a part of the GIO series from Ibanez. Ibanez has acquired a solid market reputation for producing great performing bass guitars at a very reasonable price. Many online buyers have given this, model five star ratings for its great bass sound.

It sports a B15 bridge (16.5mm string spacing) and has a Dynamix H neck/bridge pickup (Passive) for a deep sweet sound. The neck is made of maple, while the body features a mahogany construction.

This electric model which is one of the best bass guitars features five strings instead of the usual four that is found in the majority of bass guitars. This gives the bass guitar a more resonate sound and helps you play some more chords. The tone sliders are perfect and give you a more jazzy sound, that’s just perfect.

This Walnut finish guitar sports a very trendy high-end look that one would usually find in top-end guitars. At its current price, it’s a great quality guitar for budding musicians with a lightweight body and high volume capabilities.


  • High-end look,
  • 5 Strings


  • Standard onboard tuner

7. Ibanez

IbanezPart of the GSR series from Ibanez, these mid-priced guitars are a good buy for amateur and budding bass guitar players, who are looking for a great sounding guitar within their budget. The built and finish of this electric bass guitar, made for left handers is the same that you would expect in other Ibanez guitars.

This is because all the guitars from Ibanez pass the same stringent quality and finish standards, no matter which price range they belong too. This 4 string bass guitar, features a Dynamix J bridge pickup (passive) along with a B10 bridge (19mm string spacing) that helps produce a great sound, no matter where you play it.

The Ibanez 4 string bass guitar also sports a Phat II equaliser, for a better quality sound even at high volume levels. The guitar comes with a preset factory tuning of IG, 2D, 3A, 4E. The full-scale guitar is easy to hold and use for even long durations, along with a shoulder strap.

The Ibanez Electric Bass Guitar is built with a GSR4 Maple neck and Mahogany body while the fretboard is of Rosewood with white dot inlays. It comes with a free gig bag, tuner and stand.


  • Mid-Budget Electric Bass Guitar with a superior build,
  • Phat II equaliser provides active boost
  • Compact and slim


  • Finish could be better.

8. Fender Mustang PJ

Fender Mustang PJFender guitars are the world standard when it comes to high quality bass guitars that have become the music industry standard. The Mustang series by Fender is another winner and sports a classy 30″ short scale length.

This makes it the perfect buy for students and beginners who need a comfortable and reachable grip while learning to play the bass guitar.

The well-designed “PJ” pickup configuration offers great tonal versatility,that is the standard of high precision bass guitars and something professional players look for in their favourite bass guitars.

This Mustang Bass also features a three-way toggle pickup switch, giving you either the bridge or neck pickup alone, or both for a great performance always. It also offers solid tuning stability and precise intonation with increased sustain, thanks to the hardtail, four-saddle bridge it sports.

A unique and inspiring “C” shaped neck design makes this bass guitar comfortable to hold during performances and long training sessions. The Fender Mustang is a clear winner and a great bass guitar that’s perfect for both professionals and new learners.


  • Sleek Design
  • Thunderous Bass Tone
  • Short scale increases playability


  • Expensive as compared to other bass guitars

9. Yamaha TRBX305

Yamaha TRBX305From one of the pioneers in the musical instruments business here’s a bass guitar that has been designed and built to offer a great musical experience. The stylish design of this guitar is what catches your attention initially, till you discover its great sounding bass.

It comes with a fast action bolt on a 5 piece maple/mahogany neck and a fingerboard made of rosewood, for a smooth and delightful playing experience that is a part of the Yamaha legacy. You can also enjoy a hum-free sound thanks to the pair of humbucking pickups this electric bass guitar is fitted with.

Enjoy the great bass sound and play different styles as per your preferences with the specially designed performance EQ active circuit which optimizes the sound for the utmost musical experience while playing a gig or even practising in the studio.

Weighing just 21 pounds, this bass guitar is also perfect to hold and play with for long durations without feeling any strain. It is a 34″ full-length guitar with 24 frets. The fingerboard is made of rosewood. This Yamaha guitar comes with a Gig Bag, stand and tuner.


  • Sleek and Stylish Design
  • Maple/Mahogany Neck
  • 5 Strings


  • Storage case needs to be bought separately

10. Glarry GJazz

Glarry GJazzA great-looking bass guitar with excellent sound and design, that makes it very easy to play for beginners and professional musicians alike. The fretboard and body material is made of rosewood and basswood, which helps deliver a warm sound from your bass guitar.

The construction of this guitar is strong, which ensures you will keep playing this guitar for many years. The neck construction which is of maple, offer a comfortable playing grip that suits all playing styles. The hardtail bridge system is flexible and provides for a solid tone, sustain and great intonation.

The high-tensile strength fret wires ensure longer playing durability and a completely smooth playing experience be it a practice session or a gig. Bass guitars by Glarry have been acknowledged and used by professionals due to their affordability and great quality sound. This guitar sports a single-single-coil pickup configuration.


  • Budget friendly
  • Great sound
  • Maple neck construction


  • Truss rod needs to be adjusted

11. Yamaha Candy Apple Red

Yamaha Candy Apple RedYou will fall in love with this sleekly designed Yamaha 5 string bass guitar that comes in a very impressive and appealing candy apple red colour. Apart from striking looks for its guitars, Yamaha is also well known for the quality of the musical instruments it produces, including guitars.

This Yamaha guitar is one of the best bass guitars brands, and produces great sounding bass that will highly impress your friends and audience whenever you play it.

It features a rosewood fingerboard that offers a smooth and comfortable playing experience, while the pair of humbucking pickups let you enjoy a humming free sound.

Enjoy a great bass sound that’s been optimized by the Performance Equaliser, with an active circuit for a great sounding performance. This is a full-length guitar with a 34″ scale and Mahogany body construction, along with a maple neck. The Bass guitar includes a gig bag, gig stand and tuner.


  • Stylish Look
  • 5 Strings for a better playing experience


  • Suitable for professional players only

12. Yamaha BB234

Yamaha BB234From the house of Yamaha comes another show stopper, electric bass guitar with 4 strings. The yellow natural satin finish is beautiful and adds a special look to this guitar that has the best construction and bass sound among similar brands as per online reviews.

It’s one of the preferred models for budding musicians and those embarking on their journey as a professional bass guitar player. It features an alder body design and comes with a maple neck, for superior grip and comfort whenever you play it. The rosewood fingerboard offers a comfortable, smooth playing experience.

The Yamaha BB model comes equipped with a tone control knob and two volume control knobs for better handling and sound control.


  • Yamaha build and Quality
  • Legacy model with modern touch
  • Maple neck for better grip


  • Good for Beginners

13. Ibanez Natural Oil Look

Ibanez Natural Oil LookIf you are looking for the best bass guitar, with a great bass sound that fits within your budget, then the Ibanez 5 String Electric Guitar is a great choice. It comes in a natural oil finish and has a slim maple neck which is very comfortable to hold. The maple neck also gives you a great balance, while providing plenty of sustain.

This Ibanez Guitar has a B15 bridge, with medium frets for a great performance whenever you play it at your gigs and performances. The SR body style is beautiful comfortable design with a natural oil look that will let you enjoy hours of comfortable play.

Moderately priced it’s a compact body bass guitar that you will love to carry with you wherever you go. Overall a quality performer from the house of Ibanez well known for producing good quality bass guitars in an economical price band.


  • Mid-Range Guitar
  • 5 String Bass Guitar
  • Classy


  • Needs more pickups

14. Left-Handed 5 String Bass Guitar with Sleek Design

Left-Handed 5 String Bass Guitar with Sleek DesignLeft handers need not feel left out with this superbly designed bass guitar, that offers a comfortable hold and feel whenever you play it. The Maple neck and fingerboard made from composite ebony is a perfect match with each other and come fitted on a Millettia Laurentii Okoume body.

This Bass guitar comes with 24 nickel frets, a truss rod, two straphangers and side markers. You can set the sound as you want with its two volume and 3 tone controls. The 2 pick-ups are just perfect and help create a great sound whenever you play your bass guitar.

This length of this guitar is 44″ and it has a scale length of 34″, which is just perfect to hold for long durations. If you are looking for a good quality guitar at the right price, then this could be the ideal choice for you.


  • Mid-price range
  • Suitable for Left handers
  • 5 Strings


  • Body construction is of ebony

15. Sleek Black 5 String Electric Maple

Sleek Black 5 String Electric MapleAdd on to your style element while playing the grooviest sound with this Black 5 String Fretless Guitar which has a bolt-on maple neck and a composite ebony fingerboard. The fingerboard is well designed and comfortable for hours of playing at gigs or during practice sessions.

Bass guitars need a good sound variation and this guitar does not disappoint at all on this factor. It comes with two volume and two tone controls, to set any sound variation you need.

The poplar wood body is sturdy and should easily last you for a couple of years if taken care of properly. The die-cast black machine tuners are awesome and help you get your guitars tuned and running within minutes.


  • Fretless
  • 5 Strings
  • 2 pickup


  • Ebony composite fingerboard

FAQs on Bass Guitars

1. Are Bass And Lead Guitars Different From Each Other?

Yes, they are both different from each other in their make, style and the quality of sound they produce.

2. Does The Quality Of Wood Used To Make The Best Bass Guitar Play An Important Role?

Yes, the quality of wood used to build the guitar plays an important role in the sound the guitar produces. Heavier woods tend to be of better quality and produce a better sound quality as compared to others. Bass guitars made with heavy wood tend to be more expensive than others.

3. Are Short Scale Bass Guitars Used As Good As Full Scale Guitars?

Yes, they give an equally good sound. Short scale guitars are popular as they are easier to handle and use even by beginners.

4. Can One Conduct Solo Performances On A Bass Guitar?

Yes, bass guitars with 5 or 6 strings produce a wider range of tones that can be used by bass guitarists for solo performances.

Best Bass Guitars – What’s your pick?

Bass guitarists have plenty of options and models to choose from, based on their playing styles and music preferences. A bass guitarist is an important part of a music band and his selection of the bass guitar he plays with makes a huge difference to the overall sound and music quality of the performance.

While buying a bass guitar is not an easy decision to make, proper research and references will help you select the right one for you and help you enjoy many happy moments with it, for many years to come.