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Best Electric Guitars 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide


1. Fender Squier 2. Yamaha PAC112V 3. Epiphone
Fender Squier Best Electric Guitar Yamaha PAC112V Epiphone Les Paul Special II

While playing an electric guitar can be an intimidating thing, owning one of your very own electric guitars is an exhilarating feeling. The sound of the electric guitar strings sends shivers down your spine, and to remember that ‘ecstatic shiver’ forever, buying a good electric guitar is the first step.

This guide book will give you an insight on the best electric guitar categories available in the market along with a peek into the factors to be considered before buying the best guitar. This guide will also give you an insight into the various types of electric guitars available.


If you are into the jazzy glee of electric guitar music, then, at the end of this article, I am sure you will know what kind of mojo electric guitar you would want for yourself?

What Is An Electric Guitar?

The electric guitars are designed to give the same feel as the acoustic guitars. These guitars are powered with electricity and electromagnetism. The electric guitars will make use of multiple pickups to transform the vibrations of the strings into electrical energy.

The electromagnetic induction would produce a signal and is passed to the guitar amplifier before sending the signals to the speaker.

The best part of the electric guitar is that it is very comfortable for the players to play the guitar on fingers and hold the chords. The strings of this guitar are softer. It is made of a wide variety of materials. The sound that is produced from the guitar is based on the body material.

Types Of Electric Guitars

Electric guitars are used to play different kinds of music, such as jazz, rock, blues, and pop music.

The electric guitars are categorized into different types based on their body style, construction, and scale length. Here are a few types of electric guitars that are loved by the beginners to professionals.

1. Stratocaster Guitar

This guitar was launched by Fender in 1954 and hence, it is also known as Fender Stratocaster. This is the best electric guitar and recognizable electric guitar. Most of the guitars in this category have a tremolo.

This guitar comprises two different cutaway horns that allow you to access the strings of the guitar, even using the thumb. The higher frets are accessible for playing different tunes.

This is designed to offer ample comfort. You can play rock and roll and blues music with this guitar. You also play different styles of music with this guitar, including folk, soul, and pop, and so on.

The configuration of this guitar has three single-coil pickups and a tremolo bridge.

The pickups are perpendicular to the strings equipped to the guitar. The Stratocaster will produce the magnetic fields around the strings, including the wire coil. When the strings start to vibrate, the fields will vary in strength.

The internal circuit of the guitar will pass the signal to the amplifier. This is a versatile instrument that is a perfect choice for the people who would like to play different music, but the best-suited tune that you can play on this is blues.

2. Super Strat Guitar

This guitar is developed on similar lines of Stratocaster and has the same body style. However, the output of this guitar is different from the earlier one. The best part of this guitar is that if any part is prone to damage, it is easy to replace with the new one and use the same guitar despite purging it.

The new players are changing the parts to produce different sounds and tones. The variations are best to play different music types. This has an effective high output pickup to improve the amplification. These guitars will use humbucking pickups and electronic pickups.

This type of guitar has more ability to hold the tunes than other type guitars. This comes with thin necks, large frets, and flat fretboard. With its higher distortion, this is perfect for playing metal and hard rock.

3. Fender Telecaster

It is also known as tele. This guitar is designed to give a classical and timeless look. It is the most popular guitar, even today. This has a single cutaway, two different single pickups, and has no tremolo bar. This comes with three saddles.

This is known for its thin and biting sound. It plays country music and indie music. It can also play different types of music and is one of the guitars which allow the guitarists to play jazz. However, the sound of this guitar is not appropriate to play rock and metal type music.

4. Gibson Les Paul Guitar

This is the second famous guitar in the world. This guitar was used by Les Paul and become famous. It is well known for its craftsmanship and versatility.

This comes with two single-coil pickups and a different cutaway. This will produce a thick and warm sound with its double humbucker pickups and great body.

It is perfect for playing rock and roll. This comes with a broader neck when compared to the other guitar types. The mahogany shape of the guitar with a maple layer will let you produce different tones.

These are expensive and not an ideal choice to be used by beginners. However, you can also get these guitars at pocket-friendly prices. These are suitable to be used by beginners.

5. Gibson SG

This is another famous guitar that is lightweight and thin. It comes with two cutaways and horns using a longer neck. This has two humbucker pickups.

Each pickup comes with a separate volume and control knobs to adjust the tone. The double-cutaway body with the fret makes it perfect to be used by the guitarists. This is simple, versatile, and perfect to play rock and metal.

6. SG And Flying V

It is yet another popular type of guitar that can be used for playing different types of tunes. It has a solid body and has two humbuckers.

Both these guitars are almost the same in their look and appeal, but the only difference between the two is that Flying V Body guitar is not that comfortable to play.

They also usually have a similar response and feel. Both these guitars offer Gisbon tone, which makes them good for playing metal and rock tunes.

What Is The Major Difference Between Bass Guitar And Electric Guitar?

The bass guitar is majorly used as a support instrument with high pitched instruments, rather than a lead instrument because of its low octave notes. It has a total of four strings and is moderately bigger than the electric guitar.

Electric guitars, on the other hand, convert vibrations of the strings to electric signals to produce a booming effect by plugging it in an amplifier or speaker. This major difference of conversion is because unlike the bass guitar, this guitar doesn’t have a hollow body.

Advantages Of Owning And Playing An Electric Guitar

Learning to play the guitar is a very interesting choice to make. Music has always brought pleasure to people, and if you have to freedom to make that music, then what’s better than that?

Electric guitars with its electromagnetic signals and resonance give off a very magnetic vibe to the music and thus should be on everyone’s bucket list to learn to play the electric guitar. Below are some of the advantages of having the stringed instrument next to you.

1. Access To Control The Volume

An electric guitar comes with the flexibility of volume adjustment to suit the environment. It can be turned low so as not to disturb anyone or can be increased to suit the vibe of an exciting environment.

The electric guitar can be played with or without the amp, depending on silent practice sessions or blaring staged-up situation. Its access provides a huge space for the guitarist to shape his music accordingly, giving way to good music.

Such guitars also come with the headphone facility allowing you to practice in silence without attracting anyone’s attention, in peace.

2. Learning Made Easy

If you are a beginner and want to learn to play guitar, then electric guitar can prove helpful. It is because of the girth of the strings, which is usually thinner, and easier to play with rather than thicker acoustic strings. It gives the learner a chance to be at ease with the instrument and learn likewise.

Structurally too, the electric guitar is manageable to hold onto owing to its thin neck and small size. Weight-wise, it has its own comforts of being to be able to move around, giving the musicians a chance of opportunity. This kind of guitar improves the learning experience and is more user-friendly.

3. Soundcheck

Good quality sound produced by electric guitar makes them one of the best choices for those who want to play guitar. It provides cleaner notes for a longer period of time. The reason for this is the inclusion of amp in the electric guitar genre and the thin strings.

While connected to amps, even the slightest twitch of the finger tosses a brilliant sound. This, in turn, resonates it into a crisp and twangy mix with its next level sound technology upgrade.

4. Style

In terms of style, electric guitars definitely win the race as they come in perky colors and a range of styles, unlike acoustic guitars, which has a uniform woody finish.

Yes, the variety and quality of wood differ diversely but, overall, the look and appearance are almost similar for all. An electric guitarist always has his own unique personality, while electric guitars have their own.

5. Collection

An excellent quality electric guitar is always considered a collectible in a musician or percussionist collection. Vintage electronic guitars have always been in demand with musicians across.

If you buy an electric guitar considering all the benefits that are just mentioned, then buying a good electric guitar is a step up towards your very own collection.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Electric Guitar

Buying an electric guitar can be challenging for the first-time buyer, so to simplify the task, we have brought together certain factors that you need to consider before making a purchase.

1. Body Style

Electric guitars are available in three different styles. These include – solid body, semi-hollow, and hollow body.

  • Solid type: If you want to play music with a lot of effects and loud amplification, then you must buy solid body guitars. The body is made of a slab of wood. This is the most common type of body you can find in many models of the electric guitar. You can get simple to plush models of guitars with this body type. The wood used has a significant impact on the quality of sound produced by the instrument. However, the solid type will not be able to provide much resonance like a hollow body.
  • Semi-hollow: Semi-hollow guitar is the right choice when you want to create a sound-alike that of acoustic guitar but with a high level of amplification. The solid center wood will add a lot of stability and sustainability to the guitar. The guitar with this body style would allow you to play blues, jazz, and punk rock.
  • Hollow body: Hollow body or jazz guitar is perfect to offer acoustic sound, but gives a lot of feedback when you are amplifying the signals. With its hollow chamber, it produces a lot of resonance. This body style is chosen by the jazz guitarists to produce full tones with deep bass.

2. Wood

The choice of wood will have a more significant impact on the tone and weight of the guitar. You must make sure that the guitar you are buying is producing the sound you like the most and you want to play in the concerts.

Types of woods with which the guitar is made include.

Mahogany: Many top brands are using this material to shape the body of the guitar. There are a few who use this material to make a neck. It gives you a sharp and balanced tone. This wood is perfect for guitars that are exclusively made for blues, rock, and metal. This is heavy and produces an unbalanced sound.

Alder: It is the standard type of neutral wood that is used in construction. This is neither warm nor bright but makes it an ideal choice for the guitarists who are looking to buy a versatile guitar.

It is one of the most readily obtainable materials in the market, capable of producing low, mid-range, and high frequencies. The cost of an electric guitar with this wood is comparatively more economical than the fancy mahogany category and produces pretty balanced music.

Basswood: This common guitar wood has used in mix-wood guitars as it’s demand rests on its capability to produce a balanced, mellow tone that is many people’s favorite choice of tone.

Maple: Maple tone-wood has a unique sound of bright music and is a native to North America. It is quite in demand to be used in guitar necks and fretboard to provide a subtle out to the darker tones. It is known to produce a defining crisp sound.

Rosewood: It is known to produce a rich, deep, smooth sound, this tone-wood is also used for fretboard building and is quite a rare edition and equally expensive. This wood gives a gorgeous finish to the guitar.

3. Neck

The neck of the guitar depends on your hand size. The guitar neck comes in different shapes such as C-shape, thin, wide-thin, and so on.

4. Scale Length

One of the factors that you need to consider is the scale length of the guitar. It influences the note of the guitar. When you are out there to purchase a guitar, then different types of scale length like Gibson scale of length 24.75.

This scale offers thick bass. Another scale that you can find in guitar is the Fender scale 25.5. This scale provides a clear sound. Another scale length which produces different tone is 25 inches.

5. Intonation

When you are buying a guitar, then you must know that it will let you know whether the guitar is good enough to play the notes in the right tune.

While buying the guitar, don’t miss to check the distance between the frets. In case you notice there is no distance between the frets, then the guitar will not be able to play the right tune. So, don’t miss this feature while buying a guitar.

6. Total frets

The frets on the guitar will help in playing great tunes; normally a good quality guitar will comprise of 22 frets. But, a 24 fret neck is a good choice, if you want to play high notes.

7. Bridge

Another important factor that you need to consider while buying a guitar is the bridge. In electric guitars, you can find two different types of bridges available in electric guitars; one is the stoptail, and tremolo bridge.

The latter will let you bend all the guitar strings at one go, but this will make the strings to play out of tune.

The stop tail bridge is stable when it comes to tuning. This bridge is equipped in the body of the guitar, so many players would feel that it is highly sustainable compared to the tremolo bridge.

Based on the construction of the bridge and the purpose of it, the electric guitar would have any of the following bridges in the guitar

  • Tune-O-Matic: It allows you to adjust each string individually and comes with an intonation. It is the most common type of bridge that you find in many models.
  • Bigsby: It is found mostly in the old modeled guitars. The best part of this bridge is that it produces that sound in a vintage style.
  • Fulcrum Vibrato: Each string will be placed on an individual saddle. You can adjust the string based on the height and the intonation you would need.
  • Six point locking tremolo: It works similar to that of Fulcrum Vibrato. It produces different resonances and vibrations.
  • Floyd Rose: This is similar to that of Fulcrum Vibrato, but gives enough space to produce vibrations.
  • String-through: The strings sit on the saddle and passes through the holes of the guitar body

8. Pickups

There are two types of pickups that you find in the electric guitar. There include – single-coil pickup, and the other is humbucker pickup. The single-coil pick up is a kind of classic pickup that offers a bright and sharp sound. These pickups are perfect for professional players.

The humbucker pickup would hum, i.e., it produces very less background noise. However, it produces meaty sounds. You can use single-coil pick up to play quick punk rock power chords. You can use the humbucker to play country music.

Many models of guitars will offer two to three pickups. There are a few models which just offer you one. The guitars with multiple pickups come with switches to easily jump from one pickup to another pickup.

9. Tuning Machines

You can find this on the headstock of the guitar. This is known as tuners, which are responsible for holding the string in one position. You can tune the instrument based on changing the tension of every string.

There are a few models of guitars with tuners, which can be locked in a specific position. This gives high stability for tuning and lets you change the strings with ease. Besides, it also makes sure that the strings won’t slip

10. Cost

You must look for the quality of the guitar before fixing it to a model. You should remove the misconception that only expensive guitars are the best in the market since there are even budget mode guitars which are used by the guitarists to produce beautiful tunes.

Amateur or new to the field guitarists end up buying buy cheap guitars thinking of the loss of money they would suffer if they happen to quit it or find it tough.

Well, purchasing a cheap guitar will give you even less valuable experience as the resonance of the music, and the vibrations may be off under specific notes. Thus, learning will start from the wrong foot.

Moreover, it will be a possible loss of entire money as the cheap guitars will shatter quickly, resulting in you buying a good quality guitar, which is naturally high-priced.

The best you can do to get out of this situation is to try out a guitar before buying from a music rental shop and then let the guitar convince you for it.

11. Trial Time

The option of trying out a guitar before purchasing it is very good. Well, when it comes to trial, then you can easily give it a shot while offline purchase, but in the online purchase, you will have to rely on the reviews. Hence, choose a trusted seller and also look for the replacement policies.

12. Size & Shape

Choosing the right style and size for playing is very important. While deciding on the type of style, certain factors such as – string material of the guitar, size of the fretboard, weight of the guitar, ease of carrying, the strength of the wood of the body, height of the string, etc. matter.

Some critical observations maybe, the purity of the tuning pegs and it’s pick up. The best electric guitars could retain the tension and keep the knob fixed, but cheaper guitars cannot retain the tension and the tuning pegs readjust, leaving the guitarist high and dry in between performances.

13. Guitar Size

The size of the guitar is very important to ascertain good music. The comfort with the size of the guitar is directly proportional to the size of the player.

Thus, for beginners going with a smaller body of a guitar is essential. The weight of the guitar and the size should make the player comfortable.

Of course, a big guitar will produce a richer sound, but it will also take full coverage of your arms, making other navigations difficult during the beginning.

14. Setup

Most of the guitars in the stores have poorly set up guitars, with imperfect adjustments to the tuning plugs. And usually, they are never set-up before buying.

These adjustments need to be taking place in front of you to understand how an electric guitar works. Thus, setting up the guitar before you leave as per your expectations is very necessary. Maybe someone who knows the guitar better might be able to help you.

15. Quality Of The Wood

We have already mentioned above that the quality of wood not only impacts the durability of the guitar but also the sound quality. Hence it becomes important to check the type of wood and then make a selection.

The most sought-after quality of wood is only used in the best electric guitars and is called as the tone-wood in a guitarist’s language. Such tone-wood tend to procreate the sound that travels through it and is very dense.

The quality of the wood matters because otherwise, a hollow wood body like in a bass guitar would allow the sound to travel through it swiftly. It creates a resonating sound but not strong enough as the music will be lost in the vacuum.

Dense wood allows the sound to resonate through it, but since it’s not hollowed-out, the impact of the sound is going to be higher than a normal hollow body guitar. This allows the guitar to produce a magnified sound when plugged in into an amplifier.

16. Warranty

You also need to check the warranty for the guitar as a critical factor when buying an electric guitar. If there are any problems with the guitar, you can get a replacement. However, you also need to take good care of the guitar to improve its longevity despite having a warranty.

17. Buzz

When you are buying a guitar, you must strum it to ensure that the guitar is not producing any annoying buzzing noise. If you play the guitar hard, it produces some buzz. If you keep hearing the buzz right from the start of playing the guitar, then it is considered as a poor quality one.

Now that you know about the different types of electric guitar and the factors that you need to consider before buying them, lets now explore the 10 most popular choices of electric guitars that you can consider while buying this guitar.

Top 10 Best Electric Guitars 2022

1. Fender Squier

Fender Squier Best Electric GuitarThis is the cheapest model that is an excellent choice for the people who want to learn guitar. The guitarists of different ages applaud the design of the instrument. It is the perfect instrument for the people who are aspiring to become a great musician.

The two single-coil Telecaster pickups would give the tone similar to that of the electric guitar with its solid body. The top-load telecaster bridge will make it easy for the guitar players to change the strings with ease.

This also offers great tuning stability. The neck of the guitar that is in C shape offers ample comfort while playing the guitar. This comprises of 21 frets, which makes it iconic. If you are looking forward for buying the best shred guitar, then you must invest in Fender’s guitar.


  • Play perfectly in every setting
  • Can stay in tune
  • Affordable
  • Gives an inspiring look
  • Easy to handle the guitar with its ingenious design


  • It does not offer you comfort while standing and playing the guitar

2. Yamaha PAC112V

Yamaha PAC112VThis is the guitar that must be purchased by the guitarists who have learned basics in acoustic guitar. Yamaha offers this best electric guitar which has gained a massive reputation in the market for its unique look and price.

The look of this guitar is similar to that of Stratocaster. The design of the body has a double-cutaway strat look.

You will find a few extra curves and horns that are longer compared to the other models of guitar. The body is made of alder shaped, though alder is in the budget, it does not possess the quality of maple.

The elbow rest will make it comfortable for the players to play the guitar for a long time. The neck has 22 frets. Due to deep cutaways, the complete length of the neck can be playable.

The C shaped design will let you play the guitar and transfer smoothly to the fretboard. The neck gives an impressive and sleek look.

This has a humbucker pickup, which allows the players to play any kind of tune on the guitar. It has a five-position switch equipped with a coil tap. The push and pull control will let you carry out the operation of the coil-split with ease.


  • The neck is smooth and is very thin
  • Allows you to play different types of tones
  • Stays in tune for a few weeks
  • Light in weight


  • There is a fret buzz on the third-string
  • The tone is thin
  • Tremolo is not impressive

3. Epiphone Les Paul Special II

Epiphone Les Paul Special IIIf you are a beginner in guitar playing and want to buy a guitar for practice, then this is the best model guitar in which you can invest. The body of the guitar is made using mahogany.

This is lightweight. The neck is 24.74 scale lengths and is made of the same material. The guitar is stable in terms of its design and playability.

The component with which the guitar is made is basic, but is highly functional and gives a comfortable experience to the players.

It is equipped with a humbucker and comprises of 650R at the neck and 700T on the bridge. It is easy to control these two using the master volume rotary knob.

The notable guitarists even appreciate the sound. The amplification is decent, which gives you warmth and excellent clarity.

The humbuckers are perfect for playing blues and classic rock.
When you keep playing this guitar, you would never feel that it is cheap.


  • Produce quality and sharp sound for acoustic notes
  • Offer many tones for amateur and professional players
  • Highly durable in construction
  • The body is made of mahogany


  • The price of this guitar is quite higher compared to the other electric guitars that are
    available in the market
  • You can identify the difference when you are playing blues or softer music
  • Lack of arched top and is not appreciated by many

4. Epiphone SG

Epiphone SGIf you want to start a musical journey and make it memorable, you must buy this model electric guitar. It is a perfect choice for beginners. This allows the guitarists to dabble in the world of music and sound effects.

The slim cutaway design, mahogany body, and hum-free humbucker pickups will evoke the musical genius in you.

The mahogany body has a maple laminate that makes it look impressive. The humbuckers will handle distortion and overdrive with ease. The sound produced by the guitar is thick, full, and sturdy.

The killpot will mute the guitar when you keep it pressed. This will create different effects, including tremolo and staccato. The double-cutaway will allow you to play the solo, and the frets are easy to access.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Cost-effective
  • Killpot switch will produce impressive sound effects without any tear and wear
  • Design is impressive
  • Easy to play even by the children and teens
  • Offer a wide range of playable options such as rock, jazz, and distortions
  • Bolt-on neck would make it easy to replace and repair
  • Easy to change the pickups and strings
  • Smooth knobs to control the volume and intonation


  • Have no accessories such as an amplifier, cable and other things required to set up the guitar
  • The basic material is used to produce this guitar
  • Not suitable for intermediate and professional guitarists

5. LyxPro

LyxProIf you have decided to learn guitar, then this model guitar kit is perfect for you to learn guitar. This guitar is made of a solid wood body and maple neck. The rosewood fingerboard is straight and is comfortable to shift and for quick actions.

One of the notable features of this guitar is that it comes as a bundle. You get a 20 W amplifier along with a built-speaker that lets you enjoy the music to the fullest. The pickups are attached to the master volume control and master tone control knob with a pickup selector switch.

The one-way tremolo bar keeps the intonation stable. This is made using nickel-plated steel wire that is covered with American hexagonal core wire. It produces clean and sharp tones that make the guitar sound great. This also serves the professional guitarists and last longer.

The guitar has all the accessories that help the beginner to set up and start playing it. You can use this at home and studio.

The digital tuner equipped in the kit will keep the guitar always in tune. This has a bundle with an amplifier, guitar strap, extra strings, tuner, and other things


  • Perfect for beginners and intermediate guitarists
  • Sound great and make you feel good while playing it
  • Great craftsmanship
  • Electric clip-on tuner works perfectly
  • The amplifier produces good sound


  • Need professional help to set up the guitar
  • Edges of the fret would require sanding
  • The strap of the guitar is not so comfortable to play

6. Traveler Guitar ULE-BKM

Traveler Guitar ULE-BKMIf you are looking for a guitar that is lightweight, then the traveler guitar is perfect for you. The shape of the guitar is lesser seen in the market. This is known to be the light and small travel guitar.

The body of the guitar is compact and is in 24 ¾ inch length. The body of the guitar and its neck are made with the superior quality American band maple covered with natural finishing.
The fretboard is made using walnut material.

The guitar has 22 medium frets equipped with Pearloid dot inlays. The width of the nut is 1.75 inches. It comprises of the single, dual-rail humbucker and easy to adjust Tune-o-Matic Style Bridge.

The weight of the guitar is 3 lbs 2 ozs, which makes it light in weight and easy to carry. The length of this guitar is 28 inches and the body width of 5.25 inches, thus making it a travel-friendly guitar.

The travel guitar has a lap rest, which can also be detached when not in use. When you sit down to play the guitar without the lap rest, it makes you feel like you have put the arms around the Kate Moss.

It also comes with the case, which allows you to carry it with a breeze when traveling. The dual-rail humbuckers produce a powerful tone. It has only one humbucker with no tone controls. The changes you make to the tune will directly pass to the amplifier.

The neck, fret, and end of the fret are quite smooth. When you sit down to play, the neck weight will force the angle down. This is perfect for practice on the go, and it offers clear and sharp sounds. This also gives high value for the money.


  • Lightweight
  • Small in size
  • Full-scale length
  • Innovative placement of the tuner
  • Soft case to hold the guitar


  • There are no tone and volume controls available on the board
  • It is annoying to sit down and play this guitar

7. Ibanez

IbanezIf you want to buy an electric guitar, then this model guitar is an ideal choice. It comes with two humbucking picks and a single-coil pickup. It allows you to deliver the best performance on stage.

This guitar is for the players who are looking for a smooth and responsive functioning guitar. This is economical and gives a great musical adventure.

The finishing in the transparent green burst gives this guitar a stylish twist. The guitar is carved out of poplar body and is embellished with Quilted Maple Art Grain top.

Ibanez’s electric guitar comes with maple neck, which highlights fingerboard made of Treated New Zealand Pine with white dot inlays.

The low profile bridge offers ample comfort to the player. By default, the action is set to low. However, you can adjust the tune based on your specifications.

The tremolo is fat 6. The bridge is protected with metallic protection so that you won’t hurt your hands while playing the guitar. This is very comfortable for you to play.

The 5-way pickup switch will produce different sounds. You can either play three different pickups or blend them to produce distinct tones. You can attain the tune that is in your head entirely.

It is quite easy for you to switch from humbucking pickup to the single-coil pickup.
It is perfect to be used by the players who are playing guitars at different levels.

The beginners and professionals would enjoy the efficiency with this instrument. The slim body, sleek neck, and bridge system make it easy to play and produce sharp sound. The output pickups would boost the play, and two knobs offer control on the performance.


  • Edges of the fret are smoother
  • Fit and finishing are of excellent quality
  • Control knobs are easy to adjust and highly responsive
  • The guitar plays wonderful music


  • Humbuckers are average
  • Adjustments are required

8. ESP Guitars LTD EC-256FM

ESP Guitars LTD EC-256FMIf you want to buy a guitar that is a healthy mix of amazing looks, great sound quality, and best playability, then this model guitar is an ideal choice. The EC-256 comes with a mahogany body and neck that are made using the rosewood fingerboard.

The maple top of the guitar makes it look like Les Paul. It looks like a copy of LP due to the single-cut mahogany body.

The construction of the neck comes with a 24.75-inch scale length and 22 jumbo frets. The U shape of the neck and scale length will make it comfortable for the players to play different tunes with this guitar.

This guitar has two humbuckers, one is the neck, and the other is the bridge. These are connected with the help of a three-way pickup selector switch, a tone knob and volume control that is equipped to each pickup.

The master tone control will give a coil-split mode. It will provide high flexibility for the guitarists to tune besides maintaining the strings stable. The die-cast tuners, along with the tune-o-Matic bridge, would contribute to the stability of the strings.

The humbucking offers different tones. The coil-split mode gives excellent versatility. The hardware used would reduce the friction between the fingers and fretboard.

The humbucker placed at the neck would let you attain a bluesy tone. If you are looking for laying a bet on the best electric guitar brands, then you can happily choose this one and rock and light blues with this guitar.

This is ideal to be purchased by beginners.


  • Fantastic look
  • Smooth neck as well as the fretboard
  • Easy to adjust the action


  • Pickups produce muffled noise
  • Heavy compared to other electric guitars

9. Jackson JS Series JS22

Jackson JS Series JS22This is the American made superior quality and the best guitar model is available at a cost-effective price. If you are a beginner and want a good quality guitar, then you can invest in this guitar.

The aesthetic appeal of the guitar makes you feel stylish, holding it, and playing in front of the crowd. The snow-white finish is eye-catchy. The Pearloid shark fine inlays will give a great touch to the guitar. This guitar is simple yet classic.

The body of the guitar is made using poplar and comes with an arched top. The bolted on maple neck would increase and improve the tension of the nut.

The neck offers high speed and extends by going around the headstock. The fretboard of the guitar is made using Amaranth and has 24 jumbo frets that are easy to navigate.

The edgy double cutaway has a 25.5-inch scale length and comes with Tremolo Bridge. The tone quality and clarity are balanced. There are two humbuckers with a ceramic magnet to produce excellent output.

It is equipped with a 3-way pickup selector switch, tone controls, and master volume. The knobs are placed in the right location, so the player would not hit them accidentally when playing.

The rosewood fingerboard and jumbo frets will let you chord comfortably and play beautiful tones.


  • It comes with the setup
  • Action is low and quite smoother
  • Easy to play
  • Cost-effective
  • Black hardware
  • Holds the tune very well


  • Tremolo looks fragile and cheaper
  • Not versatile
  • Fret buzz would need adjustments
  • Does not produces metal sound

10. Ivy IBM-200 TRD

Ivy IBM-200 TRDIf you want to buy a stylish guitar that is economical for beginners to start with, then you can buy this model electric guitar. It allows you to learn and master the guitar. Though the cost is low, the functional efficiency of this guitar is high.

This guitar produces quick action and excellent responsiveness. The adorable outlook is the best thing about this model.

The IBM-200 TRD is made with the help of CNC machines with computer programming. The neck is perfect without any kind of defects. The guitar comes with proper specifications that make the guitarists comfortable to play with it without hurting their fingers.

The fingerboard of this guitar is sturdy and has no bedding. This is in good shape and produces beautiful sounds.

More than 80% of Amazon buyers have recommended this electric guitar and even stated that it is worth every penny and the best electric guitar out there.


  • Produce clear and precise tones
  • Cost-effective
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Lightweight


  • Requires set up

FAQs on Electric Guitars

1. What Is The Difference Between A Bass Guitar And An Electric Guitar?

The bass of the guitar is majorly used as a support instrument with high pitched instruments, rather than a lead instrument because of its low octave notes. It has a total of four strings and is moderately bigger than the electric guitar.

The body of such a guitar is hollow, allowing the strings to tap against the hollow of the body to create subtle music.

Electric guitars, on the other hand, convert vibrations of the strings to electric signals to produce a booming effect by plugging it in an amplifier or speaker.

This major difference of conversion is because unlike the bass guitar, this the guitar doesn’t have a hollow body allowing the sound to resonate only through an amplifier or a speaker.

2. How Difficult Is It To Play An Electric Guitar After Playing An Acoustic Guitar?

An electric guitar is comparatively easier to play once you know your acoustic guitar notes well.

But, if you are starting from electric guitar instead, then some might face initial difficulty as the lack of space inside the body of the guitar requires the player to balance out rich music basis the high octaves it produces once it’s attached to the amplifier.

But if you know your acoustic guitar well, the electric guitar should be a child’s play.

3. Can An Electric Guitar Be Played Without An Amp?

Yes, an electric guitar can be played without an amp too, but the sound produced will be very subtle as the electric guitar without an amp produces weaker electromagnetic signals making it difficult to produce a strong and crisp melody.

4. Which Is Difficult- Acoustic Or Electric?

Electric is easier to play than an acoustic guitar owing to a sleek body, thinner neck, and narrow gauzes allowing the player to play it effortlessly. Also, the tunning pressure in an electric guitar is easier to navigate than the acoustic one.

5. When Is The Right Time To Change The Guitar Strings?

Beginners always have a tough time identifying whether the strings are ready to be replaced or not. While playing guitar, if the strings produce a lustre lacking muted voice and the tuning becomes increasingly difficult, that is the time you should decide on changing your guitar strings.

6. Can Adults Use ¾ Guitars?

Even though ¾ guitars are for children. It’s a demand with the people which has not faded. Adults, even professionals occasionally referring to ¾ guitars to create a twangy and punchy sound which difficult in normal regular electric guitars.

7. What Kind Of Strings Are Required In An Electric Guitar?

The kind of strings in an electric guitar depends on the guitarist. Heavy, thick strings are difficult to play but are quite durable if the amount of tension is taken into consideration, but thinner strings are easier to play with the risk of easy damage within a short period of playtime.

8. How Often Should An Electric Guitar String Need To Be Changed?

The strings should be changed every three months without fail, or the music resonated will be dull. One hundred hours of practice sessions might also be a marker for you to change your electric strings.

9. What Size Pick Should I Choose For An Electric Guitar?

The pick should always be in a traditional shape for convenience and made up of nylon rather than plastic to create the characteristic of breakability.

The size should be a medium gauge as thin picks are difficult to hold and tend to lose grip, and the heavy ones are difficult to play on the strings. Therefore, a medium one might just be the right one for you.

Best Electric Guitars – What’s your decision?

Guitars have become the most popular string instrument these days. There are excellent options for electric guitars available for beginners with pros and cons. You can get insights about each and choose the one that meets your needs, preferences, and budget.

You must find a guitar that fits in your budget, produce the sound effects you want, and is made of superior quality material. When you are checking the material, it is recommended to buy solid wood.

The style of the guitar must also complement the style of your music so that it produces a wonderful sound. Also, make sure to buy it from a reputed website so that the quality of the product will be guaranteed.

Hope this guide will help you choose the best electric guitar that is best suitable for your needs.

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