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Best Electric Acoustic Guitars 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide


1. Jameson Guitars 2. Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK 3. Fender CD-60SCE
Jameson Guitars Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK Fender CD-60SCE

One cannot help but become a music lover at one point in life. No music, no life. All credit goes to guitar legends who fire up our lives with their music.

Of all the musical instruments in the world, the acoustic guitar is probably one of the most popular ones.

The string-based instrument sounds excellent. Choosing the best electric acoustic guitar, however, can be a challenging task if you were not in the business. Allow us to serve you.

An electric guitar features a pickup system and helps it to amplify the sound. If you are planning to buy an electric acoustic guitar as a beginner, you have to take care of a few things before you bring the instrument home.

This simple guide will provide you with every information about guitars. Also, it can help you save some dime.


What Is An Acoustic Electric Guitar?

An acoustic-electric guitar is an advanced form of acoustic guitar that features an electronic device to amplify the sound. Although there are no dissimilarities in appearance, the acoustic-electric guitar comes with a pick up inside.

In many electric guitars, you can find a sound control panel attached to the body; otherwise, everything is the same as the manual acoustic guitar.

Why Should You Choose An Acoustic Electric Guitar?

Before you think about buying an acoustic-electric guitar, you need to grill your mind with the key features first.

Whether it is a classical guitar or an ultra-modern rock-style one, an additional pick up system can make it an electric guitar. You must plaster in your mind some key advantages when you buy an electric acoustic.

Usually, a non-electrical acoustic needs an additional microphone to amplify the sound of your guitar. But if you use an acoustic-electric, you will not have to face such difficulties. This guitar comes with a plug hole to insert a jack to amplify the sound of your instrument.

So, if you head out on stage with this guitar, the pickup system attached will help you to connect the instrument to the amplifier. No doubt, this can be an excellent opportunity for you to include the sound of a guitar with other tools or vocal.

Managing the feedback can also be a big challenge for a performer with a manual guitar. The feedback sound from your guitar can create irritating noise. Besides, an in-built pickup system will give you the freedom to move across the stage.

The type of pickup system can be an essential factor if you want to control the sound of your instrument. Have a look at some samples of pickup systems you may have in your electric acoustic guitar.

Pick Up Systems Electric Acoustic Guitars

1 Piezo-Electric Transducer

This is one of the most common pickup systems you can see in many guitars. The transducer is fitted under the saddle. The device requires a 9V battery for a constant power source, and it can be an excellent way to amplify the sound of your instrument.

2. Bar-Shaped Pickup

Another type of pickup system you find in acoustic guitars. The magnetic bar-shaped device is attached under the strings. Undoubtedly, it is one of the simplest types of pickup, and there is no alteration requires for this.

3. Condenser Microphone

Attaching a small condenser microphone inside an acoustic guitar is another simple way to make a manual guitar electric. You can also customize your manual acoustic guitar with this method.

Ways To Choose The Right Pickup System

Often performers who hit the stage with an acoustic guitar face problem in positioning the additional microphone. Even a small movement can affect the quality and density of the sound. Choosing the right type of pickup system can be a challenging task if you are a novice.

The decision to select a pickup can be influenced by several critical factors like what kind of guitar you have, the sound type you are looking for, the frequency of performance, audience, and many other things.

If you have a guitar without a pickup, you can think about installing one. Before investing in a pickup, you must look at its features and see whether they are impressive or not.

However, it is better to purchase an electric acoustic guitar instead of installing a pickup inside a manual guitar.

Factory-installed pickups are far better than pickups for optimization. Remember, a high-quality pickup does not only make the sound louder but also keep it natural at the same time.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When

Buying the right electric acoustic guitar is not as easy as it looks. If you have not used a guitar before, you can find the task deluding. Watching the experts playing guitar is a beautiful experience, and it’s easy to get impressed by their skills.

Playing guitar on your own is a different thing, and you will need the right instrument for you. People often make mistakes when buying a guitar, and here we are going to highlight a few of them.

1. Do Not Play With A Wrong Guitar

Not all the guitars are the same. You have to pick a suitable one as per your skill level. It can be a classical, acoustic, electric, or electric acoustic guitar; you have to pick the right one. Choosing a guitar by its looks or style will not be a smart move; such a move can be a waste of money.

If you are a fan of bands like Foo Fighters, Green Day, or AC/DC, you can opt for an electric guitar. People who love to listen and play songs of Ben Harper, John Myer, James Blunt, Taylor Swift, or Ed Sheeran—no choice will be better than a manual or electric-acoustic.

If you are buying the guitar for your kid, make sure the kid is strong enough to play the steel strings. Nylon string guitar can be the right choice for kids who find steel-string hard to play.

2. Muse Over The Size

In many instances, people do not think about the size of a guitar. The size of the guitar often varies from one style to another. Classical, nylon string and acoustic guitars are slightly bigger than electric guitars. Electric guitars are heavier in weight than other types of guitars.

Children below the age of 13 may find it tough to pick a 5-6 Kg electric guitar. A manual or electric acoustic guitar can be the right choice for children under 13. Thus, before you choose a guitar for a kid, have a look at his or her age and height.

3. The Height Of The Strings

The strings are one of the most crucial parts of a guitar; you cannot get optimum utility if something is odd with it. The gap of the strings may play a significant role here, and you must not look away from it.

Electric, acoustic, and nylon string guitars come with different measurements, so pick one according to your preferences. Electric guitars come with a 2-2.3 mm gap between the bottom of the strings and the top-end.

A manual or electrical acoustic comes with a gap of 2-2.7mm, while a nylon string guitar comes with 3-3.6 mm gap. Hence, make sure the gap is suitable for a string action, and it will not be a trouble for you.

4. Bad Machine Heads

If you are investing in the best acoustic electric guitar, you will not face any issue with its machine heads. Bad machine heads can be a nightmare, as this will force you to tune your guitar more frequently. Machine heads consist of pressed metal and gears; you can find two common variants of them.

Vintage style and modern machine heads are two common types of machine heads you can see in guitars. A vintage-style machine may look good on the top of the head, but they often make the task of tuning difficult for the players. Modern-day machine heads made of die-cast, and they are much smoother than vintage-style machine heads.

5. Stop Running After Brands

A reputed brand always enamors the heart of a potential buyer, but it can lead to common mistakes people make. Choosing a reputable brand can be a good move, but you have to pay a high price for it.

The entry-level guitars made by popular brands are not as good as you expect, and you may get much better-quality products at the same amount if you look around. Hence, if you come with a limited budget, try to ignore entry-level products of popular brands.

6. Look For Support Materials

If you are a beginner, you will look out for guidance or teaching manuals. The guitar is one of the most robust instruments to play, and you may not be even able to strike a chord without guidance.

The guitar must come with users’ manual that will explain many vital things. The first six months will be a critical phase, and a user’s manual may help you in the process of learning.

7. Avoid Unnecessary Features

Buyers often make this simple mistake when purchasing a guitar. If you are a beginner, paying for unnecessary things will not be a good idea. As a beginner, you must refrain from buying an expensive electric acoustic guitar.

A costly instrument will not give you any additional advantage in learning. Hence, do not pay extra for the features that you do not need.

10 Most Prominent Acoustic Guitar Accessories

Whether it is a classic nylon-string or an electric acoustic, your guitar will need some crucial accessories. As a beginner, you have to make sure all accessories are on your buying list.

A few guitar manufacturers offer required accessories. If your guitar does not come with them, you have to purchase them separately. Have a look at some of the essential accessories you will always need.

1. Extra String

Whether you are a novice or a skilled player, carrying a set of extra strings will give you advantages. A guitar string can snap any time, especially when you will try to tune your guitar.

It is not always possible to visit a store or order a string set online. Carrying a set of additional strings will help you to continue with your instrument.

2. Guitar Picks

Picks are some of the most critical accessories every guitarist need. Here, you must know that guitarists often use different types of picks to perform better.

Some picks are made for strumming, while some are made for individual notes. If you are planning to work on both, carry different types of picks all the time.

3. A Stand

If you are a passionate player, you will take care of your instrument. If you love the instrument, you will not put it anywhere, just like other stuff. Your guitar will need a special place, and a dedicated stand will be a perfect choice.

Leaning the instrument against a wall, clothes, and a pile of dirt will not be a good idea. You can invest in a decent stand for your electric acoustic guitar. Some guitar stand comes with locks that will help you to place the instrument in the right position.

4. Guitar Strap

A guitar strap will help you to manage the guitar in a better way. In many cases, acoustic guitars come with one strap button attached to the picking side. You might have seen guitarists in earlier days to hook the strap between the headstock and the endpin.

If you are searching for a new guitar, make sure it features two strap buttons. A strap always helps players to hold the guitar comfortably and perform for an extended period.

5. Capo

Capo is one of the essential accessories, and investing in a capo will not be a bad idea. As a beginner, you may take some time to understand the importance of a capo, but once you develop your skills, you will find the device efficient.

In the beginning, playing barre chords can be difficult or frustrating, and using a capo can be a solution for this. A capo, however, cannot be an alternative to barre chords, but you can use it to make things easier.

6. Humidifier

Moisture and humidity are some of the biggest threats to acoustic guitars, and you have to take measures to protect your instrument from such factors. Acoustic guitars are made of thin woods, and moisture or humidity can damage the body.

Music shops create an exceptional environment to keep their musical instrument safe from different environmental factors.

You cannot do the same as the music shop, and that is why you have to take extraordinary measures. A guitar humidifier can give you the solution to keep the instrument safe. Such devices are inexpensive, and you can keep them inside the guitar case.

7. A Guitar Case

The guitar case is also an essential accessory you need to purchase. A high-quality guitar case will protect the instrument from external factors like dust, moisture, heat, and damage. Professional musicians always keep their guitars inside a hard-shell case.

A gig bag can also be an excellent choice to keep your guitar. The gig bag comes with multiple pockets, where you will be able to keep several vital accessories like extra strings, picks, capo, and many other things.

Both cases and gig bags can be the right choice, and you can choose one according to your needs.

8. Important Tools

Once you progress in the process of learning, you will understand the need for some tools. Such tools will help you to manage the instrument in a better way.

Wire snipes, Allen keys, screwdrivers, string winder, pliers are some of the tools you may need to control the instrument. Remember, you cannot take your guitar to a repair shop every time, as this will cost you a lot. Some necessary tools will help you to execute small tasks on your own.

9. Cleaners

Cleaning guitar is one of the essential things, and you have to practice it frequently. If you are planning to invest in the best acoustic electric guitar, you will have to take measures to keep it clean all the time. A simple polish can make the instrument pretty, but you have to pick the right product for this.

Remember, you cannot clean your guitar with anything available in your home. An acoustic guitar is made of a thin layer of wood, and the cleaner can damage the body or the metal parts of your guitar.

You can choose from exclusive cleaning products available so that you can use them to clean your guitar without a worry.

10. A Tuner

The tuner is one of the most important things you will need to play the guitar skilfully. As a beginner, you may find the task of tuning the string of your guitar difficult, and a tuner can help you in the process.

Tuning a guitar by ear is a skill, and it may take some time for you. Guitarists often use other musical instruments like keyboard or piano to match the notes, but this also requires some sense of music. As a beginner, it is better to take help from a tuner to make your task easy.

These are some of the critical tools you may need to maintain a guitar. If you are planning to buy one of the best acoustic electric guitars from an online or physical store, you need to purchase all the necessary tools and accessories to keep your favorite instrument in the best condition.

Why Have Some Electric Acoustic Guitars Cost More Than Others?

There are a lot of factors that decide the final value of an acoustic guitar compared to others. Have a look at some factors that often influence the price of an acoustic electric guitar.

1. Place Of Manufacture

Location plays a pivotal role in guitar costs. America is famous for producing reliable, high-quality, handcrafted guitars. Makers create uniquely designed guitars using only the best quality materials as opposed to overseas models.

2. Wood Selection

Choosing the right wood is one of the most critical factors, as the quality of wood determines the quality of sound and longevity of the structure. Finding quality wood is a costly affair for manufacturers, as preserved species, like Ebony or Brazilian Rosewood, are only available in small commodities.

Companies buy quality wood for a high price; therefore, only use them to build premium, limited edition guitars. Cheaper models, on the other hand, are made from lower grade woods that are more readily available.

It’s also to be noted that not all timber is ‘musical,’ and therefore, not every species be used to make guitars.

3. Laminated Wood Vs. One Solid Piece Of Wood

Some budget-friendly guitars are made of laminated wood or several layers. Manufacturers use low-quality materials instead of one solid piece to prepare the top. Unlike solid wood, laminate wood does not emit quality sound.

Remember, laminated surfaces do not vibrate as wholly or a solid top. Many players prefer a laminated body for its reliability in changing temperatures. They also find that laminated surfaces produce a pleasant tone onstage.

4. Handcrafted Vs. Production Line Models

A musical instrument is a piece of art. You will find such masters of the craft working for custom shops and boutique brands. A manufacturer takes as much time as it needs to build something of outstanding quality. Almost a year can pass for making a custom guitar manually.

Manufacturers produce production-line models in mass so that they can produce more guitars in a day than a custom shop. This creates a difference in price. Low-quality guitars are available with less price tag, as the makers put less effort and skills to develop them.

5. Feel

It is one of the most significant differences between low-priced and high-priced guitars. You may feel the difference when you will touch them. Innovative and expensive designs such as cutaways, placement of the pickup, and scale length often affect the playing experience.

The detail and the way everything fits together smoothly, and how a guitar stays durable is a testament to the care that is employed into making it.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Electric Acoustic Guitar

Buying a guitar can cause you a headache unless you are not an experienced buyer. If you are a beginner and planning to bring the best product home, you should take care of a few factors when investing in the instrument.

If you visit a physical music shop, you will find various types of guitar hanging on the walls. The view is enough to muddle your mind with confusion if you do not have any idea.

Like classic Hawaiian and nylon string, acoustic is a variant of guitar, and it has gained massive popularity all this time. We are going to make the task of purchasing a guitar easy for you with a few simple tips. If you are planning to bring the best guitar home, you have to take care of a few factors.

1. Tonewoods

The quality of wood plays an important in the quality of sound. You cannot look away from this factor. The quality of the wood chosen for the top will determine how the guitar will sound.

Before you purchase a product, you have to look at the wood species used in the instrument. Although the skill and experience of the maker play a vital role in the quality of tone, the wood used in the product remains a crucial factor. The following are some wood variants suitable for the guitar.

  • Cedar

Cedar is one of the most popular woods that are used in the production of high-quality guitars. The wood is mostly known for its warm sound, and it is suitable for players who play guitar with fingers. Cedar can be the right choice for players who follow a lighter playing style.

  • Spruce

Spruce is also a popular material used to prepare the tops. The material is mostly preferred for its lightweight characteristics. It is hailed as best for a high velocity of sound. Heads made of Sitka spruce can emit clear sound even when the guitar is played forcefully.

  • Maple

Maple can be found in various forms: Bearclaw, sugar, or big leaf. The material is acoustically transparent, and it promotes a low response rate. It also influences tonal characteristics, and you may spot the difference if you listen to the sound carefully.

  • Mahogany

Mahogany has been winning the hearts of every musician for quite a time. Guitar makers use it to produce quality products. The response rate of mahogany is quite low compared to the other material. Guitar tops made of mahogany offer striking and robust sound suitable for the country or blues genre.

  • Rosewood

The material is known for the high response rate. It features strong highs and mids that promote a rich tone. The wood is characterized by complexity and strength. Even at this point, it remains a popular option as a material for guitar.

2. Acoustic or Electric Acoustic

One of the most vital questions a beginner should ask before investing whether he or she wants an acoustic or electric-acoustic guitar. There is no vast difference in appearance, but a small device attached inside makes electric acoustics different from a traditional acoustic guitar.

An electric acoustic guitar will help you to amplify the sound without the use of any microphone. It features a pickup system inside, and you have to plug a jack to connect the instrument to an amplifier. Hence, we can say that an electric acoustic guitar is beneficial in many ways.

3. Body Style

Body style remains a crucial factor you need to take care of when planning to buy the best acoustic electric guitar. If you visit a shop or browse across online stores, you will find plenty of styles, shapes, and sizes. Plaster it in your mind that the size and shapes of a guitar often determine its sound projection.

Playing comfort and the quality of sound will be an essential factor to take care of, and you have to go with one according to your preferences. You can find single and double-cutaway designs, and this will determine how you will able to access the upper fret when playing the instrument.

4. Neck

The neck is one of the most critical parts of a guitar, and you have to look at its width and thickness. Before you think about the right neck size, you need to look at the size of your hand. The size of the neck often determines how many frets the guitar will have. In general, an electric acoustic guitar comes with 12-14 frets.

5. Tuning Heads

You can find various types of tuning heads in acoustic guitars. The quality of tuning heads remains a significant factor. It will determine how you will tune the guitar and for how long the tune will stay the way you set.

Open tuning heads require frequent maintenance and repair jobs. Enclosed tuning head has become popular nowadays because it can keep the machines safe from dust and moisture.

6. Intonation

There is no point in investing in an acoustic guitar, which doesn’t sound accurate. The distance between the frets remains a critical factor, and you have to check it out before you make the final decision.

The guitar must sound accurate once you progress towards the top. If the distance between the frets is inaccurate, the guitar will not bring out melodious tunes.

7. Bridge And Fingerboard

The maker must use quality material in the bright and fingerboard because the quality of the material often determines the quality of sound.

Although the bridge and fingerboard are a small part of a guitar, they play a significant role in the overall quality of sound. The effects of the bridge and fingerboard in the sound is low compared to the body.

8. Sound

The quality of sound is something you must take care of when purchasing a guitar. You must know that every type of guitar offers a unique sound, and an expert can spot the difference quickly. Remember, there is no universal standard for music, and you have to rely on your ears.

However, if you want to hear the sound of a guitar, request someone else to strike a chord, and listen carefully. If possible, try to listen to the audio from a distance and see the effect. First-time buyers often feel nervous about testing the sound, but make yourself an exception to it.

If you are in a market store, take the guitar in hand and strike a few chords to check the responsiveness of the fretboard. Make sure the guitar does not make any noise when playing chords. We highly recommend getting a cheap guitar if you are a beginner.

9. Electronic Device

An electronic device placed inside makes the guitar different. You can find different types of electronic devices attached to an electric acoustic guitar. Some acoustic guitars feature pickups and preamplifiers designed for larger platforms and venues.

Several electric acoustics come with a sound equalizer on the side, and this will give you the freedom to control the tone according to your preferences.

10. Finish

Everything narrows down to the finishing of a guitar. An essential factor you should look at when investing in the best electric acoustic guitar.

The finish often determines the way the body of a guitar vibrates. If you have chosen a reputable company, you can expect the product to come with a more magnificent finish.

Some acoustic guitars come with natural finishes. They are clear and look great on the body. You can find Sunbursts and other color variants that may give your guitar a unique finish.

The translucent finish can also be a great option; such finishes will allow you to see the wood grain. Herringbone trim, mother-pearl-inlays, and gold-plated tuners are the other variants you can rely on confidently.

These are some of the critical factors you need to take care of when purchasing the best acoustic electric guitar. We have left no stone unturned to provide you with every aspect.

It is better to visit a shop with an expert who can help you to pick the right product. If you have chosen an online store, never forget to read reviews and check the ratings.

Top 20 Best Acoustic Electric Guitars 2022

1. Jameson Guitars Thinline

Jameson Guitars Best Acoustic Electric GuitarThe popularity of acoustic electric guitars has shot up in recent years. A full scale acoustic electric guitar allows individuals to get both acoustic and electric tones at a time.

Many buyers have shown interest in buying acoustic electric guitar rather than choosing an acoustic guitar for learning, and the reason is the built-in pickup. It allows individuals to plug-in with amplifiers so that they can perform anywhere.

While Jameson acoustic guitar features a single-cutaway body along with a high gloss finish making it a perfect choice for everyone, Jameson Thinline acoustic electric guitar features a maple neck and die-cast enclosed tuners along with high gloss finish and steel strings.

It is a full-scale guitar, and buyers will be pleased to get guitar picks and gig bags in the package. Whether you are a professional, hobbyist, or a weekend enthusiast, this model will be a perfect choice: the best acoustic electric guitar.

Jameson Thinline acoustic electric guitar is available in a wide variety of colors, and one can get left-handed and right-handed models depending on the requirement. The excellent quality pickup system makes it a bit different from other Jameson guitars.


  • The built quality is superb.
  • It features a single-cutaway body along with a high gloss finish.
  • The model is available in various colors.


  • The length is 41 inches.
  • It won’t be the right choice if you are looking for a small size guitar.

2. Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK

Glen Burton GA204BCO-BKInvesting in a musical instrument can be described as a turning point in a musician’s life. One can see the price of any musical instrument has skyrocketed in recent years. A considerable percentage of learners prefer investing in a musical instrument at a time to save on the cost.

You may have read hundreds of articles on why one should invest in acoustic guitars, but when it comes to reality, investing in a separate musical instrument seems to be a tough job for a common man.

Electric acoustic guitars offer the highest convenience to individuals, and the new GA204BCO-BK Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar from Glen Burton is the perfect choice in terms of quality and budget.

It features good quality, playability, attractive design, and an affordable price tag that makes it an ideal choice for every musician.

GA204BCO-BK Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar from Glen Burton is available in two different packages from the sellers. Buyers can choose a complete guitar kit or guitar kit with a stand to save some cash.

The model features basswood back and sides, rosewood fretboard, catalpa neck, and bridge. This six-string guitar comes with picks, strings, strap, gig bag, truss rod, digital clip-on tuner, and 10-watt amplifier, and if you are thinking of investing in a complete kit, this will turn out to be a blessing.


  • Buyers can save a lot on cost.
  • It features excellent playability and attractive design.
  • Buyers will get a complete set in this package.


  • No other colors or sizes are available.

3. Fender CD-60SCE

Fender CD-60SCEThe popularity of Acoustic electric guitars has affected the market of acoustic guitars, and in case you are thinking of investing in a branded acoustic electric guitar set, Fender is presenting you with an opportunity.

CD-60SCE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar is one of the most popular models, and buyers have a golden chance to grab it. The model is ideal for beginners to intermediate players, and in case you are thinking of investing in a perfect acoustic electric guitar, do not think of any other than this one.

The package also includes necessary accessories such as hard case, clip tuner, strings, shoulder strap, instructional DVD, and polishing cloth within a package. Investing in these things will cost you higher, and if you are looking for a lucrative deal, you should not miss it when you are getting such an offer.

The guitar features a Venetian-cutaway body for easy upper fret access, and Fender has used spruce top to enhance the sound quality of the instrument. The body consists of mahogany wood, and it also comes with rolled fingerboard edges.


  • The model is highly popular among the users for it built quality and sound.
  • Buyers will get the necessary accessories in this package.
  • The package will help buyers to save on the cost.


  • No other size is available.

4. Vangoa 41 Inch

Vangoa 41 InchA lot of people do not recommend acoustic electric guitar for many reasons, but some manufacturers have made a difference with their quality products.

New Vangoa Acoustic Electric Guitar Cutaway 41 Inch Full Size Beginner Kit features bright and vibrant sound with a full-size dreadnought body, and in case you are thinking of investing in the acoustic electric guitar, this will be a wise choice.

The full-size body and bigger sound box will provide satisfactory sound, and the cutaway design will give you more control over the instrument while playing. Unlike other products, the body is made of AAA basswood, and it results in excellent sound and good vibration conduction.

The tonal integrity makes it a bit different from regular acoustic electric models, and in case you are searching for an acoustic electric guitar with optimum durability and perfect sound balance, you shouldn’t miss it.

The model also flaunts four-band EQ that will give you the highest comfort while playing on stage.


  • The model is built-in with four-band EQ that ensures perfect sound balance.
  • It is made of AAA basswood.
  • The model is highly durable.
  • It comes with the necessary accessories.


  • The model is available in four different colors.

5. Ashthorpe Cutaway

AshthorpeA musician always keeps the quality of musical instruments as the priority. Often a potential buyer gets confused while choosing the right acoustic electric guitar at the store.

In general, buyers seek for good quality sound under a reasonable budget. If you have a similar requirement, nothing will get any better than the new Full-Size Cutaway Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar Package from Ashthorpe.

The instrument plays a vital role in bringing out the creativity, and the guitar features excellent built quality and tone, making it a perfect investment for advanced players.

Spruce wood is famous for resiliency, and manufacturers have used x-braced top-quality spruce wood to give you the best sound while playing.

This model features Thinline cutaway design, and the tonal integrity is excellent that makes it comfortable for most of the players. The guitar is lightweight, so rest assured you can get the highest convenience during traveling or tour.

Buyers will get a complete kit along with the guitar, and it will be a great deal if you want to save on your investment.


  • It features excellent construction and excellent craftsmanship.
  • Buyers will get complete accessories in the bundle.
  • It has a built-in four-band pickup.


  • The model is available in five different colors.

6. Best Choice Products 41inch

Best Choice ProductsIs your mind yearning to hold an acoustic electric guitar in your hand? Allow us to blow up that little bubble of desire.

The thing is, investment in acoustic electric guitar will not be fruitful unless you spend on the amplifier for plugging-in, and it is crucial to invest in microphones when you decide to spend on acoustic electric guitars.

New 41inch Full Size Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar Set with 10-Watt Amp, Capo, E-Tuner, Case from Best Choice Products allows you to get complete set at an affordable budget, and if you are thinking of investing in a good quality acoustic electric guitar, this choice will fill your heart with satisfaction.

The model features excellent craftsmanship along with proper construction, and it is equipped with four bands EQ7545R guitar preamp. It flaunts as a full-size guitar and suitable for all skill levels.

Not to mention that the 10-watt amplifier will allow individuals to play the guitar anywhere, and the package will include extra accessories like digital clip tuner, gig bag, guitar strap, cleaning cloth, and extra strings so that buyers will not have to reinvest.


  • The model is crafted with a linden wood body and Okoume wood neck.
  • Buyers will get extra accessories like a gig bag, amplifier, shoulder strap, picks, and strings.
  • It produces a resonant sound.


  • The model is available in four different colors.

7. Donner DAG-1E

Donner DAG-1EA lot of buyers prefer investing in acoustic electric guitars due to added advantages. It all narrows down to your desire to learn a guitar, an investment in the acoustic electric guitar can come in handy.

Many players are forced to invest in electric guitars since the acoustic guitar doesn’t have a feature of the plug-in.

New DAG-1E Electric Acoustic Guitar Package Full-size 41’’ Dreadnought Guitar Built-in Preamp with Bag Strap Tuner String from Donner features 41-inch dreadnought body that will be an excellent choice for any music.

The model features right-hand design, mahogany back, and spruce top body to avail a vibrant tone while playing.

The model features three-band EQ and an integrated tuner for the highest convenience during tuning. The package includes essential accessories like a premium quality gig bag, guitar capo, guitar strap, cleaning cloth, extra picks to start playing when you take it home.

The guitar comes with 30 days money-back guarantee, and this will be the right choice if you are looking for an acoustic electric guitar.


  • The model features excellent built quality and great sound at an affordable price.
  • It features three-band EQ.
  • Buyers will get a complete set of accessories in this package.


  • No other colors are available.

8. Vangoa Electric Acoustic

VangoaStill, many people’s heart engulfs with fear when they think to purchase musical instruments online, but Vangoa remains successful with its high-quality musical instrument in the past three years.

Vangoa Electric Acoustic Guitar, Cutaway 36 Inch 3/4 Travel Guitar Spruce Top Bundle Kit is a perfect bundle package for those who are looking for a one-time investment.

With a young and energetic group of people, the brand has introduced high-value musical instruments for all.

The brand aims to enhance your passion for music, and it features new technology to offer the highest convenience to the musicians. The model features a unique truss rod design that will help to keep the neck straight all the time.

Manufacturers have left no stone unturned to offer the best playing experience, and it has paid off as good ratings from the users.

The model is built-in with two-band EQ (bass and treble) to get the desired sound while performing. The model also features a lacquer finish that gives it an attractive look, and the spruce top along with Sapele back body makes it a perfect choice for the beginners.


  • The ¾ size acoustic electric guitar is ideal for traveling.
  • It features two-band EQ.
  • One will get three guitar picks, adjustable guitar strap, 5 mm zipped padded bag, truss rod Allen key, extra strings, and capo.


  • No other color is available.

9. Fender FA-125CE

Fender FA-125CEExperts hail Fender as one of the best manufacturers when it comes to a guitar. If you are thinking of investing in a branded acoustic electric guitar, Fender’s FA-125CE will never let you down. Several people prefer buying bundle packages, and it helps to save some cash.

FA-125CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar from Fender is available in a bundle package with hard case, strap, strings, picks, and fender play online lessons. You can count on it even if you are a novice.

The model features a laminated spruce top and basswood body, ensuring a perfect balance of sound.

The players can revel in the highest comfort and convenience while playing. The model flaunts a C shaped neck along with walnut fingerboard, which makes it visually attractive for buyers.

Tonal support is vital for musicians and manufacturers to have included Fishman electronics to provide an extraordinary amplified acoustic tone.


  • The model is ideal for buyers who want high quality acoustic electric guitars.
  • It features excellent tonal support.
  • Buyers will get a hard case, strap, strings, picks, and fender play online lessons.


  • Buyers need to choose from four variants.

10. G.Great

G.GreatAlthough buyers should not focus on the visual aesthetics of a musical instrument, still many yearn to have an eye-popping acoustic-electric guitar.

G.Great 39“ Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar features an eye-catching design and optimum built quality that will draw everyone’s attention. So look no further, nothing can be better than this model that features superior craftsmanship and a thin body.

The guitar is adorned with gloss natural finish, Rosewood Bridge, fingerboard with ABC body binding-diecast machine tuners, and white PVC sound hole pickguard.

Manufacturers have focused on comprising the latest technology with M-450T EQ built-in tuner designed by B Band to provide the highest convenience.

The overall length of the guitar is 39 inches, and the scale length is 25 ½ inch. The ashwood gloss natural finish body will surely draw the attention on the guitar, and in case you are in search of an attractive acoustic electric guitar, you cannot help look away from this one.


  • The guitar features an attractive design and finish.
  • The sound balance is perfect.
  • It has a rosewood fingerboard and bridge.


  • No other color is available.

11. Fender CD-60SCE

Fender CD-60SCEAcoustic electric guitars have become highly popular due to its added advantages, and a lot of people prefer investing in it.

Fender is one of the most reputed musical instrument manufacturers in the world. If you are in search of a perfect acoustic electric guitar to take your performance to a new height, new CD-60SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Dreadnought Body Style from Fender will be an ideal instrument for intermediate level players to professionals.

The guitar allows the users to plug in with the amplifier, and it will give a solid, amplified acoustic tone that is beyond your imagination. The model ensures easy upper fret access with Venetian-cutaway body, and users have shared positive reviews regarding its sound and tonal depth.

The body is constructed with mahogany wood, which makes it one of the best options when it comes to acoustic electric guitars. The model comes with an affordable price tag, so let your search be at rest by investing in acoustic electric guitars; one should not miss this model at the store.


  • The guitar will be the perfect choice for intermediate level players or professionals.
  • It has a cutaway Venetian body that ensures more comfort to access to upper frets.
  • It has built-in tuners to offer the highest convenience.


  • No other size is available.

12. Fender FA-235E

Fender FA-235EMany musicians hunt down the best acoustic electric guitar for live performance, but it can be a tough job to find the best acoustic electric guitar since you will come across plenty of options available.

In general, musicians tend to choose from reputed brands, and when it comes to Fender, one can trust the brand without any issue.

FA-235E Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar features excellent built quality, and if you are searching for a bundle package with gig bag, strap, strings, picks, fender play online lessons, and Austin bazaar instructional DVD.

The model features a concert body style, and it has a maple body top and rosewood fingerboard that gives extraordinary sound. Fender does not compromise on the quality, and it features Fishman preamp and built-in tuner to provide you with the highest convenience while playing.

It flaunts mahogany back, and side and buyers will get the necessary accessories in the bundle package. Investing in a bundle package will help to save the cost, and in case you are about to invest in acoustic electric guitar, this will be the right choice.


  • Investing in the bundle will help buyers to save a lot of money.
  • The guitar features excellent built quality.
  • The guitar is available in four different colors.


  • The model is available in one size.

13. ME 2

ME 2Buyers will come across a wide variety of acoustic electric guitars, and some of them feature exclusive technology to take your playing to a new level.

Lava has conquered the hearts of many within a short period for offering high-quality musical instruments. The new ME 2 36-inch Beginner Acoustic Electric carbon fiber guitar bundle with a bag and will help you get whole unique playing experience.

The model features injection molded technology, and the unique shape makes it more comfortable to hold while playing.

Weather conditions can negatively impact musical instruments, and the model is built-in with super AirSonic carbon fiber material that will prevent the deformation of wood in all weathers. The acoustic electric guitar is also lightweight, which makes it highly convenient for traveling.

Users have admitted Lava Me2 provides a loud, wide-range frequency tone with a 36-inch body. So if you are looking for the best acoustic electric guitar for learning, this will be a great choice.

The guitar comes with FreeBoost Technology on the L2 pickups that help to get amplified sound any time anywhere. It will be a perfect investment for those who look for something unique, and the FlyNeck design will surely enhance your playing experience like never before.

There are six different colors available, and in case you don’t want to miss the features, you should check it now.


  • The guitar features one-piece injection-molded technology.
  • The super AirSonic carbon filter will prevent deformation in all seasons.
  • FreeBoost technology will help you get excellent, amplified sound whenever you play the guitar.


  • No other size is available for this model.

14. OF660

OF660The problem with investing in an average acoustic electric guitar is that it will not give you extraordinary sound during a performance.

If you are a professional musician, and unwilling to compromise on the music, you need to invest in high-quality travel guitar that has been made to suit traveling musicians.

Designers have spent hundreds of hours researching, and they have introduced OF660 High Gloss Black Collapsible Acoustic Travel Guitar with Pickup and Custom Travel Case that will fulfill professional musicians’ demands.

The guitar is detachable, and it has an adjustable neck that gives users the highest convenience, and it takes only a few seconds to pack the guitar. An adjustable stainless steel neck can be adjusted according to requirements.

So if you are about to invest in high quality acoustic electric travel guitars, this will be the best choice for you.

Manufacturers have always tried to improve user experience with new inventions, and this model features a carbon fiber body that ensures higher durability and consistent tone that is different from plastic injection molding. The model features low-c profile neck, and it gives access to 20 frets.

The ultra-ergonomic design flaunts a thicker Manzer Wedge design, and that will result in comfortable playing. The model features excellent sound balance along with booming bass, and buyers will get a travel backpack for carrying the instrument.

The backpack includes cables, room for pedals, tablets, and accessories. So let your hunt be at rest with this best travel guitar, you should not miss this model.


  • The model features an ergonomic design, and the carbon fiber body ensures higher durability and excellent tonal support.
  • It comes with a detachable and adjustable neck that will give the highest comfort while traveling.
  • Buyers will also get a travel backpack with this package.


  • No other size is available.
  • No different colors are available.

15. Taylor Academy Series 10e

Taylor Academy Series 10eDreadnought style acoustic electric guitar is trendy among the buyers, and Taylor Academy Series acoustic electric guitars feature excellent craftsmanship along with the unique built quality that makes it a perfect choice for the buyers.

Academy 10e Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar from Taylor Academy Series comes with a 15/16th-scale cutaway design, and the whole body is constructed with premium quality solid Sitka spruce wood.

The model features layered Sapele bracing pattern and matte 2.0 varnish orientation to take the playing experience to a new level.

The fingerboard is made of genuine African ebony neck wood, and the Sapele scale length is 24.87 inches. It has Matte 2.0 Varnish electronics, and it features 20 frets in the fingerboard.

Taylor has earned an excellent reputation over the years with their quality musical instruments. If you are looking for a perfect acoustic electric guitar to start learning, this will be a great choice in terms of quality and price.

The model features an onboard tuner that will give you the highest comfort while playing. The product comes with an affordable price tag, which makes it a perfect choice for all.


  • The guitar features excellent construction and craftsmanship, and the solid spruce gives solid sound.
  • It comes under an affordable price tag.
  • The model will be an ideal choice for beginners.


  • This is the only size and color available for this model.

16. Washburn EA15 Mini

Washburn EA15 MiniA lot of performing musicians search for best acoustic electric guitars to get the perfect sound balance on the stage. If you are one of them, then you should not miss the new Festival EA15 Mini Jumbo Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar from Washburn.

The journey of 25 years has helped the company grow like a family. The company has earned the trust of buyers with excellent musical instruments.

The model is specially designed to suit the requirements of performing musicians, and the Festival series features optimum built quality and perfection, which is essential for live performances.

This model can be seen on MTV’s unplugged, and it is one of the best-selling acoustic electric guitars at the present moment. The jumbo cutaway acoustic electric guitar features premium quality electronics, hardware, and wood that help users to get the desired depth of tone every time.

Washburn will not let you down with quality, and by investing in Festival EA15 Mini Jumbo Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar, one will revel in the highest comfort during playing.

The unique design of Festival EA15 Mini Jumbo Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar will allow players to hold the guitar comfortably, and players will not face any issue with weight since the model features a lightweight body.

So, if you are looking for a perfect acoustic electric guitar for advanced learners, this model will be a great choice.


  • The guitar comes with an attractive design and optimum built quality.
  • The guitar features a mahogany neck with a 2way truss rod.
  • The guitar comes with a flame maple top that gives you excellent sound quality.


  • This model is not available in different colors.

17. Taylor Guitars Mahogany-E

Taylor Guitars Mahogany-EBaby guitars have become highly popular in recent years, and if your kids are obsessed about playing the guitars, it’s time to spend on baby guitars.

Unless you have an idea of the quality of baby guitars, it can be challenging to invest in the right guitar, and if you take a look at the stores, new acoustic electric guitars from Taylor guitars will surely amaze with excellent design and sound.

Mahogany-e Baby Acoustic-Electric Guitar from Taylor Guitars features excellent built quality, and players can plug-in from time to time.

Mahogany is considered to be one of the best woods when it comes to making guitars, and the mahogany top version features dark and earthier tones compared to other models. The model is a pint-size dreadnought, and the size will offer the highest convenience to the kids.

The guitar features Expression System Baby (ES-B) pickup, and it is powered by an onboard preamp system that is built-in with a digital chromatic tuner. The tuner unit also indicates with an LED display that gives better control of volume and tone.

Most of the buyers prefer investing in entry-level baby guitars, but this model is not an entry-level instrument, and it features excellent built quality to ensure the highest durability.

Manufacturers always wanted to introduce a pint-size dreadnought that will be smaller and ideal for the kids. Mahogany-e Baby Acoustic-Electric Guitar is designed for all, and it will give a different acoustic flavor to your music. In case you are thinking of investing in baby guitars, this will be the best option.


  • The model features a mahogany top.
  • It provides excellent sound balance.
  • The guitar comes with the Expression System Baby (ES-B) pickup system.
  • It runs on an onboard preamp with a built-in digital chromatic tuner.
  • The model is affordable.


  • No other color is available.

18. Traveler Guitar

Traveler GuitarPurchasing the right size is essential when it comes to a guitar, and if you are confused about choosing the perfect size, you should check the new 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar from Traveler Guitar.

As per the company claim, the model is the shortened version of the full-scale acoustic-electric guitar, and if you have confusion regarding the size, it’s time to take a look at the model.

The guitar features modified the traditional bracing pattern to provide better sound to the players during a performance. Many buyers look for a built-in tuner so that they can tune anytime.

This desire has been taken care of with an aux-in jack, and players can listen to their favorite songs just by connecting it with their devices.

The package will include a deluxe gig bag, and in case buyers are concerned about tonal depth, it will be the right choice for buyers. The guitar is available in two different variants, and one can choose rosewood fretboard or black walnut fretboard depending on the requirement.


  • The model offers the highest convenience during traveling.
  • It comes with a built-in tuner and 1/8″ Aux-in jack to help you connect with music devices anytime.
  • The buyer will get premium quality gig bag.


  • No other color is available.

19. Yamaha APX600

Yamaha APX600A significant amount of buyers prefer choosing from the reputed brands when they invest in musical instruments. Yamaha has set a benchmark of excellence in the world of musical instruments over the years, and its products have never failed to meet the expectations.

New APX600 BL Black Thin Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Stand, Bag & Cloth from Yamaha features a 25-inch scale and narrower string spacing to offer convenience while playing.

Sound balance is vital for the musicians, that is why this model comes with exclusive bracing patterns to get a better bass response along with a great sound balance. The position of the stage focused pickup system also gives the best output while mixing live sound.

Buyers will get a guitar stand, premium quality gig bag, and cleaning cloth in this package, and the thin cutaway design will surely make a difference with its exceptional playability. If buyers are looking for a bundle package to save their cost, investing in this package will be a great deal.


  • The model comes with an abalone soundhole rosette that gives it a perfect sound balance.
  • The guitar has a stage-focused pickup system.
  • Buyers will get a guitar stand, premium quality gig bag, and a cleaning cloth.


  • No other size is available.

20. Fender Malibu

Fender MalibuFender is considered to be one of the best manufacturers of guitars, and if you have finally decided to invest in acoustic electric guitars, you should not miss Malibu Player Arctic Gold Acoustic-Electric Guitar Bundle with Fender Play 3 from Fender.

The Malibu shaped acoustic electric model features a solid spruce top with laminated mahogany back, and side and the modern Viking bridge provides solid acoustic tone to the users. The fingerboard radius is 15.75 inches (400mm).

The users can control volume, bass, and treble according to need. It is a golden chance to get a perfect guitar bundle from a reputed manufacturer, this will be a significant investment, and one can check it at a store.


  • This model features a unique Malibu shape that makes it attractive.
  • It features a solid spruce top with laminated mahogany side and back.
  • Buyers will get guitar and Fender Play 3 month prepaid card with this package.


  • No other color is available for this model.


1. Can I Get Acoustic Sound If I Invest In Acoustic Electric Guitars?

Acoustic electric guitars have the same notes as an acoustic guitar. You will get acoustic sound with acoustic electric guitars, do not worry. Acoustic guitars have a built-in pickup system that allows the users to plug in the guitar with an amplifier to get solid amplified sound.

2. Can I Play Without Plugging In The Jack?

Yes, you can use it just like an acoustic guitar. Let’s say if you need amplified sound, all you have to do is the plugin. The fundamental difference between acoustic and acoustic electric lies in the ability of the plugin.

When you play the guitar without an amplifier, it will sound like acoustic guitar, but when you plugin, it will give you an amplified electric tone.

3. Whether I Should Invest In Acoustic Electric Guitars?

Acoustic electric guitars offer the highest convenience to the players, and investing in an acoustic electric guitar is beneficial in many ways. Acoustic electric guitars can be played without plugging in, and it is ideal for learning.

If you want to plug in, acoustic electric guitar amplifies the guitar’s sound. It will be suitable if you are looking for stage performance and unplugged shows. Rest assured, you will not have to invest separately.

4. Whether It Will Be A Good Idea To Invest In Acoustic Electric Guitar For Beginners?

Yes, it will be a great idea to invest in acoustic electric guitars for beginners. Several manufacturers have introduced baby guitars for those who have smaller hands. You can take a look at the instrument to garner more information about the features.

5. Should I Invest In Bundle Packages?

Bundle packages give a chance to get necessary accessories at a reduced cost, and if you believe in a one-time investment, nothing can be better than bundle packages.

You need to find the most suitable bundle package that includes your required items, and it will help on saving the cost. Bundle packages are top-rated, and a potential buyer will be overwhelmed with the wide variety of options.

You can even find many limited-editions, collectible guitars at prices similar to standard models. As a beginner, you can find acoustic electric guitar packages that feature everything you will need to start playing the guitar, a strap, extra strings, and a tuner. Thus, go through the post and bring the best acoustic electric guitar home.