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Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide


1. Fender Squier 2. Lagrima 3. Epiphone Les Paul
Fender Squier Best Cheap Acoustic Guitar Lagrima Best Choice Products

An acoustic guitar is a part of the musical instruments category that is a kind of guitar. The key difference in an acoustic guitar from other types of guitar is the way it produces and transmits the sound i.e., acoustically without any external amplifier or electrical source, which one finds in electric guitars.

Learning to play guitar not only lets you acquire a new skill, but also gives mental relaxation. If you are looking to learn the guitar and are looking for the best cheap acoustic guitars, then you are in the right place. Here we will be exploring the different acoustic guitars and the factors to consider before buying them.


Guitars normally consist of 6 strings; each string produces its own clear note when strummed with a pluck, by the guitarist. Acoustic guitars are preferred by professionals for the original sound they produce i.e. a sound which has not been tampered with or altered through electrical means.

Many well-known musicians often give sole performances using only an acoustic guitar as their musical instrument of choice.

For those people interested in playing the guitar as their preferred musical instrument, the acoustic guitar is usually considered the first instrument they should use and practice on, till they get all their notes and sounds perfect.

The comfortable styling of the acoustic guitars makes them easy to hold for long practice sessions and even while playing them professionally.

The Different Types Of Acoustic Guitars

Like most musical instruments, the acoustic guitars come in different variants based on the type of sound they can play and the genre of music they will be perfect for.

The acoustic guitars differ from each other based on different factors such as the body style of the guitar, to its make and the wood used for its construction. Every guitar differs a lot from the other, with each producing its distinct sound and tone.

Some of the common guitar styles you will find among the best budget acoustic guitars are.

1. Steel String Flattop Guitars

It is one of the most popular and common guitars available in the market today. Their popularity is essentially due to the sharp clear sound the steel strings produce while being strummed. Being made of steel, they are also rust-proof, which is a very good advantage, especially if you are not a frequent player.

These guitars are also preferred by people who prefer strumming and fingerpicking, which requires a lot of practice and effort on the player’s part. These guitars are available in 3 different body designs namely.

  • Parlor Style: These are the smallest sized box guitars from all acoustic guitars. They produce a high-end midrange sound. They are easy to hold and play even with your fingers to produce a sound that is clear and sharp. To produce a deeper sound, it is preferred to strum the strings of the parlor guitar with a pluck.
  • OM Style: This is a body style that’s partly inspired by the Parlor style and partly inspired by the Dreadnought style. These guitars are well suited for both strumming and fingerpicking, due to which they offer a wider range of sounds as compared to the parlor-style guitars.
  • Dreadnought Style: The most popular guitar body design among beginners and professional players. It produces good quality sound at the highest volume and is also capable of playing the best bass sound from the two other models.

The side and rich tones of this guitar are highly popular due to which they are the instruments of choice for solo players as well as professional gig players.

2. Nylon String Guitars

Another popular category of guitar that you should be looking at is nylon string guitar. These are popularly referred to as classical guitars. The sound quality from these guitars is more warm and vibrant and not as sharp as steel-string guitars, which have their own metallic twang.

They are also easier to play as compared to the high tension steel string, strung guitars. The different types of nylon string guitars available in the market are.

  • Classical Guitars: Smaller in size than Dreadnought guitars but bigger than parlor guitars, they are generally used to play the classical form of music. They offer a much clearer tone at high volumes, which is the reason for their popularity the world over.
  • Flamenco Guitars: As the name suggests, these guitars are used to play the flamenco type of music, which also involves beating the instrument to create a rhythmic tune. Tap plates are attached to these guitars to facilitate the tapping. The sound from these guitars is deeper and a perfect complement to the tapping sound they produce.
  • Hybrid & Crossover Guitars: These guitars derive their name from the fact that these guitars offer a blend of design of popular guitars. They are available in different sizes. They are more tuned towards classic guitars and a perfect alternative for those looking for steel string guitars or electric ones.

Most acoustic guitars fall in the above two categories, with each having their distinct sound and advantage over the other. Both beginners and experienced players can select from the above guitar models for great & comfortable playing experience.

The Different Parts Of An Acoustic Guitar

Before you go ahead and buy acoustic guitars, it is important for you to know about the parts of the guitar. Getting acquainted with the parts of the guitar will help you understand the importance of the same and how they impact the tunes that will be played on it.

Acoustic guitars are one of the finely crafted musical instruments which produce a range of sounds that are suitable for all forms of music. It will also help us take adequate care and maintain the guitar so that it continues producing good quality sound for many years. Some of the key parts that an acoustic guitar has are.

1. The Headstock

The headstock is the topmost part of the guitar, placed on the neck of the guitar. It is a flat-shaped surface and you will find manufacturer’s name here. The headstock is where the guitars tuners are placed, which are used to fine-tune the guitar as and when required.

  • Tuning Pegs: These are die-cut metal pieces, also known as tuning keys, which need to be rotated to tighten or loosen the strings of the guitar as required producing a particular tone, which corresponds to a note or chord.
  • Nuts: The nut of the guitar is placed between the headstock and fretboard. It acts as the guiding point for the strings from the individual pegs on the headstock, right across the fretboard till the strings end up on the bridge of the guitar.

While buying a guitar, don’t miss to check the quality of nuts, good quality nuts also play an important role in the sound the guitar produces, since they also control the flow of vibrations caused while strumming the guitar.

2. The Neck

The neck is usually the longest part of the guitar and also the place where players need to place their fingers to produce different sounds and musical notes. It is also the place where the truss road is placed to prevent the neck from bending over due to the constant tight pressure of the strings.

The neck of the guitar is usually made of maple or mahogany and even rosewood, in some models. The neck of the guitar has the following components.

  • The Fretboard: It is attached to the topside of the neck and the place where the frets are placed. One also gets fretless boards nowadays which are used by more experienced players. The fretboard is usually a separate piece altogether and may be made of the same material that the neck is made from or of rosewood, maple or mahogany. Some fretboards also have white dots on the board to guide players on the location of the different frets.
  • Frets: The metal strips running across the fretboard are known as frets. Notes and sounds are produced when the player presses the string behind a particular fret, which shortens the length of a string. This, in turn, produces a different sound when strummed with pluck or the fingertips.
  • Truss Rod: Designed to keep the neck of the guitar sturdy and stable, they are mounted inside the entire neck. The truss rod is adjustable and plays an important role in setting up the guitar and helping eliminate fret buzz sounds etc.

3. The Body

One of the key attractant of a guitar is the body of the guitar, you can find a number of shapes in acoustic guitars. Some of the popular sizes are ¾ size 5, concert 0, concert standard 0, grand concert standard, grand concert 00, dreadnought D , Classic N , auditorium 000/OM, and dreadnought standard D.

In the case of acoustic guitars, the body plays a very important role in the quality and volume of the sound the guitar produces. The shape of the body and its curves help in the amplification of the sound as well as in producing the different tones. Some of the common body parts in the best cheap acoustic guitars are.

The Cutaway: This helps the guitar player to reach the higher highest fret positions on the neck of the guitar easily.

  • The Pickguard: The pickguard, as the name suggests, protects the body of the guitars from scratches being caused by the pick, while you are strumming the guitar. They are also usually made in contrasting colors to the body, to give the guitar a stylish look.
  • The Acoustic bridge: It holds the saddle over which the guitar strings run and are then anchored on the guitar. Saddles are usually made of a hard material and are important in helping the guitar produce its sounds.
  • The Sound Hole: It is the most important part of a guitar; it is also known as the speaker of the guitar. The hole on the top part of the guitar is known as the soundhole. It plays an important role in amplifying the sounds produced by the guitar.

The hollow structure of the guitar resonates the sound produced by the strings and amplifies them for the pleasure of the listeners.

The Saddle: It helps in keeping the strings of the guitar in the right position. If the strings are positioned right, then the guitar produces the right tone.

4. The Strings

Normal acoustic guitars have six strings of different thicknesses to produce a range of sounds. The thin strings are used to produce sharp clear sounds, while the thicker strings produce a more bass-like sound. The strings can be strummed with wither a pluck or with your fingertips, based on your playing style and the song you are trying to play.

Each component of the guitar is equally important and plays an essential role in the functioning of the guitar. Being aware of the different parts ensures that one knows, what are the features to look out for in each of them and how they will affect the overall music performance.

Factors For Selecting The Best Cheap Acoustic Guitar

If you are out there to purchase a new guitar, you will find a plethora of options out there, but when it comes to choosing the best cheap acoustic guitar, then you need to strike a balance between features and pricing.

Now that one is aware of the different types of acoustic guitars, it becomes even more essential to know which model would suit one best and be the perfect companion to you for hours of enjoyable music, whenever you want.

However, selecting the guitar perfect for you can be a very exhaustive and time-consuming experience unless one knows exactly what one is looking for, which would not be the case for beginners.

Professional players, on the other hand, have many years of experience in playing different guitar models, due to which they can pick out the exact guitar best suited for them.
For those, just embarking on their musical journey with guitars, it is important for them to consider the following points while selecting a guitar.

1. Skill Level

The guitars for a beginner would be different than the ones required by professionals. And hence, the rating would vary. You must consider your skill level before making a purchase. If you are a beginner, it does not make sense to go in for a high-end model initially and a better alternative would be to start with a basic model till you get a good hang of it.

Even for beginners, there are many good guitar models available at budget prices that produce a good range of sounds and tones. You can sharpen your skills on them, before considering adding another guitar to your collection.

Another important factor to consider while buying an acoustic guitar is how and where you plan on playing it. If it’s just for practice sessions and as a part of your training to get the chords right, then a mid-range acoustic guitar will do wonders.

For those who plan to use them for gigs and to jam with friends, a high-end model would be apter.

2. Construction & Design

The construction and design of the guitar play an important role in the sound it produces as well as its budget. Needless to say, the guitars with a high-quality construction tend to be pricier than their counterparts, but they also offer a better and smoother sound, which is the reason they are preferred by professionals.

The important points that you should consider as a part of the construction of the guitar are:
Neck design: The neck of the guitar is connected to the body of the guitar and supports the fretboard on the top, along with the headstock at the other end.

On acoustic guitars, the neck is set (fixed to the body) along with a supported heel. This is unlike electric guitars which often have a bolted neck on them.

All guitar necks contain a truss road to prevent the neck from turning and twisting, due to the tension created by the strings and over a period of time. Guitar players know how to play different notes with the assistance of the different frets that are placed on the fretboard. Fretless guitars are also available and used by professional players since they have a better understanding of how the notes sound.

The tail end of the neck is known as the headstock and it is the place where the tuning keys are placed. The tuning keys help tune the guitar as per the different chords, by increasing or decreasing the strength of the guitar as required. Tuning the guitar is considered an art and something players learn over a period of time, with constant practice.

The Body: One of the key attractants of a guitar is its body. There are different shapes of the same that you can opt for and each of these shapes has an impact on the kind of sound it produces. It consists of the most important surface of the guitar known as the soundboard.

This top board is supported by the sides and back of the guitar, which is usually made from wooden materials such as rosewood and basswood.

The sound of the guitar and playability, depends a lot on its body shape, with the guitar having curves at the top and bottom to amplify the sound, along with the soundhole that is located in the centre of the body. Guitars strings are mounted to the top surface of the guitar at the bridge, which acts as an anchor for each string.

3. The Wood

Guitar professionals always prefer guitars made with a particular type of wood that suits their style, as the wood used to construct the guitar is a very important factor along with its construction, in the overall sound output and tones produced by the guitar.

Most of the guitars are made of a combination of two or three woods, so the sound quality of the guitar depends on how they have been combined and the ratio of each individual wood in the overall construction of the guitar.

At this point, it becomes important to mention that the kind of wood used to make the guitar plays a key role in what kind of sound is produced from it. Some of the different wood types and sounds they are known for are.

Cedar: Classical and flamenco guitar players prefer that the top wood of their guitar be made of cedar since it helps produce a bright tone. Since this softwood has a quick response, players who have a light playing technique, prefer it over other forms of wood. Some of the guitar manufacturing companies also use cedar for the sides and back of the guitar.

Mahogany: A versatile wood, it is usually used to produce all the different parts of the guitar. Mahogany has a slower response rate due to which it is preferred by players who want a strong sound with high-end tones. For such guitars, it is used as a top wood. Mahogany is also used for constructing the sides and back of the guitar. In some guitars, it is also used for the neck construction.

Country and blues singers often prefer guitars made with Mahogany as a top board.
Maple: It is one of the most popular woods used to create guitars for players who prefer high-end tones. Because of its slow response rate, Maple is often used for the construction and back of the best cheap acoustic guitars. Its lower resonance also makes it ideal to be used during live events and gigs, as the sound it produces is clear enough to be heard over other instruments.

Rosewood: If you are looking for complex overtones, then a guitar made of rosewood should be your preferred choice. It has been the popular choice for acoustic guitars for many years since it helps project the acoustic guitars sound beautiful. Many manufacturers even use rosewood for the construction of fingerboards and bridges on some of the best cheap acoustic guitars that are available for professionals.

Sitka Spruce: A very popular choice for the top wood of most acoustic guitars, Sitka spruce is preferred for its good response as well as the bright sound it produces. This quality makes it the preferred top wood choice for players who love strumming or playing the lead in gigs.

Apart from solid wood, many budget-friendly guitar manufacturers make the use of laminates for constructing the body of the guitar. Laminates are basically a form of word wherein thin sheets of wood are glued and pressed together for a uniform look and feel.

Since laminated guitars are made from solid wood, the quality of sound they produce cannot be compared to the classic sound and tones one enjoys from guitars made of solid wood, but if you are looking for the best cheap acoustic guitar as a beginner, then you can invest in buying laminated wood guitars.

While not giving the same quality of sound, they are a suitable alternative for beginners and those who don’t want to spend too much on their first guitar, till they decide to follow it more thoroughly.

How To Select The Acoustic Guitar That Is Perfect For You?

Acoustic guitars are not a product category, where one size fits all since everyone has their individual playing style and preferences. What may be suitable for you may not match another player’s style of playing and may not produce the sound output he desires.

Even the shapes and designs of the guitar are different and make the selection of a guitar very difficult.

If possible, one should try a few models in a music store, play a couple of chords and see the one that you are most comfortable playing. That would put you in a better position to know which instrument and features suit you best. Apart from actually trying out a guitar, some of the things that you should consider are.

  • The guitar setup: Check how the strings are placed across the fretboard and if they are easy for you to play. Light strings and low action guitars are best suited for beginners. Also, do check how easy the guitar is to tune and does too much pressure, cause the strings to break, ideally the tuning knobs should be easy and smooth to turn.
  • The sound quality: The sound of every guitar is unique based on its design, construction and the wood that has been used to make it. To get a better idea of the sound quality of the guitar, have someone play it from a distance. This will help you accurately judge the sound it produces and what your audiences will hear when you play it.
  • The wood quality: Now that you are aware of the different types of wood used in building a guitar, you can make a more informed choice of the sound that you like and the wood that produces it. DO test out the different combinations of wood being used to make the acoustic guitar, before deciding on your final choice.
  • Play and buy: If you are making an offline purchase of a guitar, then you must choose to buy the one only after trying your hands on the same. However, there are many online portals selling guitars and before buying it’s advisable, that you must check the replacement policies and reviews of the guitar.

These three points need to be considered carefully if one hopes to buy a guitar that will give you hours of fun, playing your favorite music tunes.

Only through constant research and playing different models can one be assured of the model that will best for them. This process takes time, so one should be patient and try different guitars until finally deciding on the final and best cheap acoustic guitar for them.

A Comparison Of The Popular Guitar Models

Since guitar models come in different makes, it becomes difficult to choose the right one from the different options available in the market. There are many different factors that influence the buying factors such as whether one should go in for made from solid wood or laminates, or one that has steel or nylon strings.

Some of the individual benefits of these different variants are compared below to give you a proper and deeper understanding of what would suit you best. One of the key things that will impact the sound quality is the string of the guitar and hence, you must specially focus on the same.

1. Nylon Strings Vs Steel Strings

The key difference between both these types of strings is that one finds nylon strings in the classical guitar models, while steel strings are found in acoustic guitar models. Nylon strings are thicker and give you a deeper bass type sound, so the sound produced by them is softer in nature.
Steel strings, on the other hand, are thinner and give you sharp clear tones, which last longer than those of a classical guitar with nylon strings. Nylon strings are easier to play with as compared to steel strings.

The steel strings are usually made with a combination of metals such as nickel and bronze. Nylon strings have a metal core and use a nylon winding technique, which gives it a more bass sound.

2. Laminate Vs Solid Wood

Laminates are artificial wood boards that are created by joining and pressing wooden sheets together to create a wooden board. Being artificially made, they are not dense and thick, due to which they don’t produce a clearer deep sound.

The solid wood used in constructing some of the best affordable acoustic guitars adds its own characteristics to the guitar and helps produce a different range of sounds. Each different type of wood has its own properties that help it produce clear, bright sounds.

Guitars made of solid wood tend to last longer as they are more durable and sturdy. Laminate guitars are prone to damage, with even a small fall. Since laminates are made of cheap wooden sheets, guitars made with laminates tend to cheaper than those made with solid wood.

Acoustic guitars are a pleasure to own, due to the sound quality they produce and the different variations in tones they offer. They can be used for solo performances as well as playing with a group. If you are planning to buy an acoustic guitar, then our guide brings you some of the best cheap acoustic guitars that are available online are.

Top 15 Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars 2022

1. Fender Squier

Fender Squier Best Cheap Acoustic GuitarA full-size acoustic guitar from the house of Fender, which is well renowned for producing the best musical instruments. A guitar by Fender is preferred by all professional guitarists, be it for solo recordings or playing in front of large audiences. The beautiful musical tones produced by this guitar are very smooth and soulful.

This is one of their economic models that has been produced specially for budding musicians and students to practice their skills before they move on to higher-end guitars.

So, if you are looking for the best cheap acoustic guitars, then you must invest in this one. This guitar sports steel strings, which are not only strong and durable but also produce a very good quality clear sound.

The entire body of the guitar is made of laminate and has linden wood on the top, along with mahogany on the back and sides.

The scalloped X bracing, mahogany neck makes this guitar perfect for your practice sessions while the maple fingerboard is a great value add-on and brings a great style element to the guitar.

The slim neck is easy to hold and makes the guitar playing experience comfortable and smooth for beginners and professionals alike. The full-bodied dreadnought tone makes it an ideal choice for all musicians.

This beautiful guitar comes with a value pack that includes a hard case and strap, which makes it very convenient to carry the guitar for your practice lessons and gigs. A fender tuner and strings are included in the value pack along with three premium quality Fender picks. Another great add-on is the free trial of Fender play, which is a music learning app by Fender.


  • Stylish design
  • Solid & durable construction
  • Free Fender Play trial


  • Low sound output

2. Lagrima

LagrimaIf you are looking for a good quality guitar, then you can choose this acoustic guitar by Lagrima. The beautiful design of this guitar is an eye-catcher and will definitely create an impression wherever you take it. This guitar has been created as the first guitar beginners may use to fine-tune their playing skills and be comfortable while playing the guitar.

It’s a full-size guitar, which is 38″ in size. This makes it ideal for adults to hold and even children, while they practice their notes. This guitar is carved out of solid wood, thus ensuring that you get the best tunes from it. So beginners can be rest assured of not damaging it while they play it. The steel strings are rustproof and produce a very clear and sharp sound.

This best value acoustic guitar has a limewood panel, which is made of high-quality wood, which makes it a perfect speaker, and has a great sounding resonance effect. The fingerboard too, is made of lime wood and has a uniform structure with a clear texture. It ensures that the sound produced by the guitar is more stable and beautiful.

It sports a high precision knob, which is made of metal and ABS material, which helps the guitar produce a solid tune. The starter pack with this guitar includes a nylon bag so that you can easily carry the guitar to your classes and playing events. Also included in the starter pack are a tuner, picks and strings.


  • Good guitar at a low budget
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Beautiful design


  • Needs tuning

3. Best Choice Products

Best Choice ProductsA well designed, classic-looking guitar that comes with a starter kit included in the pack. At 41″ this full-length guitar is perfect for both beginners and professionals, who want a great sounding guitar at a decent budget.

The guitar has a 21-fret fingerboard along with steel strings, which are good for producing a sharp tone. The body of the guitar is made with wood, which gives it a very nice natural look that one usually expects from high-end guitars. The right-hand design of this guitar makes it suitable for most acoustic guitar players.

This acoustic guitar comes with a well-designed starter pack that includes a nylon case with a foam padding for extra protection, shoulder straps, picks and replacement strings. Ready to play, no assembly required at all. Just tune it and you are good to go.


  • Good sound
  • Full-length guitar


  • Strings need upgrading for professional playing

4. SmartXChocies

SmartXChociesThe first thing that attracts you to this guitar is its striking looks, and if you are looking for something which is strikingly different, then you can opt for this blue colored acoustic guitar by SmartXChoices.

It is one of the best value acoustic guitars, available online, this guitar is ideal for those who want to learn to play the guitar as well as seasoned professionals, looking for a guitar to practice their skills on.

This six-string guitar has an all-wood construction that helps produce great sound always. It has a slim neck, which is easy to hold, which makes it perfect for long music sessions. The smooth finished surface of the guitar offers maximum resonance and very good sound quality that can easily be compared to some of the best models available in the market.

The pegs have a solid metal construction for durability and are easy to rotate whenever you want to tune your guitar. This guitar also comes with a pitch pipe to help you tune your guitar. Alternatively, you can also use any of the tuner apps available on the internet.

The guitar starter pack includes an extra set of strings along with a pick, pitch pipe, shoulder strap and carrying case. No assembly required, so you can start playing it within minutes of receiving it.


  • Great Looking Design
  • Smooth finish


  • The guitar is intended for right-hand users

5. Best Choice Products

Best Choice ProductsFinally, a guitar that has been designed for kids to play comfortably. At 30″ this guitar is the perfectly sized guitar for kids, who want to learn how to play the guitar and jam up with their friends. It produces the same sound quality that one would expect from other bigger guitars, so it is definitely a great value for money guitar for your kid.

The nylon strings of this guitar produce a better and clearer sound as compared to other strings. The sound produced by this guitar is warm and resonant due to the strings and classic body shape of this guitar sports. Kids can even tune this guitar effortlessly due to its smooth tuning pegs.

This guitar comes with a complete starter kit to help you play effortlessly and enjoy your guitar for many years. A gig bag, digital clip-on tuner, pick, guitar strap, pitch pipe and extra strings are included in the starter kit.


  • Small size suitable for kids
  • Digital tuner included


  • Gig bag could be of better quality

6. Best Choice Products 41 Inch

Best Choice Products 41 InchBest Choice Products brings you another series of guitars that will help you make play the guitar well. This full-size guitar for beginners is usually preferred by professionals, the world over. A full-length guitar, it sports a beautiful cutaway design that not only makes the guitar look good but also produces great sound every time you play it.

Even professionals prefer the cutaway design, so you know you are in good company when you play on this guitar, which is considered as one of the best cheap acoustic guitars.

The guitar’s dreadnought body helps produce a vibrant tone that is suitable for all forms of songs, be it rock or pop. The bright rich sound offers a pleasant musical experience, which will make you feel like playing the guitar for hours together.

It comes with gig bag, guitar strap, digital tuner, polishing cloth and a set of picks along with additional replacement strings, in case any of the strings break. The nylon gig bag provided has a foam lining, which offers additional protection to your guitar while taking it along for practice sessions or gigs.


  • Professional full-length body
  • Cutaway design for great sound quality


  • String quality could be better

7. Valencia 36 Inch Classical

Valencia 36 Inch ClassicalClassical guitar players will love this guitar. Its sleek Spanish design is going to lure you for sure. The short length of this guitar is just perfect and great for both kids as well as those who are just starting to learn how to play the guitar.

A six-string guitar, with the strings made of nylon, this guitar has a silver-plated copper wire and silk wound over the bottom three strings for superior quality clear tones and sound. It also gives the strings a softer feel and makes it easier to play by beginners and professionals alike.

The nato wood fretboard and the bridge will find many admirers for its styling and quality, not forgetting the great sound they help produce. The back and sides of this classically shaped guitar are made of basswood, which gives it a very professional look and finishes that is often found on high-end guitars.

It is a budget-friendly guitar that comes with an ornate sound hole binding carry bag, included with the guitar.


  • Stylish Spanish Guitar looks
  • Nylon strings for sharp sound.


  • Size could be a bit bigger

8. Omega Basswood

Omega BasswoodA full-sized version of the popular and great sounding classical acoustic guitar, this one sports a trendy Spanish design that will certainly have people admiring it whenever you play it. This guitar is perfect for practice sessions or music gigs. It is also popular amongst students who want to learn how to play this musical instrument.

This guitar comes with a nylon string, which helps in producing good quality sound. Additionally, this guitar comes with have silver-plated copper wire and silk wound around the bottom three strings, thus allowing you to play guitar for longer hours. Music lovers will love the clear sounding notes produced by this guitar; and is one of the best cheap acoustic guitars

The open tuners of this great looking guitar are built based on the classical style. It comes with a Natowood fretboard and bridge, which help produce the clear musical tones that acoustic guitars are famous for the world over. The back and sides of this sturdy guitar have been made of basswood for additional strength and durability.

So, if you are looking for a great quality guitar, then you can invest in this guitar.


  • Classical natural wood finish
  • Sturdy design and build


  • Wide neck

9. Strong Wind Natural Finish

Strong Wind Natural FinishThis guitar is of small size and is perfect for kids and beginners who are just starting to learn guitar. This guitar leaves you amazed by its crystal clear sound and the amazing notes it produces.

Many parents who have bought it for their kids, find it to be a great value for money guitar and just perfect for their children, as per the reviews they have shared online.

This all-wood guitar is available in two beautiful color combinations, white and red. The guitar comes in an all-natural looking gloss finish, that is definitely going to be a show-stopper wherever you play it. The bright tones of this guitar are produced by its high carbon steel strings that are also highly durable.

The strings are also coated with the latest surface coating technology, due to which they are highly elastic and don’t let you feel tired easily, even after hours of continuous play. Being lightweight in construction, it is also suitable and comfortable for kids to carry along with them for practice sessions or playing among friends.

This basswood guitar has a maple neck, which is the best wood that can be used in the construction of acoustic guitars. The fingerboard and bridge are made of rosewood for a superior quality finish and enhanced durability to give you hours of great music for many years to come.


  • Solid construction
  • High carbon steel strings with an additional coating.


  • A little small for professionals

10. Omega Classical Acoustic

Omega Classical AcousticIf you are looking for good quality and stylish guitar, then you can opt for this guitar. It is one of the most popular budget-friendly small-sized guitars available online, this guitar has received many positive reviews from parents who have gifted it to their children.

The Spanish design of this classical guitar is clearly outstanding and one of the key reasons this guitar has been well accepted by people all over.

The body of the guitar has been built with basswood, while the neck is made of Nato. This guitar comes with professional quality open tuners that are designed in a classical style along with a nato wood fretboard and bridge for better sound quality and a comfortable grip while playing the guitar.

This small but well-performing guitar sports all 6 strings, which are made of nylon. To help protect the fingers of small children while playing them, the bottom three strings have been wound with silver-plated copper wire and silk wound over them. It gives the strings a soft feel and makes it easier for small children to play them.


  • Professional quality guitar
  • Bottom three nylon strings have a softer feel.


  • Small size

11. Martin

MartinThis class guitar comes in a very beautiful colour and unique look. It is a travel guitar which extremely lightweight and thus making it easy for you to carry it along with you.

The six strings of the guitar are made of stainless steel that is not only rust-proof but also produces a brighter metallic tone as compared to nylon strings. The long neck of the guitar is easier and comfortable to hold and offers a better playing experience, especially on solo performances.

Coming to the structure of this guitar, then it is made up of solid spruce top while the back and sides of this guitar are made up of solid tonewood.

The slim neck provides a comfortable feel and excellent playability; smooth finished surface maximizes resonance for optimal sound quality. Easy twist tuning pegs help a lot for daily tuning. The shoulder strap can easily be fixed for added convenience while playing the guitar.


  • Beautiful design
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Needs better quality strings

12. Omega Classic

Omega ClassicThis one has been designed for left-handed people to play their guitar with ease and comfort. Being a classic acoustic guitar, it follows the Spanish styling for guitars. This guitar is a favorite with beginners and professionals too, since it produces great quality sound while being comfortable to play for long periods.

Being a mid-sized guitar at just 36” makes it easy and comfortable to handle for even students and beginners who want to learn the fine nuances of a guitar. The guitar sports 6 strings from which the bottom 3 are of stainless steel, while the top 3 are of nylon, these softer strings ensure that you can play the guitar for longer hours effortlessly.

The Natowood fretboard and bridge are well designed and complement the guitar perfectly well. This guitar also has better sound quality due to the upgraded spruce top. The body has been crafted entirely in basswood for strength and durability, so that it performs excellently for many years, producing quality music.

Weighing just 7 pounds, this guitar comes with its own custom-designed carry bag.


  • Budget-Friendly guitar
  • Good for Beginners


  • Carry bag could be of better quality

13. Omega Pink Classical

Omega Pink ClassicalThis unique looking guitar will instantly draw your attention because of its pink color. It is a perfect guitar for beginners.

The classic style of this guitar is based on Spanish guitars, which are known for being elegant and great works of art. At 36” this guitar is the perfect size for beginners and professionals who need a guitar to practice on.

This guitar offers a blend of 3 nylon string and 3 stainless string at the bottom. Classical style open tuners, along with a Nato fretboard and bridge, are perfectly paired with the back and sides of the guitar, which are built with basswood. This guitar comes along with a free portable bag for your convenience whenever you want to travel with your guitar.


  • Spanish styling
  • Nato fretboard and bridge


  • Bag quality could be better.

14. Oscar Schmidt

Oscar SchmidtThis ¾ size Acoustic Guitar has been specially designed for kids so that they can learn how to play the guitar comfortably and easily. The high gloss spruce top is very good and helps give the guitar a very premium look, while the engineered wood fretboard makes playing this guitar a great experience both in terms of ease and sound.

This six string guitar has chrome die-cast tuners, to help you tune your guitar before every session for the best quality sound. The fretboard is crafted from engineered wood and Spruce top.

It comes with a complete package that includes all the accessories you need to start playing your guitar the moment you receive it. The neck of the guitar is made of mahogany for sturdiness and strength.

The package includes a gig bag to protect the guitar when not in use and also makes it easy to carry for practice sessions and gigs. The guitar strap is very handy and helps you manage the guitar comfortably whenever you are playing it. Extra strings are a part of the package so that you have a spare around whenever you need one.

The instruction book and DVD are included to help you learn how to play it and also have some handy tips.


  • Stylish Classical Guitar with good quality sound
  • Extra strings as part of the package


  • Small Size so only good for kids

15. All Days Music

All Days MusicFor those kids who love the guitar and want to learn how to play this amazing musical instrument, the guitar from ADM is a perfect choice. A compact guitar, which is just 30″ in size, makes this guitar easy to hold for kids and those with small hands. Despite its small size, it produces the same good quality sound one would expect from a full-sized guitar.

Coming to its construction, then the top of this guitar is crafted from linden plywood; the back and sides of this guitar are of high quality and produce a great tone that is suitable for all forms of music, be it jazz or classical music. What compliments this fine construction is basswood, which has been used to construct the whole body of this guitar.

Suitable for beginners, this guitar comes with a gig bag for protection and safety during transport, a digital clip-on tuner picks and a guitar strap. It also has extra strings; in case you need a replacement while playing it.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Small-sized guitar that is suitable for kids
  • Complete accessory kit.


  • Construction could have been better

FAQs on Cheap Acoustic Guitars

1. Are Electric Acoustic Guitars Also Available?

Yes, acoustic electric guitars are also available. Even the standard acoustic guitars can be connected to electrical amplifiers to boost their sound and produce a range of tones.

2. Does The Quality Of Wood Used In The Construction Of The Guitar Plays An Important Role In Sound Quality?

Yes, different woods have different density, which plays an important role in the sound quality produced by the guitar. While some woods are lighter and produce sharper sounds, the thicker and denser woods produce deep and bass sounds.

3. Are Fretless Acoustic Guitars Available?

Yes, some manufacturers offer fretless guitars. In some of the best inexpensive acoustic guitars, there are no frets or markers on the fretboard. Experienced guitar players can play them quite easily since they understand how the notes are produced and which points needs to be pressed for the same.

4. Are Small-sized Guitars As Good As The Full-length Guitars?

Yes, small-sized guitars, too have a professional design and construction, so they are as good to play as full-length guitars. The sound quality and tones produced by both of them may differ from each other.

Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars – What’s Your Pick?

No matter which type of acoustic guitar you buy, make sure that you are comfortable playing it and it produces the sounds you are looking for. It is important to note that the design of the guitar, its construction and the wood used to make the guitar all play an important role in the sound it produces. One needs to study all these points carefully before making the final decision on which acoustic guitar to buy.