Best Guitar Multi Effects Pedal 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Zoom 2. Vox 3. Ammon PockRock
Zoom G1X Best Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Vox Stomplab Ammoon PockRock

It is hard to find someone who does not love music created by the guitar. The guitar is the essential musical instrument that every music artist wants in their arsenal. Playing guitar with your fingertips is one of the most common ways.

What if you can create more soothing effects with a multi effects pedal? After all, having great tones at your fingertips is never a bad thing, right?

We are talking about the best guitar multi effects pedal. Advancements in technology have invented multi effects pedals. No matter you are a beginner or a hard-core pedal-head. If you want to consolidate your music tone collection, the guitar effects pedal will always help you.

Buying a guitar multi effects pedal is not at all a big task these days, but you have to do proper research before choosing this important guitar accessory.

This article is here to guide you about the best guitar multi effects pedal to buy in 2020. Allow the tune to soothe your mind, and let us get started.

Top 15 Best Guitar Multi Effects Pedal 2022

1. Zoom G1X

Zoom G1X Best Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

This Zoom G1X multi effect processor can offer at least 70 effects as well as amp models. It also features with a looper and drum machine. If you purchase this multi effect pedal, you will get access to the zoom lab’s additional library of effects.

This processor has an expression pedal, which can help you with control over effects such as volume, delay, and pitch. The looper in the guitar can help you record over 30 seconds of playing. The G1 series with this multi effect pedal will bring a whole dimension to your music wherever you go.

With more than 60 traditional as well as boutique effects, you can explore an unlimited range of patches, effects, and so on. So, if you are ready to create unusual and endless combinations, it is time to add this best guitar multi effects pedal in your arsenal.


  • It is loaded with amazing functionalities
  • Best quality effects and amp models
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • You can add extra effects from zoom library
  • Pretty affordable


  • Sometimes you can face volume disparity between the effect chains

2. Vox Stomplab

Vox Stomplab

This Vox STOMPLAB 2G multi effect pedal is one of the biggest contenders in the field of guitar pedals. This pedal is power-packed with powerful sound in an eye-popping metal body. The high-quality sound, as well as the high-quality performance, make it one of the best guitar multi effects pedal in the market.

The sound variations are categorized into different genres like rock, blues, and ballads. Even the beginner guitars can easily recall the sound they want to use. With a total of 104 effects, this is one of the most affordable multi effects pedals available in the market for the beginner as well as pro guitarists and bassists.


  • The benefit of different effects in a single device
  • Very easy and convenient to use
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Best performance as compared to the price paid


  • Some users found it challenging to switch between different sound effects

3. Ammoon PockRock

Ammoon PockRock

Many users have hailed it as one of the best portable multi effect guitar pedals. The pedal comes up with five effect modules, 15 types of effects, and 16 user patches. You will be impressed with the battery-powered model. This processor is not only a sound library, but it will also help you to create your audio library.

This lightweight guitar multi effect features an LCD. The pedal also offers you with 40 best-designed drum rhythms. In addition to this, you also get a tuning option with this multi effect processor. This guitar effect pedal can be called a little dynamite because it comes with several functionalities within an affordable price. It is safe to say that everything you need in a multi effect pedal is present in this small-sized pedal.


  • Different options in a compact device
  • Different effect settings
  • Different genres to play
  • An electronic tuner is added
  • Easy to carry


  • Sometimes the batteries get too hot to handle

4. Boss ME-80

Boss ME-80

Have you just started learning guitar and looking to upgrade your skills? Look no further than Boss Multiple effect guitar. It features a power-packed board, which is best for beginners as well as pros. This processor is guaranteed to provide you with industry-leading tone. You will get premium amps and effects in the portable pedal.

Many users have hailed it as one of the best guitar multi effects pedal, thanks to its advanced USB audio. The simple knob-based interface is one of the best qualities of this multi effect pedal. For a performing guitarist, this is the best tone processor.

You also get a free boss tone studio software with this pedal. So, if you want to spend your hard-earned money on something unusual, this can be one of the best investments. You can confidently enter the world of tones with this brand.


  • Simple knob-based interface
  • Free boss tune software
  • Efficient and intuitive effects switching
  • Free gig-ready patches
  • Cool graphical interface


  • Sometimes, the tones emitted are weak and brittle

5. Zoom G3Xn

Zoom G3Xn

The Zoom G3Xn multi effect processor features a total of 70 high-quality digital effects. Out of these 70 digital effects, 68 are effects, one is a looper pedal, and the other one is a rhythm pedal. With this multi effect pedal, you can use up to 7 effects simultaneously.

All guitarists out there understand the importance of the flexibility of creating their sound. You will be glad to know that this processor also includes a built-in expression pedal that helps you to have real-time control over the volume, tone, and other effects. With this magical multi effect processor, you can recreate all essential guitar tones and also explore new tunes.

Zoom G3Xn has left no stones unturned to become the best Guitar Multi effects pedal. This brand will remove any barrier coming in your way when creating a tone. It is hard to find a similar product in the price like this one.


  • You can use up to 7 effects simultaneously
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustment of sound as you like
  • Better control with best quality knobs and switches


  • Some users found the device hard to navigate

6. Asmuse


This multi effect foot pedal flaunts 58 types of effect processors. In addition to this, the best part about this best guitar effects processor is that you get up to eight effects simultaneously. You will be impressed with the 40-second loop pedal to play echo delays.

You can also get 72 types of preset switching and three classic guitar amplifier models. The processor is powered by high-quality battery and DC power adapters. You do not have to worry much about the power capabilities of the processor. Asmuse Multi effect pedal has a large HD screen that offers a fantastic graphic interface and makes the operation of the pedal quite easy and user friendly. In short, this brand is all you need to make your music stand out.


  • Very intuitive screen
  • Appropriate pedal stiffness
  • Tons of amp built-in
  • Looping options for different guitar tracks
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Worth the price spent


  • Some users complained about issues with pedal sound

7. Line 6 Pod

Line 6 Pod

Do you call your that guitar who want to define your sound as per your choice? This brand is hailed by many as the best guitar effects processor to buy. With this pedal, you will get world-class amps and effects. Thus, you can make the tune as per your taste.

The HD amp includes classic to modern amps. You can even customize the tone and dynamic response of each amp with parameters like sag, bias excursion, hum, and many more. The POD gives you more than 100 studio and boutique stomp effects.

This pedal has unparalleled flexibility and processing power as compared to the devices in the same price range. No wonder why many think this brand is one of the most flexible and impressive units that can help you create a wide variety of sounds. Set up this pedal and enjoy the music creation.


  • Solid build
  • Out of the box tones
  • Variety of effects
  • Easy to use
  • Many usable presets


  • Display brightness is not exceptional in darkness

8. Doner


If you want to get three effects in one, Alpha Cruncher by Doner will not let you down. You will be provided with three effects: analog distortion, a dreamy chorus, and an analog-voiced delay. In addition to this, every effect has three function knobs. Thus, you get a variety of options when it comes to making your music tone.

This pedal features a novel design. The size is portable, and the body is made up of aluminum alloys. Carrying this pedal is convenient and easy. You can use it to practice at home or even to play outside. For the price you pay for this pedal, you will have zero complaints. The design, effects, and size, everything is worth spending money. It is an excellent product at a high price. Although the size is small, it is sturdy enough to last long.


  • All three effects are great
  • Easy to use
  • Great sound
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Great value for money


  • Some reviewers claimed that it is suitable for beginners, but not great for practicing musicians.

9. Sonicake


If you are a classic rock player and you want a one-stop gig solution, this brand will not disappoint that Rockstar within you. The brand name is enough to invest in your money into buying this pedal. The analog styled distortion brings back the 80s and 90s hard rock phase back. The BBD style analog adds a warm and beautiful tone.

The parameters in this best guitar effects processor are very straightforward. The easily accessible knobs are an added advantage for the beginners as well as the pros. The lightweight case of the panel allows you to carry it anywhere you want. You will notice that this device features a built-in simulation that can be directly connected to PA, mixers, and even the audio interface.


  • Heavy-duty metal casing
  • LED knob to show the working state
  • Best for gigging and home studio recording
  • Well-constructed


  • When chorus and distortion are used together, the chorus boosts a lot

10. Mooer GE200

Mooer GE200

The manufacturer has designed this best guitar multi effects pedal, keeping in mind the beginners as well as the advanced musicians. Several users have hailed it as one of the best picks for stage performance, studio recording, or even home practice.

This fantastic pedal consists of the best quality digital effects like compressors, drives, noise gates, and different pitches and filters. The signal chain is fully customizable that allows each effect to get routed in any order. The display of this pedal is eye-popping just to increase the pleasure of having it. This small weight and beautifully designed guitar pedal are a must-have device for everyone who loves playing guitar.


  • Best sound quality
  • It will give you everything you want
  • Built-in looper
  • Enough connectivity options
  • Best features for recording anywhere you want


  • The power button is absent

11. Boss ME-70

Boss ME-70 

If you want to create tones in a snap, this beautifully designed Boss ME 70 Multi effects Pedal will not let you down. The knob-design makes it one of the best pedals in the market. You will be glad to know this device is well-equipped with a dedicated phrase looper. The looper offers a 38-second recording time.

If you want to breathe life into your performance, you must have this Best Guitar Effects pedal in your arsenal. This device has six pre-programmed pedal control destinations. You just have to put your foot down on this multi effect pedal and express yourself in front of your audience. So, if you want to mesmerize your audience with a stage performance, this device will be an ideal option. The shower of compliment is all an artist wants to have.


  • Easy to use and program
  • Equipped with a dedicated looper
  • It will provide magic to your performance
  • Simple knob-based control
  • Choice of unlimited tones


  • The adapter is not included in the package

12. Boss GT1

Boss GT1

This easy to use and portable processor will offer you a pro-level player feeling the way you want. Once you purchase this multi effect pedal by BOSS, you will get access to a massive selection of amazing amps and effects.

The interface is streamlined, which gives you a quick and intuitive sound creation experience. This controllable pedal provides the users with dynamic and real-time adjustments of effects. BOSS TONE CENTRAL will enable you to download different pro patches, as well as editing software. This pedal is equally suitable for beginners as well as advanced level users.


  • Compact package
  • Access to many effects
  • You can download different pro patches
  • Lightweight processor


  • Difficult for adjustment and navigation

13. Vox Stomplab IIG

Vox Stomplab IIG

If you are a musician looking out for a ton of tones within a small space, this guitar pedal can be one of the best choices for you. This best guitar effects processor will provide you with a 100 gig quality presets for all kinds of music. The easy to navigate layout makes it one of the best guitar pedals to use for beginners or advanced users.

The layout of the VOX Stomplab Guitar is such that you can divide sounds and effects into different categories like rock, blues, metal, and jazz. If you are one of the guitar players, looking to create a perfect tone, this VOX Stomplab Guitar pedal is offering you more than 100 effects. You can use the pedal to edit the sound from scratch. You also get a choice for more than 40 amp. It is easy to sculpt your music tone as you want with this best guitar effects processor.


  • It features more than 100 preset patches
  • Metal housing for maximum sturdiness
  • Control volume enabled
  • Built-in tuner
  • It runs on battery as well as an adapter


  • Many users found that the effects were repeated

14. Boss GT-1B

Boss GT-1B

If you want to improve your core bass, the BOSS GT-1B processor has everything you need. The processor is also well-equipped with a wide range of preamps that can help you in tone shaping and sharpening.

With more than 90 types of effects available, you can choose from chorus, EQ, defretter, and much more to match your preferred sound. This device is all about offering you the perfect musical expression. You can use the battery as well as the adapter to use this Guitar pedal.

You can also get freely downloadable pro patches and editor software to give you the perfect sound you want. In addition to all these fantastic benefits, you will also get accessible editing functions to change the tone and also add the modulation effects.


  • Very easy to use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Amazing decent sounds
  • Simple tone making process
  • Great sound quality


  • The power adapter is not included in the box

15. Boss ME-80

Boss ME-80

Do you want to get a hand on access to the world of mesmerizing tones? Look no further; you can invest in BOSS ME-80 Multi effect Pedal. It is one of the best guitar effects pedals within an affordable price range. Many have called it an ideal compact tone processor for the beginner as well as advanced level guitarists.

The friendly knob interface makes it very easy to dial the tone within seconds. The new footswitches give you better control as compared to the previous designs by BOSS. In addition to this, the model also comes up with free BOSS TONE STUDIO that unlocks even better tonal possibilities.


  • Fantastic effects
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Flexible knob interface
  • Compact and powerful effects
  • It runs on batteries and adapters too


  • Adapter is not included in the package

A Beginner’s Guide To Multi Effects Pedal

No matter if you are a novice guitar player or a pro artist, a pure guitarist always looks forward to adding an element of wow into the music. One of the best things to do is to add some sonic change to your guitar tones. It can be quickly done with the help of the best guitar multi effects pedal. If you are new to the world of pedals, we are going to provide you with the guidance that will come in handy. We will equip you with some information about effects pedals, let’s get started.

Some of the major types of effects pedals:

1. Chorus Pedals

Many musicians buy this pedal and often overuse it. This pedal delays each note to thicken and sweeten the original song you are playing. If you set your tone too high, this pedal can even make your song sugary sweet. Thus, it is best to use this pedal sparingly to give a spark to your song performance.

2. Delay Pedals

This pedal makes the sound echo. The song you play keeps on repeating once or multiple times with this pedal. A low repeating with this pedal will give smoothness and soothing effect to your song. When you repeat the echo setting, the sound becomes rhythmic and huge.

The effect of this pedal entirely depends upon the speed of repeats you make. With practice, you can easily set this effect correctly. Once you get it correct, you will feel the sound of guitar chords flowing out from you. The three main types of delay pedals include digital, analog, and tape. Use these wisely to give the best sound effects to your audience.

3. Compressor Pedals

This pedal is a quite subtle effect if appropriately set it can let your sound to raise the volume. It can even add an attacking bite to your notes at the extreme settings.

4. Overdrive Pedals

The function of the overdrive is to give a milder effect. Most of the musicians using electric guitars use this pedal, but acoustic guitar players can even use it. If a guitarist uses this pedal cautiously, it can add a theatrical effect to your song.

5. Distortion Pedals

Many distortion flavors are available for years, and they are available with different effects. You can use distortion pedals for lead guitar with mid control, which are turned up for solo performances.

What Are The Significant Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Multi Effect Pedal?

The following are some of the significant advantages and disadvantages of a multi effect pedal.


1. The best part about having a multi effect pedal is that you can add different types of effects on your music at just a small tweaking. You cannot even imagine the price to be spent if you are looking to buy authentic alternatives based on effects and amps.

2. The multi effect pedal also enables you to have the suitability of having everything at a single place. It will also allow you to have a smaller number of cables as well as connections. You will come across only fewer chances of getting something wrong.

3. The multi effect pedals also come with in-built presets. Thus, you can easily recall the patches you saved.

4. The software linked with the multi effect pedal also helps you to recall some of the specific sounds from your beloved artist. This feature is not possible with other individual pedals.


1. A common drawback of a multi effect pedal is the sound it offers. No matter how perfect the unit is, you will still be able to differentiate the original music and the multi effect sound.

2. You have to pay more price if you want to get a multi effect pedal that can produce a sound like the source.

3. Sometimes the multi effect pedals do not provide similar functionality as the source.

Single Effect Pedal Vs. Multi Effect Pedals, Which Is Better?

If you want to change your instrument’s signature tune, the pedals are the best option. The pedals come in different effects. The two of them include single dedicated pedals and the multi effect pedals. If you are thinking about which one to get for your instrument, allow us to compare both of them.

1. Single Effect Pedal

Do you put more emphasis on the tone? Then this dedicated single effect pedal will be much more beneficial to you. This dedicated pedal offers more authentic playing dynamics and sound compared to the multi effect pedals. The most significant disadvantage, however, is that you have to pay more for the single-effect pedal.

If you have a fine-tuned to work with and have a meager budget, you can go for a budget stompbox. You will surely love to spend more time experimenting with your guitar sound; it is best to get a multi effect pedal. In addition to this, if you are more focused on doing different cover songs and music, the multi effect pedal will be the best choice.

2. Multi Effect Pedal

The multi effect pedals are the best option if you want to get maximum value for the money spent. With a multi effect pedal, you can get hundreds and thousands of tunes in a single unit. In addition to this, you can make as many edits as possible, and you can also set several combinations.

You can even get critical new patches as well as effects from the internet in case of multi effect pedals. If you are one of the guitarists, who likes to experiment and tweak their tones and sounds, the multi effect pedal will be your best option.

It does not matter if a single effect pedal is right or the multi effect is good. Everything depends upon your needs and style. So, choose the one that suits you and your working style.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider before buying the best guitar multi effects pedal.

1. Effects

It is imperative to consider the effects when you are purchasing a multi effects pedal. Some of the significant effects include delay, overdrive, distortion, chorus, and fuzz. So, when you are investing money in buying the best guitar multi effects pedal, try to have the one with maximum effects.

Make sure the pedal should also have the ability to shape special effects. The multi effects pedal should also be able to run many effects simultaneously. It takes a good amount of research to choose the one with the best kinds of effects.

2. Sound

Another major factor to consider while buying a multi effect pedal is the quality of the music. You cannot have a guitar pedal with multiple sound effects, but you will end up having a messy sound. It is good to have better effects added with better sound quality.

Many brands are advertising themselves as providing studio-sound quality. Before you make a purchase based on those claims, look for the actual sound quality they are offering. In addition to this, one also has to consider the amount of DSP power that these pedals have. The DSP power will provide you a hint about the sound quality of the multi effect pedal.

4. Amp Modeling

Best quality guitar multi effects pedals come with a wide choice of amp simulations. The amp simulations are as crucial as the effects. Today, different amp simulations are becoming sophisticated since they are providing the best-quality realistic tones. Many guitarists, who are in the beginning phase of their careers, do not have much space or money to buy a large group of amps.

For all these guitarists, it is best to get a multi effects pedal having modeling amps. Just having amps will not work. The amp also needs to have the capability to change between different sounding amps. For a beginner musician and guitarist, it is essential to get a varied selection of sounds that is useful in different conditions.

Thus, choose a multi effects pedal that can offer so many amps, that can easily fine-tune, and that can quickly recall your presets.

5. Software

Many multi effect pedals can connect to one or the other audio software. The usual multi effects pedal connects with USB. Once it is connected to USB, the user can easily tweak and change the existing sound. The best models of multi effects pedals will also permit you to access recording software.

When you are looking to buy the best guitar multi effects pedal, try to look for a high-power DSP. A pedal with a high-powered DSP is more likely to have more powerful software to match. Make sure to check the quality, level, and frequency of updates that the software can offer.

6. Looper

You should look for a guitar multi effects pedal with the best quality looper. A functional looper can give you a unique musical effect. Along with this, try to look for a looper that is easier to use.

FAQs on Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

1. Why Should I Buy A Multi Effect Pedal?

If you are looking to get the maximum worth for your money, you should try to buy a multi effect pedal. These pedals also offer in a single unit hundreds of effects. The pedal provides you with editing and saving settings.

With this multi effect pedal, you will get the ability to twist, tweak, and transform the sound you get in different ways. The multi effect pedal can be a great space saver. In addition to this, these pedals are far more inexpensive as compared to the individual pedals.

2. Does The Order Of Guitar Pedals Matter?

Yes, the order in which the guitar pedals matter the most because the signals get processed multiple times when you have numerous pedals. If you want to know a rule of thumb, you need to set your distortion and drive petals. After that, you need to set up the modulation pedal, then echo pedal, and after that, chorus, flanger, and tremolo.

3. What Is The Difference Between Overdrive And Distortion Pedal?

An overdrive pedal is mainly used to stimulate the creamy drive of an overdriven tube amp. The distortion pedal tries to simulate reality, and it offers more volume compared to the overdrive pedal. It is much more aggressive.

4. Can You Use Two Guitar Pedals At Once?

Yes, you can use two guitar pedals at once. The simplest way to use two guitar pedals is to have three cables. One cable needs to connect to the guitar while the other one is required to connect to two pedals together. If you want to attach the guitar pedals, you can use something known as patch cables.

5. What Are Some Of The Points To Be Considered If You Need To Buy The Best Guitar Effects Pedal?

The things that must be considered are the effects provided, availability of loopers, and software.


A few years back, the multi effect pedal was seen as an inferior option, but with the advancement in technology, it has become one of the best tools in the guitarists’ arsenal. It may sound biased, but as per our review and research of thousands of best guitar multi effects pedal, we have mentioned the top 15 pedals in the above section of this guide.

When you are looking to buy a new multi effect pedal, you need to consider all the points we have mentioned above. In addition to this, you also need to consider the ease of use and the cost

Whether you are starting your musical career from scratch or you are looking for advancement in your career, it is essential to have the multi effects pedal in your artistic toolbox. Go through the list of best guitar multi effects pedal that we provided. You are sure to find the best one. We know it is too difficult to choose amongst the best, but give it a try.

Just like the music you make cannot be compared with each other, the effects and sound you get after using the multi effect pedal are not comparable. Why are you waiting for now? Just focus on your ambition and choose the one you like the most.