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Best Beginner Bass Guitars 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide


1.  Best Choice Acoustic 2. Goplus 3. Safeplus
Best Choice Acoustic Best Beginner Bass Guitar Goplus Safeplus

The bass guitar creates a perfect blend between musical timing and rhythm. Choosing the best beginner bass guitar, however, will make your mind do somersaults. For most of us, it is indeed a tedious and demanding task.

After all, the market is swarmed with various types of guitars. One can never be sure how to make the right choice. As a new buyer, the confusion only tends to get deeper as it is easy to get carried away by biased reviews from inexperienced bassists.

We are going to remove all those confusions and get you rid of any clutter so that you can go ahead and buy the best beginner bass guitar for yourself with complete confidence. All you need to do is reading this excellent guide we have put together on this page.

We are providing you with some of the most popular models that are hailed as the best bass guitar for beginners. Each one is itemized here after being reviewed and rated by experts in the field.

Top 15 Best Beginner Bass Guitars 2022

1. Best Choice Acoustic

Best Choice Acoustic Best Beginner Bass GuitarYou can enter the world of bass guitarists with Best Choice acoustic-electric bass guitar. Everyone who has played the bass guitar knows that Best Choice products live up to its reputation.

Equipped with a 4-band eq-7545r guitar preamp, you can look forward to high-quality sound. Thanks to the wood composition, you will revel in a rich, resonant sound. Other features include a 4-band equalizer with built-in volume control.

This bass is perfect for both beginners and pros alike. One can use the guitar right out of the box. Crafted with an attractive inlay and with chrome die-cast tuners, you will simply love to hold the bass and play.

It is easy to understand why many users say this model creates mesmerizing tunes; credit goes to high-quality Mahogany wood. You can gift the electric acoustic bass guitar to yourself or buy it as a Christmas present for your loved one.


  • Classic cutaway design
  • Glossy finish and beautiful features
  • Awesome and affordable bass
  • Built-in volume control
  • 4-band eq-7545r


  • The fretboard is a little dry a

2. Goplus

GoplusGoplus bass guitar is a top-rated product. It is not just because of its fashionable design and high-end equality, but also because of its bright sound.

It is easy to see why this bass is so popular among those guitarists looking for good quality with exceptional craftsmanship. This full-size electric guitar features a carry bag with a shoulder strap. It is the ideal choice for those planning to indulge in blues or rock and roll.

This bass guitar consists of a sturdy wood body and will remain with you for years without losing its polish and shine. The bright tonal sound of this bass goes well with the warm sounds of the wood.

The accessories include an amp cord and a bass pick. You can balance the lightweight instrument perfectly and make easy adjustments. You will be impressed with customer service, and a reasonable price only makes the product more alluring.


  • Higher durability and better finish
  • Lightweight instrument
  • Fashionable design
  • Travel bag with zip closures easy for carrying
  • Different aesthetics with two colors
  • Easy adjustments


  • Pick up is weak
  • Carry bag could be of better quality

3. Safeplus

SafeplusMany have hailed this brand as one of the best beginner bass guitars for good reasons. It is an excellent gift for children who are fledging guitarists.

The 48-inch cutaway dreadnought body is suitable to play all kinds of music, rock, folk, blues, country, and more. This bass guitar looks and feels incredible. The artistry shows in this bass boast of suitable thickness, gliding fret, comfortable strings, and the precise chord distance.

Inside the package, you are going to get a tuner, picks, and amp cord. You will be provided with six months warranty, not to mention quality customer care service.

You can exchange your guitar within 60 days in case you find any problems. There is no doubt you will love the stable quality and beautiful sound of this guitar.


  • Top and reliable quality
  • Excellent artistry
  • Comfortable hand feeling
  • Higher performance cost ratio
  • Included storage bag
  • 6-months warranty


  • Could be better if sound amplifiers included

4. Glarry

GlarryGuitarists love the comfortable hand feeling and stable performance along with the resonant sound. This full-size four-string bass guitar is meant to create a faultless bass effect mostly seen in professional bass performance.

The exquisite and stylish bass may look like the ordinary guitar but features more massive string tension and thicker strings. It creates an incredible bass effect with a rich complexity, thanks to its low-pitch site location. The silky tone supports vocals beautifully.

If you are looking for a beautiful gift for the budding guitarists in your family, then this is just the right choice as the instrument creates the stunning bass effect. You will love this brand also because of its artistry and quality. Customers who have brought this product highly recommended it to all.


  • Exquisite Stylish design
  • Wood and synthetic material
  • Larger string tension
  • Thicker strings
  • Stable and melodious sound


  • A bit neck heavy

5. Stedman

StedmanIf you are looking for an ideal bass for any age, then this bass guitar is the right choice for you. The great-looking bass guitar is an excellent value product available at a reasonable price. This classic bass guitar package includes a chromatic tuner, strap, Amplifier, gig bag, extra string, pics, and strap polishing cloth.

This entry-level instrument features a wide range of colors consisting of quality materials. The basswood body and maple neck of the 46″ electric bass guitar look tremendous and play excellently. It is hard not to notice the iconic design. No doubt, this model is the right choice for a beginner who wants to learn and practice.


  • Ideal entry-level instrument
  • Classic and affordable
  • Classic in design yet affordable
  • Perfect to learn and train
  • Excellent value
  • The best price guaranteed


  • Strap could be sturdier

6. Donner

DonnerThe reason customers love the full-size electric bass guitar from Donner is its clear tones and reliable electronics. This bass is perfect for beginner and intermediate players because it features all the essential accessories. The solid basswood body features a Canadian maple neck and an ebony fingerboard.

This Donner electric bass guitar is built to last and comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty. You can reap the benefits of world-class customer service to resolve all your doubts.

The package includes guitar cable, gig bag and guitar strap. The all-in-one electric guitar bundle is sure to save your time, money, and effort. It does not require a significant investment as it is affordable.


  • Solid African Basswood
  • Good quality brass strings
  • All-in-one electric guitar bundle
  • Steel Tuning Pegs
  • Affordable price
  • Fantastic and impressive


  • Frets aren’t perfectly flush with the neck

7. Costzon

CostzonThis best beginner bass guitar is a product of Costzon, a well-known brand in the music world. This bass allows you to practice your favorite tunes.

Lightweight and easy to carry, it is indeed the best choice for everyone. Made of high deity and textured rosewood, you can be sure that this durable guitar is of top quality and will last for a lifetime.

The high-quality paulownia and rose body and fingerboard create a smooth feeling while the ergonomic cut surface adjusts to your body and allows comfortable handling.

The bass guitar comes with a Travel Bag with straps; you will notice there are zip closures to store your accessories conveniently. The accessories that come with the electric bass include a bass bag, bass pick, and amp cord. Customers are delighted with this purchase and highly recommend it.


  • Excellent quality and beautiful surface
  • Smoother and more shiny
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Excellent quality and reasonable price
  • Comfortable performance experience
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Customer care and shipping could improve

8. Z Ztdm

Z ZtdmIf you are looking for a versatile bass at a mid-to-high range, then this model is all you need. This exquisite burning fire style bass guitar may look like any other ordinary guitar, but it stands out when it comes to features and functionality.

The bass features thicker strings, and higher string tension so that one can learn multiple genres of music. You will be impressed with the lower location of the pitch site because it makes an incredible bass effect.

This bass guitar will not let you down; you can thank its superb wood and synthetic material. This model could be a beautiful gift for your families or friends who love to play the guitar. Customers highly recommend it to all kinds of guitarists.


  • Stylish outlook and stable performance
  • Lightweight and smooth finish
  • Thicker strings and higher string tension
  • Supports vocals beautifully
  • Wonderful bass effect
  • Great gift to offer
  • Fast shipping and impressive customer care


  • Fret ends need some adjustments
  • The spacing on the tuning is slightly off

9. Electric

ElectricIf you speak to guitarists, beginner or professional, they will tell you that a guitar brings out the best performance in them. This 20 Watts Amp electric bass guitar has everything you need. This 4-string bass features Maple neck with Rosewood fretboard.

Inside the package, you will find a gig bag, strap, bass amp, and cable. We are mentioning this product on the list is because all bassists agree that any bass sounds better through an amp.

Customers who have bought the electric bass pack cannot stop raving about how beautiful this best starter bass guitar is.

They love the feel of the smooth curves in their hands and simply enjoy the fantastic sounds and the vibration from the strings. It makes for a lovely gift as it comes with everything one needs and has excellent features.


  • Great design and beautiful finish
  • Best performance experience
  • Excellent sound and vibration
  • Excellent price excellent sound
  • Great set up for a beginner


  • Outshined by higher-grade basses

10. Ibanez

IbanezYet another incredibly popular bass guitar is from the Ibanez Soundgear. The brand has been in the industry for many decades and continues to cater to a variety of budgets.

No matter what the price or specs, the users enjoy a smooth and lightweight body that is fun to play. The product arrives in the market only after a rigorous inspection and living up to the stringent standards.

You will love the glossy sheen of the bass guitar; it is indeed a great purchase. Not to mention, the manufacturer is providing you with the product warranty. Everything that arrives in the packaging would be perfect, and it is indeed one of the top bass guitars on the market.


  • Compact and natural
  • Sleek and comfortable
  • Passed rigorous inspection
  • Affordable price
  • Great customer service
  • Made by Ibanez Soundgear


  • Flat sound and buzz

11. Sunburst

SunburstIt would be a mistake not to include the electric bass guitar in the list. After all, the brand is ideal for musicians of any kind and age.

With an excellent basswood body, you are promised with the best price and excellent quality with all the features—this bass guitar made of a basswood body and a maple wood neck, featuring 20 frets. The package includes a clip-on bass tuner, gig bag, and a strap for carrying.

This full-size electric bass guitar needs very few tuning adjustments. You will find it a great starting instrument for honing your hobby as a guitarist. With a new stylish finish, this smooth-playing instrument boasts of correct body shape with a nice feel. The guitar is already a favorite among the customers and commonly seen in studios and on live performances.


  • Classic body shape
  • Attractive smooth finish
  • Basswood body and maple neck
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Widely popular among guitarists
  • Reasonably priced


  • Quality could improve
  • Little more buzzing and rattling
  • Plastic strap digs in the neck

12. Crescent

CrescentCrescent electric bass guitar starter kit flaunts a wide range of features to meet your musical needs. This brand is an excellent choice for all kinds of players.

No doubt, many buyers have hailed it as one of the best beginner bass guitars in the market. This bass guitar has everything that a player needs to impress the audience with aggressive rock sounds.

You are provided with excellent quality for a high price to enjoy the good quality sound, which is as good as any high-end model.

Customers who bought this model find it great for learning as it works great. The tuner works great, and you enjoy free standard shipping as well as impressive customer care.

In a nutshell, this is an excellent purchase for someone who is a new bassist and looking for something easy to play.


  • Great look with a splash of color
  • Super lightweight and easy to use
  • Very beefy neck
  • CrescentTM Digital E-Tuner
  • Great customer care


  • The body feels a bit hollow and cheap

13. Z Ztdm Full Size

Z Ztdm Full SizeYou sure are going to be pleasantly surprised when you check out this Z ZTDM electric bass guitar. Compared with ordinary guitar, you will find that the guitar has thicker strings and admirable string tension.

The silky tone supports the vocals beautifully. The lightweight body of this bass guitar is easy to handle and perfect for practice as a beginner. Rest assured, this product will offer you a stylish outlook, and a comfortable hand feeling, which is sure to win your heart.

Made of superb wood and synthetic material, you can count on high quality and durability. It is a perfect instrument for those looking for a delightful bass effect. Customers are more than happy to recommend this model as it creates that bass effect because of the low-pitch.


  • Stylish outlook
  • Superb material
  • Stable performance
  • Thicker strings
  • Larger string tension
  • The melodious sound and delightful bass


  • Need some adjustments
  • A bit cheap looking hardware

14. Leo Jaymz

Leo JaymzElectric bass guitar with a magical graphic is a widely used bass guitar by both beginners and pros. You cannot help but feel allured to this guitar’s attractive build and a smooth finish with red beard ghost graphic design. The guitar features a Maple fingerboard with an abalone dot inlay and 22 frets.

What appeals to bassists in this brand is the sturdy wood body and hard maple neck. In this model, you will find the ABS pickguard and chrome metal tile, which allows easy tuning and adjustments with the knob.

You are sure to enjoy a versatility of tone and would want to play just about anything: the blues, or the rock or swing music. This classical bass guitar should be on your bucket list. Not to mention, you will get a fast shopping option and excellent customer care.


  • Stylish design and attractive look
  • Sturdy wood body
  • Hard maple neck
  • All chrome hardware
  • Affordable price and customer care


  • Higher notes can be a little uncomfortable

15. Chiluer

ChiluerAll bassists agree that this electric bass guitar is not just about high-performance, but ranks high in terms of ease of playability and creating great sound. It is an ideal choice for beginners and regular musicians.

A comfortable neck and fingerboard make it convenient to hadal and play the instrument. The guitar is perfect for any style of playing.

With a stunning finish, the guitar made of the wooden and synthetic body delivers not just great looks but creates timeless tunes too.

If you buy this model, you can look forward to smooth playability and higher durability because of the high tensile strength fret wire. It features an adjustable bridge for excellent intonation and a solid tone. Go ahead and allow nothing to stop you from bringing it home.


  • Outstanding look and sound
  • Comfortable neck and fingerboard
  • High-performance bass guitar
  • Adjustable bridge
  • High-tensile strength
  • Smooth playability
  • Great price


  • Construction quality could be better

That is all with the top 15 bass guitar list. Now, you are about to enter one of the essential sections of this guide. The following article will equip you with the knowledge of how to identify the best bass guitar based on your playing style, the features, and the budget.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Beginner Bass Guitar

A question may have popped up in your mind, which is the best beginner bass guitar? Well, in simple words, it is the one you can afford and enjoy playing because of the handiness, more straightforward control, and comfortable handling.

You need to make an informed decision once you know what goes inside the bass and what features to focus more on.

1. The Size and Shape

Before you set out to buy a bass guitar, you should have a good understanding of the necessary parts and shape of the guitar. The neck, the headstock, and the fretboard are of primary considerations here.

  • Neck

The neck of a bass guitar connects the body of the bass. It carries a metal truss rod to prevent the neck from bending or twisting.

Bolt-on necks are popular on high-end bass guitars as they are easiest to assemble but can be least stable. Set necks are sustainable but challenging to attach correctly. Thru-body necks are the most expensive as well as challenging to handle but provide maximum stability.

  • Headstock

The headstock at the top of the neck is where the tuning pegs are located. The tuning keys on the full portion adjust the tension of each string. Inspect the quality of the keys and the headstock.

  • Fretboard

Made of a thin piece of wood, the fretboards of the best beginner bass guitars are smooth, hard, and dense. The narrow strips of metal, known as frets, are embedded in the fretboard. The fretboard usually consists of rosewood, maple, or ebony. The best fretboards are dense, smooth, and durable.

2. Wood Material

When a manufacturer makes a bass guitar, the first step is the quality of wood that can undoubtedly have a significant impact on the looks and performance. The best beginner bass guitars consist of top-quality material, which influences the tone, resonance, and playability.

Some of the most commonly used wood to make bass guitar include Alder, Ash, Maple, Mahogany, Basswood, and so on. Alder wood is the most common as it creates a versatile sound with balance and clarity.

Ash is known to develop a slightly brighter sound, while the dense wood of maple is ideal for studio recording. The sound of Mahogany is warmer and long sustaining. The cheaper quality basses are often made of Agathis and Basswood.

3. Solid Or Hollow Body

Bass guitars carry either a solid body or a hollow one. The most common, however, is the solid body basses that are made of solid wood materials. The higher priced basses use woods like alder, Maple, Mahogany while the lower cost basses are typically made of softer woods and wood plies.

Hollow body basses carry a hollow body and preferred by jazz and folk players who are looking for quieter and more acoustic-like tones. Although these guitars are lighter and easier to handle, they are limited in the volume intensity.

The solid body basses carry a robust build and create various effects but rely on amplification but limited to rock and pop genres. The hollows body basses are associated with jazz and classical guitar tones but susceptible to high levels of feedback. You will also come across basses with a semi-hollow body. As both solid and hollows body bass have their pros and cons, and the buyer needs to focus on the quality than the high price.

4. Number Of Strings

The bass guitars can support 4, 5, or 6 strings. This factor makes many wonder as to how many strings one should have in a bass guitar.

Most of the time, the players do not feel the need to use those extra strings. So, buy a bass with a higher number of strings only if you are sure you need them or want to move from 4 to 6 strings.

The five-string basses carry an extra B string on the low end while the six-string basses carry an extra high C string along with the B string as well when compared to 4 string bass guitars. The extra strings allow deeper bass range and progressive styles of play with heavier music.

5. Fretted Or Fretless Bass

You will come across fretted bass guitars and fretless bass. As a buyer, you need to decide whether to go for fretted or fretless bass.

The fretted bass guitars minimize any margin of error as you slide your hands to place your finger on the fret and move up and down the neck. The significant advantage with a fretted bass is that it is easier to remain in-tune and get higher control over the notes.

For those who are just starting on a bass, it is advisable to avoid fretless bass as it will get challenging to get the hang of the instrument. Moreover, the majority of popular music and songs are played on a fretted bass.

Make sure you stick to fretted models, especially if you are a beginner, without those frets, your fingers spend less energy pushing the strings down, and you can glide along using much less effort.

6. Bass Scale Lengths

Scale length is the length between the nut and the bridge. The nut is the notched piece on the headstock, and the bridge gets all strings anchored at the end of the body. The standard scale length of most bass guitars is 34″. There are bass guitars, however, with shorter or higher bass scale lengths.

The shorter scale basses are considered the best beginner bass guitars because they are the right choice for young and new players who can easily handle the small-scale length of the smaller sized instrument.

The models with a 35″ scale are seen on five-and six-string basses and omen with a few more frets. These types are meant for the elite and experienced bass players who want to minimize floppiness and improves string tension.

7. Bass Pickups

The bassist needs a pickup to convert those string vibrations into sound. You will come across two kinds of pickups: single-coil and humbucker pickups. The single-coil pickups are thinner and create better sound but with lower output and more noise.

Humbuckers make enticing sound with higher output and less noise. As you gain experience with bass playing, you will know as to what kind of pickup works the best in your type of music.

8. Quality Of Hardware

Another essential point to consider is the hardware quality of the bass guitar. You must pay close attention to the build of the bridge and the tuning key, which ensure the high-end and upgraded quality of bass.

The bridge should offer better positioning of the strings with added adjustments and create improved vibration transfer. With enhanced tuning keys, you can focus on better stability and higher precision for tuning.

So, look for a better quality of materials used and better craftsmanship when checking out the bridge and the tuning keys.

9. Electronics Used

Whatever pickups you opt for in the bass, you will need a specific voltage to create an impressive signal. This factor is achieved with the help of active or passive electronics. Under actively generated voltage, one finds battery-powered preamp in the pickup while in the passive case, a stronger magnet is used to create the signals.

While most bass players prefer to use active pickups, passive pickups are more comfortable to use. Active pickups are preferred as they create better harmonics and less noise. You will notice they allow better control and freedom.

10. Functionality And Practicality

The ease of use is an unavoidable factor to consider. The passive bass guitars are great for beginners as they are easy to use and maintain. There is no complicated wiring or setups.

One gets all the freedom to experiment and explore the bass. Many beginners prefer to have extra electronic functionality that can help them when they play.

One can certainly look for advanced models for practice and get more experienced. Look for features like humbuckers, dual or triple pickups to fine-tune so that you can get the perfect tone you are looking for all this time.

11. Budget

Budget is always an important and deciding factor when looking at the best beginner bass guitars. Sometimes you come across a fantastic bass but cannot afford it.

You need to follow a balanced approach here and look for a model that offers you the best value of money and suffices most of your needs. There is no sense in buying a model that you do not need and make a big dent in your wallet.

The good news is that there are plenty of affordable bass guitars the promise excellent performance and durability. You can quickly get a great model for around $500 to $700.

We highly recommend you to try out different bass models before making the necessary purchase. Browse the local music store to check out different models.

Focus on the music you play and your requirement as a beginner. Keep in mind the above tips and guidelines, ask yourself why you need the instrument and the purpose behind it.

FAQs on Beginner Bass Guitars

1. What Is The Difference Between Guitar and Bass Guitars?

The critical difference between these two guitar types is the pitch range of the instruments. The octaves played by the bass are lower than that of a regular guitar.

The traditional guitar is more in the spotlight when creating music, while bass guitar offers a supportive role to generate the pulse of the music along with the drummer. It is hard to find a rock band without a bassist. The bass is very similar to an acoustic guitar but has fewer strings and is tuned to a lower pitch.

2. At What Age Can One Learn The Bass Instrument?

It is never too early or too late to start learning any musical instrument. You will come across bass guitarists who are as young as 10-year-old and as old as seventy. One of the main problems faced by adolescent students learning to play bass guitar is holding the longer neck. There are shorter scale bass guitars with a shorter neck and closer frets to combat the problem.

3. When Compared To Guitar, Is Bass Easier To Play?

It is quite a common question, and most people tend to think that bass is more comfortable to play. To be honest, every musical instrument takes years of hard work and practice to get perfect.

While it might be a bit easier to start on bass but keep in mind that only an uncompromising attitude towards the bass guitar will help you to develop a satisfying tone and rhythm. Ultimately, everything comes to them who wait. Work hard; play hard.

4. What Are The Key Differences Between The P-Bass and Jazz Bass?

Jazz Bass and Precision Bass or P-Bass are the two primary models that have remained more or less the same over the last decades. The significant differences seen between the two are the visual differences observed in the body shape, the pickup design, and the neck contour.

When comparing the body shape, the center of gravity lies closer to the neck in the case of the Jazz Bass and creates a better balance. The Precision Bass has less taper in the neck contour as compared to the steeper taper in the case of the Jazz Bass. The Jazz Bass carries 8-pole humbuckers while the P Bass supports 4-pole single-coil pickups.

5. What Are The Top Brands That Sell Best Beginner Bass Guitar?

Some of the major brands you can browse include names like Best Choice, Goplus, GLARRY, Stedman, Donner, Costzon, Ibanez Soundgear, Fender, Crescent Bass, Davison and more. These brands not only provide you the best quality products but also extended guarantee and professional customer care on the products you buy.

6. Make An Informed Decision To Get The Best Beginner Bass Guitar

It is vital to make a well-informed choice when it comes to buying the best beginner bass guitar. Now that you have gone through the bass guitar buying guide on this page, we are sure that you feel a lot more confident about what you are looking for and what kind of bass you might want. Without a doubt, this guide surely has made the long and confusing process a cakewalk for you.

Take full advantage of this ultimate guide. We have put this together for all those bass guitarists who are beginners. So, with all this new knowledge, just step out confidently and look for a bass like a pro from your local music store or with reputed online dealers. Get the most bang for your buck and try out different models of guitars before placing the order.