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Best Guitar Stands 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide


1. On-Stage 2. Amazon Basics 3. ChromaCast
OnStage Best Guitar Stand Amazon basic ChromaCast

We all love to show our love for music, and those who own a guitar would love to show their prized possession in style. You can find some of the best guitar stand online that will help keep your instrument safe and makes it look complete. It is often said that a guitar without a stand is like a car without a driver.


Choosing the best guitar stand is now easy, thanks to the wide variety of styles available today, most of which will effortlessly blend in with your interiors. But, not all guitar stands are the same, and you need to know how you can separate the bad ones from the good.

Listed below are the top 10 best guitar stands from popular and reliable brands. We also educate you about the factors you need to keep in mind while buying this guitar accessory.

Top 10 Best Guitar Stands 2022

1. OnStage XCG4

OnStage Best Guitar StandIf you are looking for a modern yet compact guitar stand, then this tripod stand from OnStage is something that you should be looking at.

Curated from the best quality material, this stand will be perfect supporting equipment for your guitar. This is one classic guitar stands musicians can rely on completely, thanks to its sturdy design and pocket-friendly price.

The guitar stand has a basic tripod design and includes a metal construction that is well coated for additional sturdiness. The stand also has a rubber padding that provides additional support to the stand without causing any starches or damage.

The stand can also be adjusted in length to suit instruments of various sizes. Due to this feature, the guitar stand can also be used for basses. The stand also has rubber caps that prevent slipping and tipping.


  • Sturdy affordable stand
  • The metal is powder-coated
  • Length can be adjusted


  • It has a smaller T handle knob

2. Amazon Basics Folding Acoustic Stand

Amazon basicWhen it comes to one of the most commonly used types of a guitar stand, then A-frame is a popular choice. This is an excellent A-frame acoustic and electric guitar stand from Amazon Basics popular for its functionality and affordability. Known to be one of the best guitar stands available, it is portable and is lightweight at the same time.

The guitar stand is made using high-quality metal and is covered with soft foam near its back as well the rest. The stand does not need any assembly and can be used the moment you unbox it.

The folding guitar stand can be adjusted in its height and width, thus making it perfect for a guitar or any size. The stand like the name suggests, can also be folded with ease for storage.


  • Quite affordable
  • Can be used for both electric and acoustic guitars
  • Perfect for other acoustic instruments as well


  • Not ideal for big bass guitars

3. ChromaCast Universal

ChromaCastOne of the basic models, the A – frame guitar stand from ChromaCast is indeed worth every penny spent. One of the best guitar stands on the list.

The guitar stand has a yoke and is suitable for acoustic, bass and electric guitars as well. The stand also has padded arms that help protect the instrument. The stand is lightweight and is loved by as it is portable at the same time.

You can just fold the stand and keep it aside when it is not in use. The guitar also has a secure lock that prevents falling or tripping of the instrument.

If you are having more than more instruments and are looking for individual stands for each of it, this is indeed the one to choose. This is indeed one strong and durable stand for a low price.


  • Easy to fold
  • Very affordable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight


  • Few users complained of scratches on their guitar

4. ChromaCast 2-Tier

ChromaCast 2-TierWe all know that guitar stands are available in various sizes and shapes, but it always helps to own one that can be adjusted based on the instrument. This is what the 2-tier height adjustable guitar stand from ChromaCast provides you with.

The rod of this guitar stand can be adjusted to hold guitars of various sizes. Like other stands, this too, has rubber padding in the areas where the instrument comes in contact with the stand.

It also features a neck guard that helps keep the instrument’s neck in place. This guitar stand has a lock system at the top that keeps the guitar safe.

The guitar stand can be collapsed with ease for easy storage. This also makes it easy to carry along. The stand features a high cradle that makes it perfect for instruments like mandolins, basses, and ukuleles as well.


  • Excellent for guitars and other musical instruments
  • It is stable
  • Neck band ensures the safety of guitar


  • The stand is not of that great quality

5. Donner DS-3

Donner DS-3If you have made a good investment on a guitar, you certainly want to choose a stand that can keep it safe and secure. While you have ample options when it comes to buying metal guitar stands, you certainly need an attractive yet sturdy stand to display it. And, nothing works better than a wooden guitar stand.

The guitar stand from Donner is an A – frame stand and is made of acacia wood, which makes it stronger and durable. The high-quality wood used helps your guitar to stand out.

The stand is heavier and hence offers greater stability. It cannot be shaken, nor does it trip and fall. This way, you can make sure that your instrument is safe from damage.

The contact areas on this stand are covered with cotton, and this padding helps keep the finishing of the instrument intact. It also includes anti-slip rubber covers that avoid slipping.

The guitar stand is foldable and can be installed with ease. This enables the users to use it the moment it arrives at your doorstep. It can be folded easily and stored away when not in use.


  • Excellent wooden guitar stand
  • Beautiful and sturdy
  • Durable
  • Made of natural wood
  • Excellent support


  • Slightly small

6. Nordic Essentials

Nordic EssentialsWell, if you are looking for a portable, lightweight, and yet a durable stand for your instrument, your search ends right here. The guitar stand is extremely sturdy and can be used to hold various other instruments other than guitars, including the heavier models.

The guitar stand is adjustable, and the width can be adjusted so as to hold various instruments like banjos, violins, and mandolins as well. Know to the sturdiest and best guitar stand of all time, this is made using “aircraft grade” aluminum, and yet weighs less (just 1 lb).

The guitar stand is perfect for use in the home, studios, and in the office as well. It can be easily folded for easy storage and also comes with a quality carry bag. One of the added features of this stand is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

With its lightweight and quality make, the guitar stand from Nordic Essentials is indeed a worthy buy.


  • It is Portable
  • It is just 1 lb in weight
  • Highly durable


  • Does not hold a few guitar models quite well

7. Hercules GS523B

Hercules GS523BHercules is a brand that is well known for making excellent guitar stands, all of which are available in various sizes and shapes. This three instrument guitar rack can easily accommodate three guitars. This guitar stand is a perfect example of a smart solution provided by the brand for guitar owners.

It is the best guitar stand for those who own multiple instruments; it features foam padding near the contact points and can comfortably hold three basses or guitars. The stand also has an option to additionally hold yokes as well.

The guitar stand like others can be folded easily and weighs about 7.9 lbs. The stand can be installed easily and is very sturdy and stable when the instruments are placed. If you are a gigging guitarist, this is the perfect guitar stand you have been looking for.


  • Can be expanded to hold 6 instruments
  • Use of SFF rubber near the contact points
  • Study and single-piece design


  • Not very sturdy

8. YMC Universal

YMCIf you are looking for a portable guitar stand that can hold the guitar well, then you must invest in this folding guitar stand by YMC. It is more than just a curve, and this helps to place your guitar safety when not in use and avoid tripping and damage.

The universal guitar stand can easily hold guitars of all kinds, sizes, and shapes and comes included with a secure lock. The stand is not only lightweight and very durable but is made of quality rubber and includes rubber feet to avoid slippage.

The stand folds flat in no time, making it easy to store or to carry when traveling. The stand also has foam near the contact points and provides good back support to your instrument.


  • The guitar is highly durable
  • Value for money
  • It has foam near contact points ensuring complete safety


  • Not for guitars with Nitro finish

9. Hercules GS414B

Hercules GS414BHercules is indeed the undisputed leader when it comes to guitar stands. This guitar stand is a must-have if you are looking for a stable guitar holder. The brand boasts of the features called auto grip system, which is used in most of its guitar stands.

This feature helps keep your instruments in place when you place the neck on the yoke. The height of the stand can also be adjusted with the push of a button.

This guitar stand is a tripod one and has two its legs covered with foam. This not only protects the instrument when on the stand but also keeps it secure.

The stand is stable and keeps your instrument upright. Though not the cheapest guitar stands in the list, this is one of the best guitar stands available and is worth every penny.


  • Simple yet effective design
  • Affordable price
  • Height can be adjusted


  • The stand can be easily knocked over easily

10. Snigjat 

SnigjatThe solid wood guitar stand from SNIGJAT is made of premium quality Ash hardwood from North America. This is an excellent guitar stand that adds beauty to your home or office and blends in perfectly with the aesthetics. The classy guitar stand protects the coating of your guitar and prevents it from scratches.

This is a popular guitar stand that can be paired with various guitar models. The cradle of the guitar stand can be adjusted to accommodate guitars of various sizes, along with other instruments.

The wooden guitar is sturdy and features a lock system and rubber feet. Both these features prevent the slipping of the stand as well as an instrument. Due to this, the stand can be used on a slippery surface as well.

The stand is easy to assemble and is portable at the same time. All you need is a screwdriver to assemble it, and it can be folded flat in no time. It fits perfectly in a gig bag too.


  • It is a portable stand
  • The guitar stand is lightweight
  • Includes rubber feet and lock system


  • Few users have issues with assembly

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Guitar Stand

When you are out there to purchase a guitar stand, then you must look for style and look without undermining its functionality. It is important to focus on the function than on the looks, and the same applies to guitar stands as well.

The guitar stand you choose needs to perform the function properly and provide support to the instrument at the same time. Let us have a look at the important factors you need to look into when buying a guitar stand.

1. Stability

One of the key defining features of the best guitar stand is its stability. It will prevent it from accidental falls. The natural gravity helps keep the guitar stable when the stand is properly positioned at an angle.

2. Stance

The stance of the guitar stands to be wide as it prevents it from tripping to the side. The stance should be wide enough to support the base. This ensures the safety of your instrument.

3. Padding

The guitar stand you choose needs to have good padding, especially near the contact points. Those made of wood or metal need to have padding near the areas where the instrument touches the touch to protect it from scratches or accidental damage.

4. Stand Design

Always choose the guitar stand that has an “open stand design.” Never choose one that has points or hooks for those that include stoppers. Most of these add-ons are seen at the bottom and are used to prevent the instrument from slipping.

The stand that has the above-mentioned features does not need any sharp stoppers. Such additions do not do any good and can cause immense damage too.

This is one of the reasons why you need to choose the best guitar stand that allows you to place the instrument easily. Make sure the stand you choose has a flat surface on the base.

5. Neck Support

Well, you heard us right! You do not need a stand with neck support. Experts suggest that the instrument gets damaged when there is pressure on its neck, and you certainly want to avoid it.

A guitar is mostly made of wood, and the size can fluctuate when the change in the air humidity.
When the humidity increases, there would be a wrap on the neck, and this can, in turn, cause high action. The best guitar stand has a proper design and hence does not feature neck support.

6. Portability

If you are looking for a portable stand, you can choose from an A-frame stand. If space and portability is not an issue for you, you can choose from the best tripod stands available. You can even find designs that can fold easily and which are made of thin metal.

7. Finish

If you are using a guitar that has a Nitrocellulose finish, you need to pay extra attention to the guitar you are choosing. This finishing reacts with rubber, and plastic which is commonly found on guitar stands.

8. Durability

You need the guitar stand to be durable and last as long the instrument lasts. So, make sure you invest in a good one from a reputed brand.

9. Appeal

Once all the criteria are met, you need to focus on how the stand looks. You need to choose one that not only compliments your guitar but the décor of your room as well. The guitar stand is the second important thing after an instrument for any musician.

10. Ability To Adjust

Once you get the flair of playing guitar, you might invest in different types of guitar, in that case, you would need a stand that is adjustable such that it can easily accommodate all styles. Hence, while buying a guitar, one has to look at the adjustment feature.

11. Fretboard Latch

A good guitar stand must have a fretboard latch that will hold the guitar in place. It should be of a material which will overlay surfaces.

Neoprene is a good overlaying choice that gives it a glossy finish of the guitar. The foot of the stand should of rubber that provides extra stability.

Reasons Why You Need A Guitar Stand

Guitar stands are for every space! If you wish to keep your guitar off the case and away from the ground and possible damage, the best guitar stands come to your rescue. You really cannot imagine a space filled with instruments and musicians tripping over, can you?

Guitar stands are time tested and are perfect when the safety of the instrument is a must. Most of the portable guitar stands are ideal when you need to travel constantly with your instrument.
Some of the reasons why you need a guitar stand are mentioned below.

  • Protects the instrument – As we all know by now, a guitar stand protects your instrument, and this is one common feature of all the stands available. Guitar stands that have claws that can be looked at are more secure.
  • Prevents deformations of the neck – Neck deformation are common when you place your guitar against a wall. You need a sturdy guitar stand to avoid the same.
  • Provides access – A guitar stand provides access to your instrument immediately. This is important if you on a gig or an artist.
  • Helps with display – A guitar is an instrument worth displaying, and you cannot do it by placing it in the bag. If you are proud of your instrument, a guitar stand is a must.

Types Of Guitar Stands

Before you go ahead and pick the best guitar stand for your instrument, you need to know the various types of guitar stands available. The best guitar stands are now available in various sizes, designs, and shapes and can be categorized into 4 types. Let us learn about them in detail.

1. A-Frame

These the most loved and preferred stands of all time. Guitarists love these as they are simple and cheap at the same time. The floor stand can be easily folded out into the shape of the alphabet A.

Though these stands look unstable or small, they can easily hold the instrument well. As these are compact and foldable, they can be carried along with ease and stored when not in use.

It is important to choose an A stand that is sturdy and is made by a reliable brand to avoid damage. A simple knock on the instrument when on the stand, can use it to fall. This is important if you have kids or pets in your home.

The A-frame stands also hold the instruments in an angle, occupying space. But, if you are looking for a simple, yet a cheap option, this is the one to choose.

2. Tripod

Well, the name says it all. The tripod, as the name suggests, has three legs, and a few models even have more for extra stability. These stands are known to the best guitar stands as they are durable and cheap.

These are the reasons why tripods are popular with beginners. These stands offer excellent stability when compared to the A-frame stand. The instrument gets the needed support at the neck and the base as well.

A tripod stand can be a bit bulky at times and hence need more space. These are not portable but are a must if you wish to keep your instrument free from any accidental knockdowns.

If you are worried about the space, you can choose a tripod that can be folded when not in use.

3. Wall Mounted Frames

If you have a dedicated room for playing guitar, then probably you must invest in wall-mounted frames. These are the stands that can be fixed to the wall, and the guitar can be handed on it with ease. The wall-mounted stand comes with various advantages.

It not only acts as a décor element in your room but keeps your instruments safe from pets and kids. These are ideal when you have limited floor space.

Though it takes a little time to set up, this is one good way to keep your instrument away from any harm. But, make sure you secure the guitar stand on a strong wall; otherwise, there is a risk of it falling.

4. Racks

The multi guitar racks are a must-have if you have a collection of instruments. These racks often have the tripod design and can be used for a minimum of three guitars.

You can choose the ones that have features like anti-tipping and are strong. So, this way, one guitar will not cause damage or imbalance to others in the rack when being removed or placed.

The multi guitar racks are slightly expensive and also take up a lot of space in the room. These are not a must unless you have a few instruments that you use for your gig.

You can still use individual tripod stands or the wall-mounted designs to save up on space and to securely store each of your prized possessions.

FAQs on Guitar Stands

1. Is It Necessary To Buy A Guitar Stand?

A guitar stand can be used to keep the instrument safe when not in use. It is important to choose a durable and sturdy guitar stand to protect the guitar from any damage. You can pick from the best guitar stands that are coated with plastic to avoid any reaction with the nitro coating of the instrument.

The stand you choose needs to be sturdy enough to avoid falling when knocked by kids or pets. If you are worried about the same, you can use wall-mounted guitar stands to keep your guitars safe.

The only damage a guitar stand can do is near the contact points. Hence, it is important to choose one that has enough padding. Also, make sure you choose wooden guitar stands for a guitar that comes with a coating as it reacts with metal, and can ruin the beauty of the instrument.

2. What Is The Pricing Of The Guitar Stands?

Guitar stands, unlike guitars are inexpensive. You can find guitar stands for as low as $10 and a decent for less than $20. The guitar stands from premium brands that can cost more than the regular ones.

If you own more than one instrument, you might have to invest in more guitar stands, or choose from the multi guitar stands or racks, most of which are slightly expensive.

With a good brand name and durability comes a price tag, but it is worth your investment as it protects the instrument and lasts for years.

3. Can A Guitar Stand Be Used For A Banjo?

A regular guitar stand can be used for various kinds of instruments, banjo being one of them. However, not every guitar stand is perfect for a banjo. You need to choose frame stands or the tubular frames to keep your instrument safe.

A lot of premium frames from reputed brands can also be used for banjo. You need to check the height and the weight of the stand to know if it is suitable for such an instrument or not. You can even use a wall-mounted stand for the same.

4. Do Guitar Stands Need Assembly?

Not every guitar stand is the same, and hence not every stand needs to be assembled. Most of the foldable metal stands can be installed in no time. All you need to do is just unfold them.

Wooden guitar stands need assembly as they need to be secured using screws. Most of the guitar stands are very easy to assemble and take very less time.

5. Are All Guitar Stands Portable?

Most of the A- frame guitar stands available in the market are portable and can be stored and carried with ease. The arms, as well as the yokes, can be folded easily to fit in a bag or a case.

However, a few guitar stands are not as portable as others, and this applies to tripod guitar stands. Make sure you choose a guitar stand that is portable, lightweight, and yet durable and strong.

Invest In A Good Guitar Stand And Keep Your Guitar Safe

Guitar stands are a must-have if you want to keep your instrument safe. With various kinds of guitar stands available online, it is important to compare the pros and cons of every model before choosing one. Most of the guitar stand from reputed brands are durable and are known for their stability.

The best guitar stands are what you need to store your guitar in a secure way. You can easily place your guitar in someplace when not in use and need not worry about it falling or sliding off. If you use more than one guitar, you can choose from racks or multi-stands that make it easy to switch from one to another, while protecting it.

If you are looking for an easy solution to store your guitars or other instruments like banjo, it is time you choose the best guitar stand from the list above. Make sure that while buying the guitar, you choose the one which offers durability and safety of your musical instrument.