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Best DIY Guitar Kits 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide


1. Pyle 2. Okoume 3. Zimo
Pro Pgekt Best DIY Guitar Kit Okume Body ST Zimo

Many people love playing the guitar either professionally or just for their relaxation and entertainment. The sweet high notes of a guitar are very mesmerizing and one of the sweetest sounds you can hear on this planet.

Beginners and amateur players looking for a guitar to start their musical journey should consider buying the best DIY Guitar kits since these kits offer a chance to customize the guitar.

A custom builds DIY guitar kit is a product that consists of several components of a basic guitar. It permits to build your musical instrument from the pre-shaped components provided.

DIY guitar kits are available at many music stores however now they are sold from many online shops. Some DIY kits include hardware such as strings and tuners while others offer only the most basic components to allow the builder to further customize their project.


Being easy to assemble within a few minutes, without any technical knowledge is what makes these kits attractive, with the bonus of them being cheaper as compared to pre-assembled and ready guitars that one can buy from the market.

Their charm and the main reason to buy them, however, is the fact that we can give them our own distinct identity and make them truly unique from the ones you can buy off the shelf.

The Advantages Of Buying A Diy Guitar Kit

Apart from the fact that they can be highly customized by us as per our preferences, DIY Guitar kits are also a great buy for those looking at creating something new and exciting, that will be the envy of others.

Putting together the best guitar kits is also a challenge that most of us love since it requires us to use both our logical and technical skills.

Each guitar player has own playing style. With DIY guitar kit, you can design a guitar that is designed specifically for your playing style and ability.

Select a kit that has all the specific elements you want, from the shape and colour of the body, to the styles and designs of the neck and tuners. To have better control over the design and type of components to use.

Compared to a readymade and off-the-shelf guitar changing the parts of a DIY guitar is much easier. So, if you have always been looking for a stylish body or bridge, you can easily get one and change it with the one provided in your guitar kit.

Everything from the fretboard to the head can be redone as per your whims and fancies so that you get a guitar you have always been dreaming about. It will help you to develop a deeper appreciation for the instrument.

Once one gets accustomed to assembling DIY guitars and customizing them, one can convert this newly acquired skill into a profitable hobby that you can pursue in your spare time.

The satisfaction of putting together one’s musical instrument, however, beats all the other reasons for building a guitar from scratch, hands down. Buying DIY guitar kits will give you a better understanding of the instrument.

Buying a DIY guitar kit and putting it together is a much more economical and budgetary option as compared to buying a readymade or preassembled one.

The reason for this is that manufacturers save a lot of time and labour on assembling and finishing guitar, which relates to huge monetary savings on their part. They gladly pass on the same to customers, resulting in you paying a much lower price as compared to an assembled one.

Being cheap and low cost does not mean that the guitar kit is not of good quality or will not perform as required. Instead, since it has been put together carefully by you and every part matched to perfection, you can expect a much better sound quality from it.

Consider buying the best DIY Guitar kits if you are fond of the instrument and want to explore it more deeply, to get a better understanding of how it works and how you can improve the sound quality you get from it so that you can have better playing experience.

Another careful factor to consider while buying a DIY guitar kit is that you need to have at least a basic knowledge and some technical skills in putting things together before you attempt to assemble your guitar or you may end up with a loosely fitted guitar that will not perform as per your expectations.

The Disadvantages Of Buying A Diy Guitar Kit

While putting together a guitar sounds like a fun and exciting thing to do, it also involves a lot of work.

Getting the final customized look, you love and ensuring that the guitar will play as per your expectations is no easy task and you will need to work very diligently to put together a guitar that will be both good looking while producing the sweetest guitar tones possible.

What you also need is time and a lot of patience, since you may need much more time than planned to put the whole kit together and customizing it.

Minute detailing and personalizing the guitar needs you to carefully draw out every element you need in your guitar and then painting it slowly, for a better-finished look. If needed you may also need to coat the guitar a couple of times, till you get the desired look.

The Different Parts Of A Guitar

To put together your guitar, you need to be aware of the different parts of a guitar and the overall role that they play in the performance of the guitar. Only then will you be able to properly assemble the best guitar kit perfectly and to your satisfaction.

Once one is aware of the different parts, one can take a call on deciding which part from the guitar kit needs upgrading and which are the ones good enough to give you high-quality sound.

The sound of the guitar is a collective effort of all its different parts and each of these parts must be perfectly tuned and in sync, for a great performance.

When looking for a DIY Guitar kit, make sure that the kit includes all the different parts, or you may end up spending more than you have budgeted by buying them separately. Some of the key and essential components of the best DIY Guitars kits are.

1. The Headstock

All guitars have a headstock. The topmost part of the guitar is called the headstock and is flat shaped in design. The tuning pegs of the guitar are attached to the headstock and have the strings of the guitar attached to them.

In headstock, the strings connect and where you tune the strings up. The tuning pegs are rotated to increase or decrease the tension between the strings to produce the desired quality of sound and as per the different musical notes.

The tuning pegs are usually made of die-cast metal, though they may be made of plastic in some budget-friendly guitars. One important part located near the headstock is the nut, which is a slightly raised platform that lets the strings flow from the individual pegs to the bridge of the guitar.

It acts as an anchor to the strings and helps create the music when one strums the guitar.
You can customize the look of the headstock by writing your name on it or creating a graphical design and symbol that will be very unique and interesting to look at.

In the case of pre-assembled guitars, the headstock usually features the manufacturer’s brand name or the model of the guitar.

2. The Neck

The neck part of the guitar connects the headstock to the body of the guitar. It is ne of the most crucial and important parts of the guitar since players tap the strings on them in pre-decided sequences to produce the different musical notes as per the song or tune.

A good quality neck will have an adjustable truss rod through it that prevents the neck from bending over due to the tension caused by the strings as they are fixed from the headstock to the bridge.

The neck of high-end guitars is usually made of maple or mahogany since they are sturdier and more durable. Even DIY Guitar kit manufacturers use Maple or Mahogany for the sleek and sturdy look they give to the guitar.

The fretboard containing the frets is placed across the neck, Players need to tap or press the strings in the space between the frets to play different chords and notes.

3. The Body

The body of a guitar is a key component in producing the musical notes one hears from a guitar. While acoustic guitars have a hollow body, the ones in electric guitars are flat shaped.

It is also the most stylish element of the guitar and the different shapes used to create the body is what gives them their sleek, stylish look. The guitar body holds the bridge, strings, strap holders, pickups (in electric guitars) and volume/tone controls.

Each body is designed to have a cutaway, which helps you cover the neck of the guitar and reach the different fret points easily. The best guitar kits also include a pickguard which protects the body of the guitars from any scratches that may be caused by the pick, while you are playing the guitar.

The acoustic bridge on the body of the guitar holds the saddle, over which the guitar strings run before being anchored to the body of the guitar.

4. The Strings

The strings are the heart of the guitar, it gives songs life. Every DIY kit will include at least one set of strings, which you need to fix from right across the tuning pegs, over the saddle to the anchoring point.

The strings need to be of high quality and be able to withstand constant plucking and picking to produce the musical notes as required. Strings need to be tuned properly for the desired sound and must be well maintained.

With so many different models and variations of DIY Guitar kits available in the market, it may not be easy for you to select the one best for you. Pricing, design, adaptability and how easy it is to assemble and customize are some of the thoughts you may have.

To help you out, we have put together a list of the best DIY guitar kits that are available online, making your selection and choice easier.

Top 15 Best DIY Guitar Kits 2022

1. Pro Pgekt

Pro Pgekt Best DIY Guitar KitGet the music going, with this beautifully designed, DIY Guitar kit that contains everything you need to assemble a guitar at home easily, by just following the instructions enclosed in the kit. This DIY kit has a solid maple neck, which is preferred by guitar players the world over along with a fretted rosewood fingerboard.

The body of this sleek and stylish guitar is made of all-select basswood, for durability and great sound. You don’t need to do any cutting or drilling to assemble this kit as all the holes have been pre-drilled.

A right-hand guitar design, it has an adjustable truss rod, so that you can set its length as per your comfort and preference. All the hardware on this guitar is nickel-plated fur durability and strength.

The DIY Guitar Kit has an alder body with sanding sealer, while the electronic parts have been mounted to the pickguard and are ready for installation.

The chrome hardware gives this guitar a stylish look, while the headstock is a blank peg in a head shape design with the tuning machine holes pre-drilled in it.

You don’t need to worry about the electronics of the guitar since the electronics of the pickguard and pickups have been prewired.


  • The solid maple neck is a great addition since it is strong and durable
  • The headstock is easy to fix and customizable, which is great for those who love customizing their guitar.
  • All electronics pre-wired, to save you the time and hassles behind assembling them


  • Minor assembly & fixing issues

2. Okume Body ST

Okume Body STRanked as the #1 bestseller on Amazon, this DIY Electric guitar kit has received more than a hundred positive reviews for the quality of its parts and ease of construction.

The Okoume wood body of this guitar is of high quality and a great value for money. It comes unpolished so that you can customize it later as you want.

The neck of this guitar is made of maple, while the fingerboard is made of composite ebony material to give you a classic looking scratch proof surface. Sports a white colour pickguard for a stylish look and feel, that you will just love.

The truss rod is already installed, so all you need to do is assemble the different parts carefully to begin your musical journey.

The bridge of this guitar can also be easily attached to the back of the body as it has the holes for the same predrilled for your convenience. Even the pickguard has been pre-wired to help you with the fast and easy assembly of this DIY Electric Guitar Kit.


  • Slim profile neck for easier handling
  • Exceptional value at a low budget price point


  • The neck needs more finishing

3. Zimo

ZimoBoth professionals and beginners will appreciate the fine finish of this beautiful DIY Hawaii Ukulele Kit that produces a magical sound.

The superior build and quality of this kit, which has all the parts to build a 100% playable and great sounding Ukulele, has won it around 200 positive reviews on Amazon, making it the preferred choice of budding amateurs and seasoned professionals.

The DIY kit has been crafted using the latest technology, by highly trained and experienced craftsmen so that you get a well-designed, good quality kit at an affordable price.

All the holes have been pre-drilled for ease of assembly, with the wooden parts being pre-sanded. All you need to do is sand it slightly before painting or polishing it.

The parts included in this DIY kit are the same parts that go in the readymade Ukulele’s that the company markets, so you can rest assured you are getting authentic and professional, parts that will help you produce great music.

The assembly instructions are enclosed for your reference, with videos on how to assemble them also being available on YouTube and Facebook.


  • Suitable for both adults and children, who want a great sounding musical instrument that is also easy to assemble and play
  • Can be custom painted as required to give it a very personalized look
  • Professional build and quality for great sound production


  • Instructions for assembly need to be more clear

4. Saga TC-10

Saga TC-10Music lovers who love playing the guitar will love the clear and high-quality sound this DIY guitar produces, thanks to its professional fittings and parts.

Enjoy the maximum tone and sustain, with the beautifully contoured basswood body that is completely ready to be assembled into one great sounding instrument.

The high-quality build and design of this guitar have given it Amazon’s Choice tag on the website. A professional quality maple neck and pre fretted Indian rosewood fingerboard for a great playing experience are a part of this DIY kit.

The kit also has a blank peg-shaped head that has predrilled tuning machine holes, along with an adjustable truss rod.

For those wondering and worrying about the electronics assembly, the good news is that all the electronics come ready for installation, with no soldering required at all for them.

The DIY kit contains heavily nickel-plated hardware, cord, strings along with an easy to follow instruction manual, to help you with the assembly.


  • It can easily be assembled, as all the drillings and wirings have already been done for your convenience.
  • Professional build, design and sounding guitar
  • Strong and durable quality maple neck
  • It can be customized as required and based on personal preferences.


  • May have neck alignment issues that would need some support to assemble from experienced professionals.

5. Saga ST-10

Saga ST-10Saga is a popular Guitar DIY Kit manufacturer, with many models to suit both beginners and professional players.

What you get in this kit is a professionally designed guitar that is easy to assemble and play, for many hours of great-sounding soulful music that everyone will love.

It sports a solid basswood body, that is seen in most professional guitars and has a great shape and design that offers maximum tone and sustain while playing. The solid maple neck construction is a nice touch and is very easy to hold.

This DIY kit comes with a pre fretted Indian rosewood fingerboard for fast and smooth action, during your gig sessions.

The neck has a blank peghead shape with predrilled tuning holes. Also sports an adjustable truss rod, for your convenience. All the electronic parts are perfectly mounted on the pickguard and have their shaping and rounding completely so that you don’t need to solder them to the board.

The hardware is of high-quality steel and nickel-plated for strength and durability while helping you create great-sounding music. This guitar kit comes complete with all necessary parts, cords, strings and a detailed instruction manual to help you assemble it easily.


  • Professional quality guitar for great-sounding music, all the time.
  • Materials used in the construction of the neck and body are of high quality.


  • Instructions need to be more detailed

6. Okoume Body Maple

Okoume Body MapleOne of the best guitar kits available in the market that you will just love to customize. Paint it with all the hues and show off your creative streak as you decorate it to match your style.

The customizable features of this guitar and its build quality have received many positive ratings, so you can rest assured that what you are getting is a professional-looking guitar that also produces great-sounding music.

Sports a stylish Okoume wood body, which is also very durable and strong to give you many years of comfortable playing. The maple neck is easy and sturdy to hold while playing for many hours together. It also has a composite ebony fingerboard for fast and smooth play.

The DIY kit includes a curved top with mahogany veneer, 22 frets, inlay on fingerboard, 6 strings and 3-way switches.

Accessories included in the pack are a butter-coloured pickguard and two humbuckers. All electric parts are ready to use and have been pre-soldered for ease of assembly.


  • Highly customizable for a personalized look and feel.
  • Professional quality sound
  • Suitable for beginners and amateur players.


  • Body construction could be better

7. Seismic Audio

Seismic AudioA beautiful DIY Electric Guitar that you will love assembling and customizing for great sounding music always be it a practice session or a neighbourhood gig.

The body of this guitar is made of solid basswood similar to the one used in ready-to-use preassembled guitars, so what you get is a premium body build at a considerably lower price.

The bolt-on maple neck and rosewood fretboard too are of premium quality, with the fretboard havingPearloid dot inlays. You will love the Floyd Rose tremolo bridge with individually adjustable saddles. This DIY guitar has two humbucker pickups and a three-way switch pickup selector for great playing experience.

This DIY Guitar can be customized and painted for a great looking professional guitar look, for both beginners and professionals.

All the parts needed for a finished guitar are included along with a truss rod, adjustment hex wrench. Two Floyd Rose tremolo adjustment hex wrenches and solder are included in the kit which also has a pack of six nickel alloy strings and a right-angle guitar cable.


  • Highly customization options, to give you the look and feel you need.
  • Professional high-quality materials and electronic components


  • Assembly needs soldering

8. Okoume Wooden ST Electric Guitar

Okoume Wooden ST Electric GuitarAn easy to assemble a kit for those who need a guitar for their practice sessions and gigs. This DIY kit has everything included in it to assemble a stylish looking guitar that you can further customize to give it a highly personalized look.

The Okoume wood body has already been sanded and needs you to just sand it a little bit more as per the finish you need.

A professional guitar quality maple neck makes this guitar a great value for money purchase, which is the reason it has also been tagged as an “Amazon’s Choice” product on Amazon.

One of the best guitar kits, it includes a composite ebony fingerboard, along with a white pickguard and all electronic parts already pre-soldered for your convenience.

Both beginners and amateur professionals will appreciate the build and styling of this guitar which gives it a very high-end look.


  • Easy to assemble within minutes, so that you can start playing as soon as you receive it.
  • Highly customizable for a sleek, stylish look


  • Instructions are not detailed and easy to follow

9. The Fret Wire

The Fret WireShowcase your individualistic style with a guitar that you can easily assemble and customize, thanks to the professional quality and build of this DIY Electric Guitar kit by The Fret Wire, a brand well known for producing great-sounding, highly durable and best guitar kits.

Each body and neck included in the kit has been perfectly matched with each other before being shipped as part of the DIY kit so that you don’t have any problems while putting them together.

The hardware included in the kit is as per industry specifications and can easily be replaced with ones from your favourite brands, though you won’t feel the need to do so once you start using your guitar.

The neck of the guitar is pre-fretted and includes an adjustable truss road. Each fret has been carefully levelled, crowned and filed for your added convenience while assembling the guitar.

The body of the guitar has also been pre-drilled for easy assembly and to get you going as soon as you receive this wonderfully designed DIY Electric Guitar kit.


  • Each body part has been perfectly matched for ease of assembly and convenience
  • Professional and industry-grade high-quality hardware


  • A bit expensive

10. Okoume PB Style Bass

Okoume PB Style BassBass Guitarists will love this DIY PB Bass Electric Guitar Kit that gives them the freedom to create a highly personalized and customized guitar, which will complement their playing style.

Rated 5 stars, by all the people who have reviewed it on Amazon, this guitar comes with an unpolished solid Okoume wood body, that is very strong and durable, which will help you produce great sounding music.

Sports a professional quality maple neck, as seen in many of the top-end and branded guitars available in the market. You will also love its composite ebony fingerboard that adds a sleek and stylish look to the guitar. The kit includes a white pickguard and all the electronic parts and hardware parts required for easy assembly.

All the required holes have been pre-drilled in the body so that you can easily fit the parts together within minutes and start playing your favourite tunes.


  • Professional quality Bass Guitar kit, that produces the perfect notes
  • All parts are ready to assemble


  • Assembling notes missing

11. Seismic Audio Sadiyg

Seismic Audio SadiygA solid basswood construction and bolt-on maple neck, make this one of the best DIY Guitar kits by Seismic Audio a must-have for music lovers who love a great sounding guitar, that is also highly customizable.

The DIY SADIYG 15 Premium Model sports a fretboard made of rosewood with Pearloid vine inlays and a double cutaway.

Play some great sounding music with the 24.75 inches scale and 6 inline sealed tuners that this DIY kit has. A Floyd Rose tremolo bridge with individually adjustable saddles and two humbucker pickups give this guitar the same professional quality as seen in pre-assembled premium guitar brands.

Originally designed by Steve Vai, this DIY Electric Guitar is built for easy, fast and smooth play. The Innovative features like a Monkey Grip Handle and Floyd Rose Tremolo complement the unique customizable design of this guitar.

The DIY kit contains all the parts and tools you need to assemble this guitar in a few moments.

Just take your screwdriver along with a soldering iron to fully assemble this guitar, which also has a pack of six nickel alloy strings and a right-angle guitar cable included in the kit.


  • Same material as used in professional preassembled Guitars
  • Good quality sound output


  • Assembly instructions not included

12. 335 Style Predrilled

335 Style PredrilledA complete DIY Electric Guitar kit that will help you assemble and start playing your guitar within minutes of receiving it.

Every part of this kit has been tested to fit and match the other parts easily and perfectly so that you don’t waste precious time assembling it. The semi-hollow body of this guitar has been pre-drilled with F-Holes for a classic look.

The pre-sanded, drilled and routed guitar body offers you a chance to show off your creative side since you can easily paint and finish it as you want. Being customizable, this kit allows you to create a unique and different looking guitar, from those available in the market.

Each pre-fretted neck features a pre-installed dual-action truss rod and fretboard, with all the frets being levelled, crowned and filed. All the hardware included in the guitar kit is as per the best industry specifications, to give you many years of high-quality performance.


  • The good quality wood grain used for the body, which is easy to paint and finish
  • Pre-wired electronics for convenience while assembling


  • Needs assembly instructions included in the pack

13. The Fret Wire W Style

The Fret Wire W StyleBuilding your guitar is not easy unless all the different parts perfectly complement each other and are easy to put together.

This DIY Electric Guitar by The Fret Wire, which is one of the reputed manufacturers of DIY kits, matches up to our expectations since all its parts are perfectly matched with each other before being packaged and shipped.

This complete DIY kit includes pre-wired electronics along with a fretboard which is made of engineered rosewood and a pre-sanded guitar body. One needs to just use their finishing materials to give this electric guitar a personalized look that others will surely envy.

The pre-feted high-quality neck is perfectly matched to the body, so what you get is a great looking guitar that also produces awesome sound, making it perfect for both beginners and those who have been playing the guitar for quite some time.


  • Good quality hardware, that meets the specifications laid down by the industry
  • Parts can be upgraded, if required with other branded-top end ones
  • All electronic components are pre-wired


  • Assembly instructions not included

14. The Fret Wire Hollow Body Design

The Fret Wire Hollow Body DesignSport a classic and stylish looking guitar that will bring back the 60’s with this DIY Electric Guitar that features a hollow body design.

The predrilled body is made of Maple/Basswood and has been unfinished, so that you can design and colour it the way you want, for a beautiful personalized look.

Be the centre of attraction while playing your gig with this DIY Guitar, as it will be a unique guitar and something that you cannot grab off the shelf.

The pre-fretted neck and body have been tested for alignment and perfect pairing so that you can easily assemble it at home, without any technical help.

All the electronics and hardware required for putting the guitar together and start playing have been included in the kit and are of industry specifications, to give you hours of great-sounding music.

The kit even includes pickups and has a link to the manufacturer’s online library of instructional materials.


  • Professional quality guitar body and neck.
  • Can be customized as required, based on our preferences


  • A printed copy of assembly instructions required

15. TL Style Okoume

TL Style OkoumeA well designed DIY Electric Guitar Kit for those looking for an electric guitar they can easily assemble to use for practice sessions or small gigs, without too many hassles.

This is a complete, all-inclusive DIY kit that has an Okoume body along with a Maple neck, which one usually sees on high-end guitars.

The body of the guitar has been left unfinished and unpolished so that you can easily sand it and colour it as per your preferences. Those looking for a highly personalized guitar will appreciate this.

The kit includes a white pickguard and all the electronic components which have been pre-wired for assembly and your convenience. The industry-grade metal parts are of good quality and durable, helping you enjoy hours of quality music for days to come.


  • Stylish and sleek looking body, that you can customize
  • Easy assembly
  • Professional sounding guitar, with a comfortable hold for hours of continuous enjoyable play.


  • The guitar body needs to be sanded.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best DIY Guitar Kit

Having seen and read about the wide range and best DIY Guitar kits available, one is now more aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the different models available in the market and the specific features that each different kit has.

This knowledge, however, is not enough and one needs to consider a few more factors to make a decision that will ensure they are happy with their purchase for a long time to come.

The primary reason for conducting more in-depth research is that unlike readymade and pre-assembled guitars one cannot play with the guitar to get a better understanding of the music it produces and how easy it is to hold and play with for many hours together.

One instead needs to rely on one’s judgment and the reviews of other previous buyers to guide them on their decision.

The number of positive reviews the DIY guitar kit has received and what actual users are saying about will help you make a proper and better-informed choice.

For those, just embarking on their musical journey with guitars, they need to consider the following points while selecting the best Guitar kit.

1. You’re Playing Requirements

You may be a beginner looking forward to building his first guitar or an experienced player who is looking at upping his style quotient by flaunting a personalized guitar, whatever be the reason do take time out to understand your skill level and how you will be using the guitar kit.

The primary reason for this is that if you are planning to use it regularly then a high-end DIY kit will be good for you. Do some research to understand what is available, which tools you require, and which process is best. Also, browse through product reviews and guides online.

Experienced people who have built their guitars often provide invaluable tips and insight.
As a beginner, you may not be looking at investing too much money in your guitar till you are comfortable playing it.

Post which you could go in for a superior kit or even a pre-assembled one get a solid understanding of your purpose and goal DIY guitar kit will also help you learn and appreciate the different parts of the guitar and give you enough knowledge to troubleshoot minor problems on your own.

Another important factor to consider while buying a DIY guitar kit is where you plan on using it. This is basically for experienced players who play at gigs and want to show off their creative streak to other band members and the audience, by playing on a truly unique and customized guitar.

2. How It Has Been Built

The construction of the components of the DIY guitar kit is what decides its overall price. DIY Guitar kits that use Maple or Mahogany wood in their construction will be a bit pricier but are worth the extra money due to the superior sound quality they produce and also their durability.

Two specific areas you need to look out for judging the quality of the DIY Guitar kit are its neck & body.

The neck should ideally be made of maple/mahogany with all the tuning keys being made of high-grade steel which is rustproof and highly durable.

Since you may be playing the guitar a lot, and hence tuning it regularly, do ensure that the tuning pegs are of good quality so that they rotate easily and do not break-off suddenly while tuning the guitar.

The body of the guitar is very important for the depth of the music the guitar produces, while also adding to the style element of the guitar. The body also needs to be pre-sanded, so that you can paint it easily without requiring you to sand it too much.

All the holes for fixing the pickguards and hardware should also be pre-drilled to make it easy for you to assemble the guitar within minutes.

3. The Type Of Wood Used In Its Construction

Check wood quality and the alignment of the pre-drilled holes. It is the first thing to do. Similar to pre-build and readymade guitars the sound quality your DIY guitar will produce, will depend heavily on the type of wood used in constructing the body of the guitar.

Over some time, you may develop a preference for guitars made from a particular type of wood that gives you the exact sound you want to produce. Different wood species can make a difference in the overall sound that is produced by your instrument.

To help you make a better choice while selecting your DIY Guitar kit, a few of the most common types of wood used in the construction of guitars are mentioned below.

Mahogany: The most common type of wood used in the production of guitars be it readymade ones, or the DY kits you need to assemble on your own. Mahogany wood is used in guitars to produce a strong sound with high-end tones. It may be used for constructing the sides and back of the guitar along with the neck of the guitar.

Maple: Another popular wood that is used to create both the types of guitars. It is suitable for players who like high-end tones. Being commonly available, it is often used for the construction of low budget guitars and DIY Guitar kits too.

Rosewood: DIY Guitar kit manufacturers use rosewood for the construction of the fingerboards and bridges as it is quite strong and durable.

4. The Electronic Hardware It Sports

In the case of an electric guitar, the electronic hardware it sports plays a very important role in the quality of music it produces.

Most of the branded DIY Guitar kit manufacturers, ensure that their electronics are top-notch and also pre-wired so that you don’t face any hassles while assembling the guitar.

You may even make errors in the wiring in case the electronics are not wired, which could result in irreplaceable damage to the guitar.

5. The Design & Styling

The best part of a DIY Guitar kit is the freedom to style and design it as per our preferences, so make sure that the design of the guitar kit you buy is not so rigid, that you cannot customize it. The shape and cut of the guitar should be open to modifications, while still being able to produce the high-quality music you want.

Unconventional shapes are also a great idea if you want to stand out from the crowd and don’t want to consider a classic looking guitar. You should ideally be able to personalize and create an individualistic design in the headboard and body areas, quite easily.

How Easy It Is To Assemble

This is something that will give beginners and those who have never assembled a guitar before many sleepless nights, so make sure you buy one that is very easy to assemble without any complications.

While most manufacturers include detailed instructions, they may not be easy to follow in some cases. While assembling a guitar, it is best to place all the parts next to each other and then follow the instructions as per the given order, to avoid getting confused with its assembly instructions.

Look for the best DIY Guitar kits that have all the holes required for the assembly pre-drilled in them and all the electronics properly pre-wired. All you will need to then is decide how you want to personalize and customize your guitar, for some enjoyable playing moments.

The Tools Included With The DIY Guitar Kit

It makes no sense to buy a DIY Guitar kit and getting ready to assemble it only to discover that some tools or important parts you require to assemble it are missing. That can be a very frustrating and discontented experience.

Make sure you check all the details about what’s included and what’s not, before deciding on going ahead with the purchase of that particular DIY kit.

While the manufacturers may include the basic nuts and a screwdriver included, you may need to arrange for a soldering iron, pliers, etc. before you can begin assembling your guitar.

If you are planning on customizing it at the same time then do also arrange for sandpaper, primer and the paints as required. You may also require wood glue, bandsaw and other wood routing tools.

Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitars

One of the most difficult choices you will need to make while buying a DIY guitar kit is whether you want to go for an acoustic model or an electric guitar.

While it is recommended for beginners to start with an acoustic guitar and then upgrade to an electric one, the decision on which guitar to start with is yours to make.

Experienced musicians suggest just going with the flow and starting with whatever, you are comfortable with and enjoy playing, for the ultimate goal of buying and playing the guitar is to enjoy the music and be comfortable while playing it for a couple of hours.

Acoustic Guitars: Many solo performers prefer these guitars for the clear and sweet sounds they produce. The music and sound produced by these guitars are more natural sounding and simple. There are no extra accessories or connections required to play an acoustic guitar.

Simply take it out of your bag and start playing it wherever, whenever you want. Acoustic guitars are not as complicated as electric builds because there are no electrical components to worry about.

No electrical amp or power connections are required to produce the music on these guitars, which generally have a hollow box construction. Being wider than electric guitars these guitars may be a bit difficult to hold for beginners who have just started to learn and play the guitar.

They may also not be easy to hold for long durations while playing at gigs, etc., due to which a shoulder strap is always advisable when using them.

Once you get used to playing your acoustic guitar, you can even upgrade it to an electric one.

Electric Guitars: The wide range of metallic and sharp sounds they produce is what makes electric guitars popular the world over. You can easily mix and match different sound effects to get the exact sound tones as per the song or tune you want to play.

They are sleek and thinner as compared to acoustic guitars which make them comfortable to hold and play for even extended periods. Since the music produced by them is electronic the volumes and tones can easily be adjusted as per our playing preferences.

Some models even have the option of plugging in a headphone, so that you can have your practice sessions without disturbing others.

A major disadvantage of electric guitars is that they always need to be plugged into a power source, due to which they cannot be used on-the-pronto anywhere you desire. A good pair of amps is necessary to magnify the sound output so that people can hear the sound it produces.

The Key Parts In An Electric Guitar

While all guitars have almost the same build and parts, electric guitars differ from the acoustic ones in a few areas, which are primarily responsible for the sound output. Some of the different parts, you will see in an electric guitar are.

Pickup: The pickup an indispensable part of the electric guitar and also, it’s a most important one as it helps amplify the sounds you produce while strumming the strings and converts them into electrical signals, before sending them to your amplifier for reproduction as required.

Pickup Selector: Since most electric guitars have two standard pickups, you have the option of selecting which one to use, through the pickup selector.

Tone knob: If you want to change the pitch or tone of the guitar, then you need to adjust the same using the tone knob.

Volume knob: You can up or lower the volume of your electric guitar by using the volume knob.

Output jack: You can use this port during your practice sessions to connect to a headphone so that people around you don’t get disturbed while you are practicing.

How Often Do You Need To Change The Strings Of The Electric Guitar?

Your DIY Guitar kit will usually have just one set of strings given along with it, so it will be a good idea to have an extra pair of strings with you in case any of the strings break unexpectedly.

Apart from breaking, you may also need to replace your strings in the following circumstances. Proper maintenance or storing in the right place, away from corrosive areas is the best way to protect.

Periodic Maintenance: Continuous usage of the guitar tends to loosen the strings over a while. While tuning them may help maintain the tension among the strings, it would be a good practice to check which strings have become extremely loose and replace them, to avoid situations of them breaking down while performing a gig in front of an audience.

Corrosion & Humidity: If you live in an area that is very humid with has high water content in the air, then your strings may gradually rust and corrode. This affects the sound produced by the strings, while also being dangerous while playing with them, as you may cut your fingers on them. Look out for these signs and change your strings so that you can enjoy a great playing session always.

Sings of breakage: Continuous playing sessions may result in kinks happening on your strings with them eventually breaking apart. Do change the strings when you notice the signs of any kinks on them.

To ensure that your strings last longer and keep producing great sound, you need to keep them clean and dirt-free by wiping them periodically using a string cleaner.

Also, keep your guitar in a covered case to avoid the strings from being exposed to hot and humid weather conditions. Taking these basic precautions will ensure that your strings don’t get worn out or damaged easily.

FAQs on DIY Guitar Kits

1. Does One Need Any Technical Knowledge & Skills To Put Together A Diy Guitar Kit?

Most of the DIY guitar kits available in the market already have holes pre-drilled in them and also all the wiring for the electronics pre-done. So ideally, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge and skills to put them together. You may require good painting and drawing skills along with some basic carpentry skills if you are planning to customize your guitar extensively.

2. Do Diy Guitar Kits Produce The Same Sound Quality As Readymade Off-the-shelf Guitars Available In The Market?

DIY Guitars are playable guitars with the same materials and design that one would find in readymade guitars. They do not differ at all in the sound quality they offer or the playing experience.

What only makes them different is the ability of the user to personalize and customize them as he wants as per his individual preferences. A guitar that you want, that isn’t being produced in your price range, you can build it yourself using a DIY guitar kit.

3. Can One Get The Parts Or Spares For Diy Guitars Separately?

Yes. All DIY guitars are made as per the music industry specifications and use standard industry rated parts. So, one can easily get any spares or parts required for them, in case any of the parts breakdown. You can also upgrade the parts of the DIY guitar if required with any other parts if you want.

4. Why Are Diy Guitar Kits Cheaper As Compared To Readymade Guitars?

Manufacturers save a lot of time and efforts in shipping DIY kits as compared to readymade guitars. This leads to substantial monetary savings for them, which they pass on to customers. This is the primary reason for the best DIY guitar kits being budget-friendly.

Get The Music Flowing With Your Uniquely Designed Guitar

A DIY kit offers you the freedom of imprinting your own identity and style on your guitar, making them the ideal choice for both beginners as well as professional players who want to create an impression.

Being easy to assemble, customize and pocket friendly makes them the perfect choice, for those looking at buying a professional quality, great sounding guitar soon.