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Best Beginners Guitars 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide


1. Fender FA-100 2. Epiphone DR-100 3. Jameson
Fender FA-115 Best Beginner Guitar Epiphone Dr-100 Jameson

So you are planning to buy a beginners guitar. That’s great! One basic concept you should understand when buying a guitar is that buying a guitar with a huge price tag and from a popular brand is not required if you are just beginning. You have to make sure that the guitar is fit to your preferences and likes.

If you are currently looking for buying the best beginner guitars, you should first ask yourself some questions. The first-ever question is that what features do you want in your acoustic beginner’s guitar.

You have to clarify to yourself how you are planning to play the guitar. What’s the purpose, hobby or profession. This will eventually help you to understand a whole lot better while making the purchase.


If you are planning to play your guitar just during the unplugged jamming sessions, you will not require the amp plugging slot. Many guitarists are now turning to acoustic bass mainly because of the features and benefits it provides.

Another biggest reason to turn to the acoustic guitar is the unique tone that it has. No other guitar can ever match the soulful woody grumble of the acoustic guitar.

So, you need to ask yourself what you want the guitar for. Do you just want to jam in your garden or bedroom, or you want to connect amp and use the instrument for your gig.

What Are The Benefits Of An Acoustic Guitar?

There are some benefits of choosing best acoustic guitar for beginners which are mentioned here:

  • Easy to carry: One of the main things that attract all musicians is that it can be played unplugged. Let’s say it clearly once and for all the bass amp that is plugged to the guitar of the electric bases are heavy, and thus, it is very tough to carry it around. But you can easily have a practice session or just relax while you play your guitar at any place you want if it’s an acoustic one. It is one of the entirely self-contained instruments. You do not have to worry about to carry around the amp box everywhere you go.
  • Great sound: Another best benefit of the acoustic guitar is that its sound. They sound heavenly, and no other instrument can ever match the soulful music that they make.
  • Comfortable: You can play your acoustic guitar in any position you want. You can play it while you are standing, you can play it sitting or even lying. You will also improve your guitar skills with these instruments.
  • Great looks: Next, we can go on how nice the acoustic guitar looks. It has some of the most fabulous looks among all other instruments. It has some aesthetic looks and uplifts the environment of your room to a considerable percentage.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Beginner Guitar

Buying the best beginner’s guitar can be a great experience if you have all your preferences and everything sorted out. The acoustic guitar is made by using various kinds of woods, design elements, and hardware.

This gives out a nice aesthetic look and a great soulful, natural sound. But, before you indulge yourself in buying a new guitar, you must check some of the factors that will help you pick the best option in the market.

There are some factors that you need to sort down before you purchase an acoustic guitar.

1. Different Types Of Guitars

You can find different kinds of body styles in guitars so, the first thing is to decide what type of body and sound you want.

Choose a guitar that completely suits the sound you are referring to. But, you have to also keep in mind that to choose the perfect sound, you are not considering a guitar that you are not comfortable playing in any situation.

If you want a deep and loud sound, you can go for a larger soundboard. But you can go for a guitar with a narrow waist which is far more comfortable to use. Here are some of the guitar types based on the body shapes of the guitar that you need to look before you buy the best beginner guitar.

  • Auditorium And Grand Auditorium: If you are taking up the guitar to play in the auditorium or a grand auditorium, you will require a standard-sized auditorium acoustic guitar. You should choose a guitar whose lower bout is of the equal width of that the dreadnought. You can also prefer to buy a guitar with a narrow waist. These guitars are made to optimize the tone, volume, and comfort of the user. The body of these guitars is known as orchestra.

If you are looking for a vast range in the volume of the guitar, then you can go for the grand auditorium style guitar. The lower bout of these guitars is wide with a narrow waist. These give the guitar an hourglass shape. The tome of these guitars is more balanced than other small body guitars.

  • Grand Concert And Concert: The concert-style guitars date back to the 18s. They are very small in size, and the lower bouts of these guitars are about 13 and a half inch. The size of the guitar gives it a great sound and a better mid-range. However, the Grand concert guitars are larger than the concert-style guitars. These guitars are 1 inch larger in the lower bout than the former. They have a better mid-range and a robust sound.
  • Jumbo: The jumbo guitars are significant, they have a boomy sound, and they are also sometimes known as the cowboy guitars. The lower bout of these guitars is full as 17 inches. You can resonate deeply with the guitars, and they are quite loud.
  • Mini Acoustics: If you are looking for travel-friendly guitars that are travel-friendly, then you must go for these guitars. They are crafted to provide the player with better comfort. They are also very convenient to travel around. You might be worried about the sound quality of these guitars. But, they do not compromise an inch on the sound quality of the guitar. The mini guitars are about ¾ scale with frets of 18 to 20. These are also sometimes known as the backpacker. The body is quite narrow that emits from the neck of the guitar. They are lightweight and durable. Thus they are known as the best beginner acoustic guitar.
  • Dreadnoughts: Dreadnoughts can be found at any musician’s place. They are quite common. You can identify a dreadnought by its square bouts, 14-fret neck, and broader waist. They have a mighty and robust sound, and these are quite common among the bluegrass guitarists.
  • Cutaways: You can identify these guitars by the cutaway they possess on the upper bout. These eventually lets the players play the guitar more easily. This can be the best guitar that you can rely upon if you decide to play as the lead singer. If you have previously played electric guitar, then this guitar can be a great way of transition in the acoustic guitar.

2. Aim And Budget

Before you go on buying a guitar, you must finalize it within your mind. Other than the budget, you have to select the aim you are purchasing the guitar for. You have to determine why you are buying the guitar for.

Is it for performing a gig, or you just want to play in the garden or your room? Deciding the aim will help you determine how much money you have to spend. The budget will also depend on how much allowance you have.

3. Skill Level

This is one of the things that you need to set. As this guide is mainly focusing on the beginner level guitar, let’s just clear out that you do not have to spend a significant amount on your first guitar.

There are lots of guitars that are well built, sound great, and are also available in an affordable range. For someone who is just starting to learn how to play the guitar, they should go for low to mid-range guitar.

4. Built And Design

Before you go on buying the best beginner’s guitar, you need to understand the build and the design of a guitar. Once you get to know the built of a guitar, you will discover some subtle differences between the designs of the guitar.

By the style and design of the guitar, most of them will sound similar to you. If only you look at them minutely, you will see there are differences in the body style of the guitar and size, and it matters a lot in the playability of the guitar.

Once you thoroughly understand the built of the guitar, you will be able to distinguish between the different sizes and styles of the guitar. To understand these differences we have discussed the body parts of guitar in detail below.

5. Different Parts Of The Guitar

  • The Body: The body of the acoustic guitar is one of the essential parts of it. It is also known as the soundboard of the guitar. This is the part that is given support from the internal bracing. The sides and the back is attached, which constitutes the hollow chamber. The upper curve of the body of the guitar is known as the upper bout, and the lower curve of the body is called the lower bout.

The place between the lesser and the upper bout is known as the waist. Here is a thing to keep in mind if you are relying upon the sound quality of the guitar, then you must check the shape of the body. Both the size and the shape of the body reflect upon the sound quality of the guitar.

You have to decide what kind of sound you want, and that will determine for you the size and the shape of the guitar. The round hole on the body of the guitar is known as the soundhole. This determines how the sound will project. The bridge is where the strings of the guitar are placed.

The bridge keeps all the string at the place. The plastic or either bone is the one that sets the strings on the bridge. This is also known as the saddle. The string vibration us emitted by the bridge. This completely controls how the sound will be.

  • The Neck: The neck is the part of the guitar between the headstock and the guitar body. The back of the neck is shaped and easily accommodates the palm of the player. The fretboard of the guitar is mounted on the top of the neck. There is a set neck that most of the guitar uses. A set neck means that the neck is glued to the body of the guitar. Where the neck meets the guitar body, it is getting additional support from the heel.

There is a metal truss rod in the neck that makes it stronger, and it remains preventive from bowing down or getting twisted because of the string tension and any other circumstances.

You can adjust the truss rod to rectify the intonation issue that does not let the instrument to be tuned appropriately. You can change the truss rod in the body of the guitar, the base of the neck, or even at the headstock of the guitar.

How the different notes are played, thin metal objects known as the frets are embedded in the wood of the neck at one of the half-steps on the 12-tone scale. You can adjust the tension of each of the strings with the help of these metal objects.

You can even find guitars that have inlaid dots on the fretboards in the oddly numbered frets, which starts from the third ad skips 11th, 13th in favor of 12th, and sometimes the octave.The fingerboard and fretboard are the separate piece of wood which is stuck to the neck with glue. These fretboards are made out of ebony or rosewood.

The headstock is usually located on the last end of the neck and opposite the body of the guitar. It has the tuning keys such as tuning pegs, tuners, or any machine heads on it. These help to adjust the tension of all the pitches and strings. The nut of the acoustic guitar is made of plastic. But, you can also find the nut made of graphite, bone, or any other thing.

  • Width of The Neck And Length: The length and the width of the guitar entirely depend on the size and the shape of the body of the guitar. The neck of the guitar does not affect the sound but your comfort.

You can find an acoustic neck with 12 to 14 frets neck. It will be hard to reach the 14-fret neck with a 12th fret neck; this is because the fret is extended from the body of the guitar. For players with small palms, a diameter neck would be preferable.

  • The tops: There are two tops that you can choose from reliable and laminate. One of the things that have a significant influence on the sound of the guitar is the top. The strings generate the music, and the top is where the sound gets amplified. The wood that is used to make the top is the most influential part of the sound. This directly affects the tonal quality of the guitar. Thus, it is said that the larger the soundboard of the guitar is, the more massive the sound it makes.

The guitar tops of acoustic guitars are either made of laminate or solid wood. In the case of solid wood, the guitar top will be made of two single-ply pieces of the wood that have the same grains starting from the middle to down. But in the case of laminate one, it is made up of more layers of wood that are high-grade on the top.

The solid top vibrates, but the laminate one does not. Thus, beginners choose to buy the solid wood top guitar. This is because they produce a better sound compared to the laminate one. This also saves a lot of money.

  • Steel Strings Or Nylon String: There is a myth that does the rounds every time a beginner starts to look for a guitar; that is – it is always better to buy a nylon string guitar for a beginner. This is mainly because these strings are far easier to play than the steel ones. But steel and nylon string cannot be interchanged. But this decision ultimately depends on how you want the sound to come out and what music do you want to play.

Steel strings are more usually found, and they are more common. If you want to play pop, country, or rock music, then this is the perfect string for you. These strings make a more loud and bright sound. The sound of these strings is mainly known as the actual sound of the acoustic guitar.

However, the nylon strings are more soft and mellow in tone. If you are planning to play the flamenco and classical sound, then you can go for these strings. They are also well associated with folk music.

These strings are used in classical guitars that have a wide neck, and they have more gaps between each line. The fretboard of these guitars is short than those of the steel-string guitars.

More Tips To Buy The Guitar

Here are some more tips that you can consider while you buy the best beginner guitar –

1. Play the guitar by yourself before making the purchase. You do not want to waste a considerable amount of money that does not suit your needs, does not feel right in your hands.

Also, you do not know which guitar sounds like what unless you play it. Many guitars look amazing in the pictures, but they do not feel right when you land your hand on them.

2. It is entirely up to you about what kind of sound you want from your guitar. If you do not like to play with the distortion on then, do not buy a guitar with active EMG pickups.

3. Choose a guitar that is not common. You are the one who will craft your sound. Thus, you must choose a slightly different guitar with a unique sound. Don’t follow the crowd and start sounding like everyone else.
4. Another essential thing to look for besides the soundboard of the guitar is the neck of the guitar. You have to go for a better neck that provides you with immense comfort.

Also, look for what kind of wood has been used to make the fretboard because this, too, will affect your speed of playing. There is plenty of variation of the neck that you can choose from.

Top 15 Best Beginners Guitars 2022

1. Fender FA-115

Fender FA-115 Best Beginner GuitarThis is a black bundle guitar that comes with a hard wooden case and is one of the best guitars for beginners among others. It also includes a tuner that helps you to tune into the right scales that you want.

The guitar comes with the perfect picks, strings are included and the strap. It is a drought body style guitar. The spruce top of the guitar has an ‘X’ bracing. The back and side of the guitar are made up of basswood.

The fingerboard is 20-fret walnut kind. The bridge of the guitar is made up of hardwood, and it is compensated with a saddle. The guitar has a high gloss finish. This guitar is available at an affordable price.


  • The guitar has a gloss finish.
  • It has a 20-fret.
  • Has an X bracing.


  • As it is a dreadnought guitar, it is very common.

2. Epiphone Dr-100

Epiphone Dr-100This guitar is one of the best acoustic guitars for a beginner. If you are looking for a guitar that will make your guitar lessons easy, then you can surely go for this guitar. This guitar is a dreadnought guitar.

The lower bout of the guitar is many squares in shape. You can select the spruce top of the guitar. The body of the guitar is made up of mahogany.

So, you get great sound quality. The guitar has some premium machine heads. The neck profile of the guitar is SlimTaper. This guitar has got some of the great reviews by its previous buyers and is highly recommended. You can avail of this guitar at a much less price.


  • Mahogany body.
  • Premium machine heads.


  • Its common style is one of its drawbacks.

3. Jameson

JamesonIf you are looking for a best beginner acoustic guitar, then this can be your right choice. You even get a free gig bag with this guitar. You also get the perfect pick with this guitar.

You can play the guitar plugged in or without plugging it in which means, acoustically. The guitar is a full-size acoustic with a Thinline body.

The guitar has a natural high gloss finish to it. You can get color variations in the back and the sides of the guitar. You can get the guitar at a very reasonable rate. It has two variants – left-handed and right-handed.


  • High gloss effect.
  • Thinline body.
  • Two variants for convenient use.


  • Not much information is included.

4. Yamaha FS800

Yamaha FS800This has gained a name as one of the most renowned best starter guitars. This guitar has variants in two categories – style and size. There are two variants in the style category – Acoustic and Acoustic-electric.

There are two variants in size that is – concert and dreadnought. The guitar has a solid Sitka spruce top. Sides and the back of the guitar are of Nato.

The fingerboard of the guitar is made up of rosewood, and the bridge is also made up of rosewood. The tuners of the guitar are diecast. You can adjust the truss rod of the guitar. You can easily afford this guitar as it is quite reasonable.


  • High-quality wood.
  • Solid Sitka spruce top.
  • Adjustable truss rod.


  • Not much variant in color is available.

5. Donner 6 Dag-1c

Donner 6 Dag-1cThis can be one of the best guitars to learn on. It is a cutaway guitar with a size of 41 inches. The guitar comes with a gig bag. It also includes a tuner and some capo picks that go completely with the guitar.

You even get a strap, string, and more. It is a dreadnought style guitar. It produces a great tone that goes with all kinds of music. You get 20 brass frets.

The marks are at 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 17th frets on neck and top of the fingerboard. It also has some 30-day money back challenge. In case you are unsatisfied with the purchase, you can return it and have full money.


  • It has 20-frets.
  • Many accessories included with the guitar.
  • 41-inch cutaway.


  • It only has a right-handed design.

6. Electric Acoustic Guitar

Electric Acoustic GuitarThis is another best acoustic guitars for beginners. It is quite easy to learn and play this guitar. This guitar is a cutaway folk acoustic guitar. This is recommended for beginners. The dimension of the guitar is 41 inches.

The guitar transmits some of the most vibrant and robust tones. This guitar is well suited for any music. You can adjust the string height of the truss rod.

It can be amplified to control the volume. You can tune faster with the four bands EQ, Bass, Mid, Treble, and Pres, with the integrated tuner. You will also get a one year warranty. The guitar is designed to make your lessons more comfortable. The guitar is available at a reasonable price.


  • 41-inch cutout.
  • Many variants are available.
  • Warranty of 1 year.


  • Not much product details available.

7. Strong Wind Classical

Strong Wind ClassicalThis guitar can easily be one of your best first guitars. The guitar has nylon string, and the size of the guitar is 36 inches. It is also available in a 39-inch variant. This has a nylon string that gives you some of the soulful tones.

This guitar can be the best for beginners and even an experienced one. The tuning pegs of the guitar is exceptionally smooth. The guitar is made up of solid basswood on top, back, and sides. It has great laminated features.

The customer care of this company is always there to help you out with any queries that you have. This guitar is available at a reasonable rate.


  • Beginner’s kit included.
  • Smooth tuning pegs.
  • Solid basswood.


  • The strings are made up of nylon.

8. Jasmine S34c Nex

Jasmine S34c NexIf you are looking for the best beginner’s guitar, then this can be the right choice. This guitar has got some great reviews, and the ratings of this guitar are high as well. The guitar has a natural gloss to it.

The body style of the guitar is the dreadnought body style. The spruce top of the guitar is laminated. The back and the sides of the guitar are Sapele.

The guitar has a synthetic bone and nut saddle. There are two variants of the guitar available in the market – acoustic guitar and starter bundle. You can easily afford this guitar as it is incredibly reasonable.


  • Natural gloss.
  • Rosewood fingerboard.
  • Variants are available.


  • Popular body style.

9. Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic GuitarThis is another guitar that is regarded as the best starter acoustic guitar. This can be the best guitar for beginners. The guitar pack includes a waterproof guitar bag, nylon strap, which has leather ends. It also contains one guitar capo, one spare guitar string, and three guitar pick.

The guitar has steel strings that emit soulful and bright music. The guitar has six lines. These strings do not break easily.

With all of these, you even get one year warranty the guitar is made up of solid rosewood and mahogany, so you get a soulful sound. It is available at a very affordable price. It also has some great reviews from the customers.


  • Made of rosewood and Mahogany.
  • Steel strings.
  • Full guitar kit.


  • Only one color variant.

10. Fender Squier Dreadnought

Fender Squier DreadnoughtYou can fulfill your wish to own the best beginner guitar with this one here. This is a natural bundle guitar. It comes with a gig bag. The kit also includes tuner, straps, picks, and strings. You even get some fender lessons that help you to learn guitar more swiftly.

It is available in 4 size variants you can choose from the range whichever suits you. It is slim and still a full-size guitar. It has a laminate construction with Lindenwood top and mahogany back and sides. It is available in a reasonable range.


  • Quality wood.
  • Full-size steel strings.
  • Full kit.
  • Online learners included.


  • It does not have much color variant.

11. Donner Dag-1e

Donner Dag-1eIt is a full-size acoustic guitar. It is a 41-inch guitar. It comes with a bag. The kit of the guitar includes a strap, string, and tuner. It has a dreadnought body; the body provides a bright and robust sound. The guitar has a right-hand design.

It has a spruce top. The back and the sides of the guitar are of mahogany. You get a far more vibrant and soulful sound. You get a polishing cloth, guitar picks, and all the accessories that you need. The guitar is affordable, as it is very reasonable. You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Full kit available.
  • Cleaning material available.


  • Common design.

12. Yamaha FD01S

Yamaha FD01SThis is an amazing guitar that can fulfill all your needs and wishes. If you want the best first guitar, then this is the one. This is known to have the best reviews from all the beginners to date.

It has the best wood quality and solid spruce top with Nato back and sides. The fingerboard bridge is made up of rosewood. It is available in two style variants. You can easily afford this guitar even if your range is not so high.


  • Made of excellent wood quality.
  • Two style variant available.
  • Fingerboard and bridge made of rosewood.


  • Kit not available.

13. Taylor Academy Series 12E

Taylor Academy Series 12EIf you want the best concert guitar, then this is the one. This is also one of the best beginner guitars that you can choose from. It does not have any top wood rather has a solid Sitka. The back and the sides are made up of layered Sapele.

The bracing pattern of the guitar is an academy series body finish. The nut width is 1.687 inches. The matte two orientations is a right-handed neck shape.

The scale length is 24.87 inches. The number of frets is 20 neck finishes. The fingerboard is made up of genuine African Ebony Neck wood.


  • Nut width is excellent.
  • Great wood quality.
  • The scale length is right.


  • Kit or bag not included.

14. Beginner 30” Classical

Beginner 30” ClassicalThis one here is also a great guitar that is available within 40 dollars. This makes it quite affordable. It is a beginner guitar. It is a standard full-size guitar with six strings. The guitar comes with a gig bag case, detachable nylon shoulder strap, pitch pipe tuner, and three picks.

The guitar has an ebony Maplewood bridge, linden wood body, high gloss deep cherry polished body and back, chrome-accented, and Pearloid tuner pegs. This can be best for kids.


  • Affordable.
  • Best for kids.
  • Kit available.


  • The quality of the bag is not high.

15. Ymc Classical

Ymc ClassicalYou can get this great guitar within 50 dollars. This guitar is available with all the necessary kits that you want. The guitar has a Linden basswood binding. The guitar has a full wood construction. The guitar is of a size of 34 and a half-inch.

The guitar has three nylon strings, and the 4th, 5th, 6th, are made of 80 or 20 bronze or copper alloy wrapped around a nylon floss core. The guitar is quite an affordable one.


  • Reasonable.
  • Kit available.


  • Hard to rely upon the strings.

FAQs on Beginners Guitars

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding guitars

1. Is It Easy To Learn An Acoustic Guitar?

There is no difference here in learning an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar. They are both as easy and as fierce. This mainly depends on the learner and how he or she can cope up with the lessons. If you can play the acoustic guitar, you will be able to play the electric guitar as well and vice versa.

2. Why Is The Price Of The Acoustic Guitar So High?

Many factors affect the price range of the acoustic guitar. One of the many reasons is the wood that is used. The other factors include the quality of the electronics and the construction of the guitar. It takes 100 hours to make one single handmade guitar. The cheap guitars that are found online are made in the factory. If you are planning to buy a more affordable guitar, then you must look at how the frets of the guitar have finished.

3. How Long Does It Take To Learn A Guitar?

This simply depends on the learner and their learning capacity. But, you should keep in mind that there is no competition in music. The learning time entirely depends on the learner. Some take long; others take a short time to catch up with the lessons. There is no limit in learning, and there is no end of knowledge, so you will always keep on learning something or the other.

4. What Is Called The Action Of The Guitar?

Many of you who have decided to buy a guitar still do not have any idea about the action of the guitar. The work of the guitar is meant to how high the strings of the guitar from the fretboard are. Thus it is better to buy a low action guitar because the more high action guitar you buy, the harder it gets for you to reach and play. But, your low action guitar can turn up to a high action one. Whenever this happens, take your guitar to a guitar shop.

Buy The Best Guitar To Enjoy Music

Only passion is not enough when it comes to learning guitar. You also need to have the right one whether you wish to play a guitar as a hobby or wish to become a great musician who can rule the hearts of millions.

If you have the best guitar to learn on, you will learn without any frustration and gradually you interest will grow in the field of music.

So, it is important to begin on the right note i.e. buying the best beginner’s guitar. With the information in this guide, you can easily pick the best guitar for the money.

You can also explore the features of the guitars listed here along with their pros and cons. Check various factors, do wise comparisons and pick the best one from the market. So, don’t wait and buy your first guitar today and add some music to your life.